Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/8/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/8/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

In the Alley:

EJ is there with two men. He gives them an envelope full of money. He tells them they know what to do and that his hands have to stay clean. He says he is almost sorry he will not get credit for this. H says this day will change many lives forever.

Kayla’s Hotel Room:

Marlena shows up. Steve is in the other room screaming. He is saying he can’t take it anymore. Marlena says she wanted to check on her before she went to Sami’s wedding. Kayla says it is not going well and she worries EJ will find them. She tells Marlena Stephanie thinks Steve has given up and that she thinks Kayla is being a fool for still loving Steve. She says the truth is Stephanie is afraid to get hurt again. She tells Marlena she should be at Sami’s wedding. Marlena agrees and leaves saying she will check back.

As Marlena leaves the guy with Steve, the deprogrammer, comes out. Kayla asks how Steve is. He says he is letting him rest and he is going to go get something to eat. Kayla asks will she get her husband back. He says he has had cases like this before and they all went back to their families. He leaves. Kayla locks the door as Steve comes out. He asks Kayla what year it is.

Kayla says it is 2007. Steve nearly passes out and Kayla catches him. She guides him to the sofa. He says it is hot she offers to open a window. He says no. He asks her how he got out of the hospital. He grabs the phone to call EJ but Kayla stops him. She tells him EJ doesn’t control her anymore. Steve tells Kayla how pretty she is. He touches her face as she tells him she loves him. They talk and Steve finally asks her if she wants to make love. She thinks they should wait till he is better. They kiss. She asks him to promise he will never forget how much she loves him.

There is a knock at the door and Steve is sure it must be EJ. Kayla says no it is Mr. Arrowsmith. She opens it and it is the goons EJ hired. They claim they are room service. Kayla is hesitant to open the door. Kayla peaks out and slams the door. They beat on it as she calls for help.

At Chez Rouge:

Maggie is setting up the reception. Billie comes in and says she has something Sami sent over. She asks why there is a big screen TV set up. Maggie says it is for a presentation and the wedding planner says it is ok. They talk about Ben Ford and how he is catering the food. Billie shows her the seed cards. Maggie excuses herself.

Chelsea comes in. She wants Billie’s help keeping Nick away from her. Billie refuses. Billie thinks Chelsea is not telling her something. They argue about whether or not Chelsea is over Nick.

Willow comes in. Chelsea asks how she got out. Willow says a friend got her out and he is getting her a lawyer. Chelsea says they will prove she started the fire and walks off. Willow tells Billie how she thinks Chelsea has Nick steal the brush. Billie doesn’t believe it and threatens Willow. Chelsea says not to bother and tells her Maggie is calling the cops. Willow says not to bother she is leaving.

Once she is gone Billie asks her if Willow was right. Chelsea tells her Willow is a lying, thieving whore.

At St. Lukes:

Roman and Sami have a father-daughter talk. Sami says maybe this time she will get it right.

We see Lucas in the Narthex of the church and he is on his cell yelling at someone. He tells them he will see them in small claims court and hangs up. Will comes up and asks his dad what is wrong. He tells him that Sami is going to freak out because the photographer just bailed. Will says he can do it. Lucas is not so certain but Will swears he can do it. Lucas finally says ok.

Meanwhile we see Bo and Hope in the church talking. He tells Hope that Steve is with a deprogrammer.

Nick enters the church. He spots Max and goes to sit with him. He asks where Abby is. Max explains that she went to London to see her folks. Nick is shocked saying he lives with her and how could he not know that. Max thinks it was so she didn’t have to deal with him. Nick asks why he broke up with Abby but Max says he didn’t. He explains that Nick’s aunt Maggie and Jack put the fear of God into Abby. He suggests they try to forget Abby and Chelsea, as there are other fish in the sea.

Enter Stephanie who comes up behind them saying that some of them are here in Salem.

Back in the bride’s room Roman tells Sami not to think about the other weddings. He tells her she is a different person now. He says he is proud of her and then hugs her and leaves.

Will is busy taking pictures, mostly of Stephanie. Max and Nick remind him he is supposed to take pictures of the whole wedding. Will walks off. Max kind of hits on Stephanie. She says she is there alone. She finally asks Max and Nick both to be her dates. Max and Nick agree. She wonders is Chelsea will be jealous. She thinks Nick should fix things with Chelsea. She asks him what are the odds he will ever find a girl as hot as Chelsea again.

Lucas is standing outside the bride’s room. He has a pot of some kind of dead looking flowers. Marlena walks up and he tells her he was leaving a present for Sami. Marlena says she will give it to her. Lucas thanks Marlena for having Sami. He tells her how lucky he is. Sami is on the other side of the door crying. Marlena walks in to see her in tears. She asks Sami what is wrong. Sami tries to blame her dress. Marlena says she doesn’t buy it. Sami admits she’s right. She tells her mom she has been keeping a secret from Lucas and it is the kind that could keep him from marrying her. She asks Marlena is she disappointed. Marlena says no she isn’t telling Sami she loves her. Then she tells Sami to tell Lucas whatever it is before the wedding. She tells Sami she will leave to let her think but Sami says no she needs to do this and ask her to find Lucas.

Back in the church Bo walks up to Hope, Marlena and Roman. He says he just talked to Shawn. He says Philip has Claire and took off. He says Shawn hasn’t been able to find them but believes they still have to be on the island. He says he has to leave now and is going to Tinda Lau. Marlena offers him John’s plane. Hope tells him to bring everyone home safely.

Lucas knocks on the door to the bride’s room Sami tells him to come in. She is hiding behind a screen saying she doesn’t need anymore bad luck. She says she has to tell him something that she thinks may change everything.

Stephanie tells Nick she was just teasing him. Nick says he knows he is a geek and no one ever falls in love with a geek. Stephanie tries to encourage Nick to go talk to Chelsea. He walks off. Stephanie then asks Max where Abby is and he tells her. She says cool.

Nick walks up to Chelsea telling her she looks beautiful. She thanks him and he offers her a ride to the reception. She says maybe.

Bo and Roman talk alone. He tells him about Shawn getting shot. Bo says to give his best to Sami and Roman tells him to be careful.

Meanwhile Sami is ready to tell Lucas everything but he hears the music and says he has to go. He leaves. Chelsea comes in and asks Sami does she need help. Sami says it is too late now.

Back in the church we see Will and Chelsea walk in. Then Roman and Sami walk down the isle. Kate enters standing in the back.

Marlena reads from the Bible. Then Sami and Lucas agree they are there of their own free will. Then Father Kelley asks if there is anyone that knows why they should not be married. Sami looks scared as she looks out and sees first Kate. EJ enters and winks at Sami.

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