Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/14/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/14/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

St. Luke’s:

Kayla is at the church. Adrienne shows up to meet her. Kayla tells her Steve has gone and she is pretty sure it was to Tinda Lau. Adrienne asks isn’t that where Bo and Shawn are? Kayla says she thinks that is why he went. She tells her she thinks EJ sent him there to kill Bo and Shawn. Adrienne tells her she knows the old Steve is there and they can reach him. But Kayla tells her she thinks EJ’s hold is stronger. Adrienne wants to know why he would want to kill Shawn. Kayla tells her about the statement Bo wants Shawn to sign. She explains that Shawn could put EJ in jail. She then explains about Marlena's dream and how all of it has come true. Kayla tells her now it all needs to end. She asks Adrienne is she brought what she asked for. Adrienne pulls out a gun. She gives it to Kayla asking her why she needs it. Kayla tells her it is better she doesn’t know.

Adrienne pushes her and she finally says she is going to Tinda Lau and the gun is just in case. She asks Adrienne not to tell Roman. She then apologizes to Adrienne. Adrienne asks her to think about this. She points out Steve is the man she loves. Kayla says she doesn’t want to but that she can’t stand by and let him kill Bo and Shawn. Kayla says she has to stop Steve. She says they both want the man they love back but that Steve is not that man anymore. She finally tells her she is going to Tinda Lau with the gun and praying she doesn’t have to use it.

Tinda Lau:

Philip tells Shawn it is too late. Philip says he has a boat. He says he will be on it with Claire. He then tells Shawn Belle can go if she wants. Shawn says no but Philip says he has no time to argue about this. Shawn says Belle and Claire are not going anywhere and Philip if Shawn is going to stop him. Shawn says yes. Philip points out Shawn can barely stand. Shawn tells him to take his best shot and Belle begs Philip not to do this. They argue. Philip hears the dog and asks what that is. Shawn says a tracking dog that his dad is using. Philip demands they give him Claire. Shawn says no and Philip punches him. Then he kicks him when he tries to get up. Philip tells Belle she either comes now or he is taking Claire. Philip takes Claire and Belle runs to Shawn saying she is sorry but she has to go. As they leave she tells Shawn over and over to remember God punishes sinners.

Bo finds Shawn. Shawn tells Bo that Philip left with Claire and Belle. Bo tells Shawn they need to get him to a doctor. Shawn says Philip claimed he was taking to them Salem but he doesn’t believe it. He then tells Bo how Belle kept saying to him God punishes sinners. Bo thinks it could be a messages but Shawn has no idea.

Bo and Shawn get back to the bar. Bo gets on the phone and Gabby tells Shawn she is sorry for her dad shooting him. Shawn tells Gabby Belle’s message. She asks if Belle is religious and he says yes but that it was still an unusual thing for her to say. He tells they think it is a message. Bo can’t get thru to Salem and his cell is now dead. He says he was trying to reach Roman to get the Coast Guard to help. Shawn thinks all they can do is go home and home that Philip shows up with Belle and Claire. Bo leaves to get his things. Gabby goes to get the GPS so that Shawn can look at it one last time for her.

Gabby runs back in a few minutes later saying she knows what Belle meant. She says Belle has the GPS. Bo says we can track her and asks if Gabby has a laptop. She gets it and Bo uses it to track the GPS. They see the boat is headed towards Australia.

Shawn says he knew they couldn’t trust Philip. Gabby offers her boat but Bo says they need something fast. Gabby says maybe they can find someone with a plane. They hear a plane coming in. Gabby leaves and comes back saying a sea plan just landed and the pilot is looking for Bo. Shawn and Bo wonder who it could be.

Lucas and Sami’s Apartment:

Lucas and Sami are packing for their honeymoon. They joke and kiss and Sami tells Lucas she is the happiest she has ever been. Lucas tells her is she is even 1/10th as happy as he is they will be walking on air the rest of their lives. They fall to the couch but are interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s EJ. He tells Lucas they have something important to talk about.

Lucas tells EJ he tried to break up he and Sami and it didn’t work. EJ tells Lucas there is a lot he doesn’t know. Sami says she told Lucas everything. Lucas says yes she did like how you lifted the beam off my legs after you raped Sami. EJ asks is that what they are calling now. Lucas says they are going on their honeymoon and he will not ruin it. He tells EJ to leave. EJ says Sami was a willing participant and he wants to talk about the baby. Sami says the truth is she is not sure whose baby it is. EJ says not only did Sami like about who the dad is she is trying to say he raped her. He says after he was able to forgive Sami for almost killing him. Lucas is confused and EJ says so Sami left that part out. EJ tells Lucas that Sami drugged him then left the hotel and met EJ at the cabin where she tried to kill him by setting the cabin on fire. EJ tells Sami to tell Lucas the truth Lucas asks what is EJ talking about. Sami says she will explain later but EJ insists she do it now. EJ tells Sami this is far from over. He then tells them to have fun in New Orleans and leaves.

After he leaves Sami wonders how he knew where they were going. Lucas is still trying to grasps that she drugged him. He tells her he thought she told him everything. He asks how she drugged him. She says it was the lipstick. She says she didn’t want to do it but she had no choice. She says EJ was threatening to take the baby. She says she realized she had to kill him. She tells him all about Celeste’s plan. But she says she couldn’t do it. She says the cabin was not on fire because of her and that it had to be EJ. She says he did it mess with her head. She tells Lucas she is sorry. Lucas says it is just too bad she didn’t kill him. She says he would not want her to be murderer. She tells Lucas let’s just go to New Orleans like we planned. He says he is still mad that she drugged him. She tells Lucas he can get even by kissing her till she passes out.

EJ goes across the hall to his place and packs. Kate shows up and EJ tells her that Sami told Lucas everything. Kate says well good then Lucas must have thrown her out. EJ says no that Lucas doesn’t care and they are across the hall packing for their honeymoon. Kate says now she has seen everything. EJ says Lucas loves her and he admires that. She then asks EJ why he is packing. He gives her the number where she can reach him. She looks at it and asks Louisiana?

Lucas and Sami head out into the hall. They are laughing loudly as they get into the elevator. EJ watches them leave. Kate sees his face and asks him to tell her she’s wrong. EJ tells Kate he loves Sami and always will. He leaves as Kate stands there and fumes.

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