Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/10/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/10/07


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Nick is talking to Chelsea. He tells her hopes it was worth it. She says it was that a girl has to cut loose sometimes. He tells here there are other ways to do that. She calls him a chicken brining up the fake doctor he made up on the Internet. He says he his reasons and Stephanie tells him he took the easy way out. She also points out how he lied about sleeping with Billie and a good guy would have confessed. She tells Nick she is not trying to be mean just honest. He says she is being mean. He asked her what happened to her when she was away? She says she learned that life is short and if you don’t put the pedal to the medal it can all just go away. She suggests to Nick he try it and do something outrageous.

Stephanie then wants to call her boyfriend but her cell phone is not in her purse. She says she think she left it at the church and asks Nick to go get it for her. He agrees on one condition, she has to lay off the name-calling. Stephanie says that one is tough but agrees.

Meanwhile a police officer is busy chastising Chelsea for yet another accident while driving. She asks the officer what will happen now. He says she will probably lose her license again for 90 days. She tells him she has school and how will she get there. The officer hands her a ticket and says she should have thought about that before she got in the car.

Chelsea goes into Stephanie’s room to see her. She tells her this was the last thing she needed. She moans what was she thinking. Stephanie says she wasn’t and that was why she was loving every minute of it. Chelsea tells her it was not fun. Stephanie says then why did you do it. Chelsea says she did it to maintain her reputation to Nick. He thinks she is wild and rebellious. Stephanie asks her what is with them. She asks why they just can’t talk to each other. She tells her if she wants to talk to Nick he is at the church getting her phone.

Chelsea leaves only to run into Billie in the hall. Billie is all upset asking what happened. Chelsea tells her mom everything and waits for her mom to tell her how stupid she is. Billie says she is not stupid and they all make mistakes citing how she herself is the queen of mistakehood. Billie says they will find a way to make it all ok.

St. Luke’s:

Nick is looking all over for Stephanie’s phone when Chelsea shows up. She says they need to talk and Nick agrees. They sit down in a pew.

Chez Rouge:

Everyone is upset over the photo. Roman demands to know what the picture is. Sami is busy crying and telling Lucas she did it for him. Kate calls Sami a fraud. Roman and Marlena tell her to shut-up. Sami begs Lucas to say something. Kate starts yelling at Sami to shut up while Marlena yells at her to shut up. Roman asks Sami why she didn’t tell anyone. Sami says she couldn’t. She pleads with Lucas to understand. EJ walks in commenting it looks like one for he wedding album.

EJ says he hopes he didn’t miss them cutting the cake. Roman tells EJ they can do this the easy way. He says he can come on his own or he can cuff him. EJ says he has no idea what he is talking about. Roman says that is Lexie’s car they are in and it is the night John was shot. EJ says Lexie loaned him the car. Roman says he knows EJ got rid of Lexie. EJ points out that Lexie is his family and he cares for his family. He says they both know he will get out of jail before the ink is even dry.

Roman’s phone rings and it is Hope saying that Kayla is missing. Roman accuses EJ of having Steve kidnapped. EJ only says is there anything Roman wants to accuse him of.

Sami is still crying and begging Lucas to give her a chance. Kate says he doesn’t have to. She tells Lucas he and Will can stay with her as long as they like. Lucas finally speaks and tells his wife, Mrs. Roberts, not to be upset on their wedding day. Sami is speechless. He tells her to be happy like he is that they are married. Sami says she is now. Kate tells Lucas he is insane. Lucas tells Kate she should be happy as Kate points out that Sami made a fool of him.

Lucas asks everyone for their attention. He says he knows it is traditional for the bride and groom to eat the first piece of cake but he thinks it is time for a new tradition. Lucas then takes a piece of cake and smashes into Kate’s face. Lucas says now it is time for them to leave for their honeymoon. He picks Sami up as the other guests cheer them on. However they see EJ standing in the door. Lucas puts Sami down. She starts to apologize to EJ and then out of nowhere she punches him in the face. Everyone applauds as Lucas and Sami leave.

Once they are gone Kate walks up to EJ asking his happy now. She tells him he promised his plan would work. He tells her to calm down as he has another card up his sleeve. He asks if she remembers the night Lucas almost died. He asks why does she think Sami was with him. Kate says to save Lucas. He says yes but that he wanted something in return. He continues to hint and finally says he gave Sami a life for a life. Kate finally catches on and realizes the baby could be EJ’s. He then kisses Kate and leaves. Kate says this isn’t over yet then Sami.

Marlena and Maggie sit and laugh. They talk about how in the end Sami and Lucas are together. The then talk about how hard it is raise kids and how much you want to help them when they are in trouble. Maggie says Sami is a survivor. Marlena says she knows Lucas and Sami will make it.


Hope is at Kayla’s suite looking for her. A maintenance man is there working on the door. HE says the crazy woman stole his drill. Hope gives him money to get a new one and keep that just between them. She tries to call Kayla and there is no answer. She then calls Roman and fills him in. Hope thinks she went after EJ. Roman fills Hope in on the photo. Hope says there is no way Sami would have anything to do with John getting shot. Roman says no but there has to be a reason she lied.

EJ’s Apartment:

Kayla knocks on the door but there is no answer. Will comes by and he asks her what she is doing with the drill. She says nothing. He talks about the wedding being sabotaged and how the marriage is probably over. Will points out that his dad could have died and wonders why his mom was with EJ. Kayla asks did he talk to Sami. He says no. Kayla says well there is probably a good explanation and says they will make EJ pay. Will leaves but tells Kayla to watch out for the apartment manager.

Kayla finally breaks in and is caught by Roman and Hope. He says they are trying to build a case against EJ and they may have the break they need. Kayla shows him the map of Tinda Lau. Hope says that is where Shawn and Belle are. Roman is mad that Kayla risked her life. Kayla says she is going to Tinda Lau. Roman says no. Hope’s phone rings and it is news about Stephanie having the car accident. She tells Kayla just as EJ shows up. He says he assumes they have a warrant. Kayla says it was all her doing and to get out of her way her daughter needs her. She leaves. EJ asks Roman what he is going to do about this and he says he didn’t see a thing. They argue. Roman leaves but first calls him a cockroach. Hope adds that he is about to be crushed.

Sami and Lucas' Apartment:

They are home but Sami is still crying. Lucas asks her what is wrong. She says she was sure it was all over when the photo popped up. Lucas says he trusts her. She wants to know if he is mad. Sami then realizes Lucas knew. He says yes he was not totally unconscious. She says EJ saved him. He says he knows. She says EJ threatened her. He told her if she told anyone he would tell people she was in on it. Lucas says she saved his life and that is all that matters. Sami says she got caught up in the hero thing. She says she liked that everyone was so proud of her. He says he knows she did because she loves him. He tells her to note that he is still there. That he didn’t leave when the picture came up. He tells her the past is behind them and no one can hurt them again.

Sami then says there is more to the story. She says when she tells him he may not forgive her. Lucas says he doesn’t care but Sami says he has to listen. He finally agrees. She says the only way EJ would save Lucas was if she did something for him. He asks her what. She walks away and says she has dreaded this for months. Lucas again asks her what it was. She says she had no choice. She says EJ forced her. She puts her hand on her stomach and Lucas figures out what she means. He says no please not the baby.

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