Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/11/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/11/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

St. Luke’s:

Chelsea and Nick sit in the empty church and talk. He teases her about doesn’t she have somewhere to be like jail? She tells him very funny and then apologizes for what happened. She then tells him she should get going but he asks her to stay saying it is obvious Stephanie set them up. Nick apologizes to Chelsea for being a coward. He says he will try to be a better man for her.

We see Willow listening.

Nick goes on to say Stephanie really gave him a hard time. She said he was a professional fake out artist. Chelsea tells him he is a good guy. Nick says no he is a fraud and a mess. Chelsea tells him to join the club. She tells him she has spent her whole life hiding who she really is. He asks her who is she. She says she doesn’t know who she is. Nick says he doesn’t know who he is either but he knows how he feels about Chelsea and that has not changed. Nick tells her had never been in love before and he didn’t know what to do. He says that is why he created Shane Patton.

Chelsea tells Nick he never gave her a chance. Nick corrects her saying he never gave himself a chance. Nick says he wants to be a better man for her and a better friend. Chelsea asks what this means for them. Nick says he loves her and he wants her to love him back and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Willow looking sad walks off.

Chelsea says she tried to get Nick out of her head but couldn’t. She says she has been trying to protect her own heart. Chelsea tells him her parents, the Bensons, would have liked him. Nick tells her he likes to picture himself in a few years working on a space station like Jimmy Neutron. Chelsea tells Nick she loves that show. Nick’s phone rings and it is Willow. She says she is right outside and has to see him now. Nick tells Chelsea it is work and he will be right back.

Nick goes out to talk to Willow. She says she needs him. She says she has no place to stay. He tries to give her money but she says she wants to stay with him. He says he lives with Maggie and she can’t. Chelsea comes out and says she thought he was on the phone. He says he was and Willow showed up. He says he will be back in, in a minute. He gives Willow money for a hotel and goes back in to Chelsea. He apologizes and she says it’s ok. They end up kissing and Chelsea says maybe this is not the best place. She suggests they find somewhere that would be.

Sami and Lucas’ Apartment:

Sami tells Lucas she didn’t want to have sex with EJ but he forced her. She says she had no choice. Lucas asks her if the baby is EJ’s. She says she doesn’t know and is sure he must hate her for lying. She apologizes and says she would have done anything at all to save his life. Lucas says he doesn’t hate Sami he hates EJ for raping her. He says he is going to kill EJ. Sami is confused and tells him she was the one that lied. He asks her is that all? She says yes. Lucas asks her did EJ hurt her. She tells him not physically. Lucas says EJ will never hurt her again. Sami says no that if Lucas kills him EJ wins. Lucas asked what happened after the rape. She says he helped her save Lucas then he left for Mexico and then came back. She explains that EJ was nosing around and that is why she tried to hide the pregnancy. Sami tells him EJ threatened her.

Lucas says he wishes she would have told him. Sami says she was too afraid. She says all she wanted was to be his wife and she messed it all up. She says she could be carrying the baby of a man who is a murder and rapist. She says she tricked Lucas into marrying her. Lucas says the old him would have walked away but not now. He asks can she forgive him for not making her feel she could trust him enough to tell him. Sami says no and he should get out before she hurts him more. Lucas asks her is she asking him to leave because she loves him? She says she has screwed up too many times. Lucas tells her he wants to by a man she can depend on. He asks her why she thinks she is responsible for EJ raping her. She gives him lots of reasons but Lucas says no that she is not. He tells her she is his best friend, his wife, his lover and his hero. Sami asks him if that means he is staying. Lucas says for the next 50 or 60 years. He tells her no matter what the baby will be half her and he will love it. Sami says they should go on their honeymoon. She says it will be selfless and she thought she needed some good karma. The kiss and Lucas carries her to the bedroom.

Tinda Lau:

Gabby and Shawn walk back into the bar after a fruitless search for Belle and Claire. Gabby tries to get Shawn to rest. He won’t. Gabby says they need help. Bo comes in. Shawn tells him he messed up and lost his family. Bo says they will find them. Shawn says he knows Philip has a boat and that with the PDA all he has to do is schedule a pick up. Bo asks Shawn how he and Belle are and what are his plans when they find her and Claire. Shawn says they want to go home.

Gabby comes back and says someone saw Philip. He was buying milk and diapers. Shawn wants to go but Bo says it could be a trap. Bo says they need a tracking dog and Gabby says she knows where they can get one. Bo tells Shaw to get something of Belle and Claire’s.

Philip is in a cave with Belle and Claire. Philip has some supplies. He says he is stocking up on everything she needs. Belle asks where they are taking her. Philip wants to know when this became a trip for three. They argue and finally he tells her she can go. She says she wants them all to take Claire home. She tells him they can share custody. He asks would he get equal time. She asks will there be more lawsuits. He asks will she run off with her again. She asks can they do this for Claire’s sake. Philip gets a call. He tells Belle the boat will be here soon. She says he can’t leave Shawn but Philip says he can’t trust him. They hear a dog bark. Philip tells her to stay there.

Once he leaves Belle finds the GPS. She says it works and tells Claire Shawn will find them. He does. But Philip comes back to find them all there before they can leave.

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