Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/9/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/9/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla’s Hotel Room:

Kayla is calling security as EJ’s men bust into the room. They grab Steve and Kayla. We later see Kayla tied to a chair and gagged. She is trying to scream. The men leave as they have Steve downstairs in the van. Security finally shows up and Kayla tells them to call Roman.

Kayla reaches Roman and tells him two guys took Steve. Roman lets Hope and Marlena know what happened. They come to the conclusion that is why EJ showed up to have an alibi.

Roman meets Kayla at the hotel. He tells her he will find Steve. Kayla tells him she wants EJ to know pain. She wants him to know what it feels like to lose everything. Roman says he has to get back to the wedding reception but promises they will find Steve.


We see Steve tied to a chair. EJ comes in and tells Steve he doesn’t usually make house calls. Steve asks him where Kayla is and he tells Steve she is probably busy crying back at the hotel. Steve then asks EJ what he wants. EJ makes a remark about Kayla and Steve says if he hurts her he will kill him. EJ tells Steve he can’t kill a fly unless he, EJ, says so. EJ shows Steve a map and points out Tinda Lau. He tells Steve he needs to go find an old friend. Steve asks what does he do when he finds him. EJ tells Steve he needs him to stop Shawn from signing a piece of paper Bo has, then he wants him to kill Bo. Steve says no he can’t Bo is family. EJ remind Steve his loyalty is to him not Bo. He orders him to go to the island and kill Bo. Steve repeats his orders.

St. Luke's:

We hear Father Kelley repeat is there anyone who knows why they should not be married. Kate says nothing but then we see EJ walk in. Sami is scared. Lucas looks to see what she is looking at and sees EJ. Everyone then turns to look at EJ. He smiles and takes a seat. Father Kelley says well then I take it that no one objects.

Father Kelley starts the vows and Lucas stops him saying he has it memorized. He and Sami then exchange vows. Then they give each other their rings. Father Kelley then says he now pronounces them husband and wife and tells EJ he can kiss his bride. Lucas does as everyone claps and Father Kelley introduces Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. Kate stands in the back looking angry. They start to walk out and Sami trips on the alter steps. Lucas catches her as the crowd gasps. We hear bagpipes begin to play amazing grace as Sami and Lucas walk smiling down the isle.

Billie who was sitting with Nick tells him how pretty Chelsea looks. He tells her she is amazing. Billie asks him is she amazing enough to steal a hairbrush from a lab for?

Elsewhere Shawn and Caroline are talking with Max. They are getting ready to head to the reception as Shawn complains about how the pub would have been good enough for the food. Caroline tells him how Ben Ford uses free-range chickens and how it is kinder to the animals. Max heads to get the car. Stephanie stops him and asks for a ride. He says he has his parents and all the presents and can’t. She says no big deal that she will ride with Nick and Chelsea.

Kate sits behind EJ. She asks him why he didn’t stop the wedding. She says she gave him the photo because he promised her results. He tells her to be a good mother-in-law and go to the reception. He tells her that her patience will be rewarded.

Marlena catches up to Sami before she and Lucas leave. She tells her that Alice wanted to come but is ill with a cold. Lucas tells her she called them earlier. He asks where Roman is. Marlena said he had to go to work for a little bit, as it was unavoidable.

Lucas goes to find his mom. She is by the candles. He asks her is she planning to light one. Kate says actually she wanted a moment alone with him. She asks can she go to the reception. Lucas says that is up to Sami. Kate says ok and agrees to leave it is not ok with Sami. Sami walks over and Lucas says his mom would like to ask her something. Sami says to go for it. Kate asks can she go to the reception. Sami says sure, why not. Lucas tells Mrs. Roberts how wonderful she is. Kate says thank you. Sami asks if she can call Kate mom now. Kate looks horrified but manages a smile and says why doesn’t she stick to Kate.

The guests leave including Chelsea, Nick and Stephanie who se see in Chelsea’s car driving way to fast. They explain to Nick they are not going to the reception, as it will be boring. Nick says people will notice since she was the maid of honor. They drive to some cliff so they can look out and see Salem. They speed off again and Stephanie opens the sunroof and stands up on the seat. She is yelling how cool it is. Nick tells them to stop saying this is dangerous. He reminds Chelsea she just got her license back and he pulls Stephanie back in the car. They tell him to stop worrying. Stephanie stands up again. However they soon hear sirens and Chelsea slams the breaks. Stephanie is thrown from the car.

Chez Rouge:

At the reception Lucas stands to thank everyone for being there. He says he found an old Irish wedding prayer he wants to recite. Sami is moved to tears telling him it is beautiful. They then have their first dance. Maggie orders Will to go get the DVD ready.

Kate goes to sit with Billie. Kate says she hates this. Billie tries to tell her just once to graciously admit defeat, saying look how happy they are. Kate says she doesn’t have to and she will not. She says by the end of the day Sami will be the one defeated. Billie again asks her mom to just be happy. Billie who finally notices Chelsea is not there calls her and leaves a message.

The DVD presentation starts but Roman shows up and wants to dance with Sami. They stop the presentation much to Kate’s dismay.

Hope decides to leave to go and check on Kayla. Roman and Marlena have a present for Sami and Lucas. Marlena tells them how wonderful this day is. She tells them how proud she is of the commitment they made to each other and of them having the green wedding. Marlena starts thanking those that helped. She says Eric could not be there but he had a big part to play in the presentation. Maggie says she has a note from Bill Horton, Lucas’s dad, who is also sorry he could not make it. Maggie says Bill wanted them to remember where they have been and that it takes them to where they are going.

The presentation starts. We see lots of Sami and Lucas pictures and flashbacks to when they were teens. However the DVD stops and the picture of EJ and Sami in the car pops up on the screen. Sami screams to turn it off. Kate says no. Lucas asks Kate if she did this. She says no. Sami says she can explain as Kate says it looks like the luck of the Irish ran out. Roman stops Kate saying he will handle this. Roman and Marlena think the picture is fake but Kate says not it is real. Roman asks Sami if it is true. She says she didn’t want to help EJ but she had not choice. She says she only wanted to be with Lucas. She starts to cry.

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