Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/7/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/7/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Tinda Lau:

Belle is leaning over Shawn yelling to get a doctor. Gabby comes back in with Claire asking what is going on. Philip tells her to ask her father. Gabby starts to yell at her father but Belle interrupts yelling for her to get a doctor.

Gabby gives Claire to Philip and runs for the phone. Belle is trying to tell Shawn to stay still as he tells her to get Claire. Meanwhile Duck is yelling for Philip to run while he has the kid. Shawn and Belle stare.

Belle panics that Philip has Claire. Philip says he never wanted this to happen. Gabby comes back and yells at Duck saying she called the cops. Philip says Claire doesn’t need to see this and they are leaving. Belle blocks his way saying he will have to kill her first. Shawn asks is he really going to steal his daughter from him while he is bleeding to death? Philip again says this is not what he wanted. Belle tells him it is always about what he wants. She tells him no one, not even Claire, matters to him. He swears he is never letting Claire go.

Shawn tells Philip he will grab Claire only to leave her with a nanny and tells him he is not a good father. Philip asks Shawn what kind of father is he. He says you ran away and endangered her life. He tells her Claire could have been killed. He tells Shawn sarcastically yeah you really love her. He walks off with Claire. Duck cheers him on. Shawn yells for Belle to go after him and she does.

Duck tells Shawn she is not match for Philip. Shawn tries to follow yelling at Duck but he collapses. Gabby screams.

The doctor has shown up and is tending to Shawn. He tells him he will be ok just to get plenty of rest. He leaves. Gabby offers Shawn a drink. Shawn says no he needs his head clear. Shawn says he has to go find Belle and Philip. Gabby says he is too weak but he insists.

Gabby tries to get Shawn to stay put. The Sheriff meanwhile has Duck in handcuffs. Gabby yells at him to lock him up and throw away the key. The sheriff asks Shawn if he wants to press charges. Shawn says no. He goes and digs the bullet from the wall. He tells the sheriff to keep it as evidence. He says to put it on record that Duck was paid by Philip. The sheriff leaves with Duck. Gabby defends her dad. Then she asks how did Shawn turn out so good if is from the same family as Philip. Shawn tells her a couple of months ago he was not good.

Gabby offers to go look for Belle and Philip. Shawn says no but Gabby easily overpowers him and makes him sit. She says she owes him and she always pays her debts. They finally decide to go together. Shawn picks up Duck’s gun but Gabby grabs it saying no more guns.

Gabby asks him is he up for this. He says he has to be. They leave without the gun.

Sami and Lucas’ Apartment:

Sami is looking at her dress and wondering if maybe EJ will do the right thing and not screw up the wedding or her life. She tells the baby that she will love it no matter what. She says she prays that Lucas is the dad. She says there is still a small chance she will get to have her happy day. Lucas and Will walk in making jokes and Lucas asks to see Sami’s dress. Sami say no way he knows the rule. Lucas says he already broke it by seeing Sami and she jokes maybe the wedding god will forgive her.

Will says it is the big day and they all agree to get ready. Will and Lucas head to their rooms to get dressed. Sami looks at her dress again and says she should be wearing black. The doorbell rings. It is Celeste and Sami freaks out saying Lucas and Will are there. Celeste tells her about the photo and that Kate has it. Sami is hysterical saying she should not even bother to get dressed. Celeste says she can make right by telling Lucas the truth.

Celeste continues to insist Sami needs to tell Lucas. She tells her that if Lucas loves her he will understand and if he doesn’t she is better off.

Lucas comes out and models his tux for Sami. Sami says there is something she needs to tell him before they leave for the church. Lucas says all he wants is to hear her say I do. Sami tries to tell him but Lucas stops her. Lucas says he doesn’t want or need to hear it.

Sami tries again to tell Lucas but he will not. Lucas will not allow Sami to tell him the truth. He asks her does she love him. She says yes. He says does she still want a house and white picket fence she says yes. Will comes out to take pictures. Sami trying to get rid of him says to go download them. After he leaves Sami again tries to tell Lucas. Once again he stops her.

Sami tells Lucas he really needs to listen. He says no. He leaves. Sami convinces herself that she tried.

Mental Hospital:

Foley asks Adrienne if she is looking for a boyfriend. He tells her she picked the wrong freak. He then orders her to back away. She says no. She says she was told this was the community room and it was where they could get to know each other. Foley grabs her saying now she does.

Adrienne asks him if his bosses know how bad he treats the patients. She calls him an orderly and he gets mad saying whom are you calling an orderly. Bo and Kayla continue to listen from the car. Bo tells Kayla if they put Adrienne in lockdown they will never get Steve out. Kayla tells Adrienne to back off from Foley. Foley though continues to yell and asks her just who does she think she is.

Steve answers yelling she is my sister and she wants to help me. Foley asks her if that is true. In the car Bo is ready to go get her. Kayla stops him saying give her a minute and see if she can handle it. Adrienne tells Foley yes I am his sister. Then she tells him she is his sister too as she is a nun. Foley asks why is she not dressed like a nun. She tells him that they dress in street clothes now to put people at ease.

Foley tells her to save her comfort for someone else saying that Steve is off limits. Adrienne backs away telling Steve may God have mercy on your soul. Foley gets in Steve’s face. He knocks Steve’s try on the floor and orders him to clean it up. Adrienne meanwhile is keeping Bo and Kayla informed of what is going on. She says it is getting hopeless. Kayla begs her to keep trying. Steve tells Kayla to give it some time.

Foley picks on Steve asking if he wants fries with that. Grainger comes in and tells Foley he needs to see him. They leave. Kayla asks Adrienne to let her talk to Steve. Adrienne tells Steve someone wants to talk to him. She tells him it is Kayla his wife. Steve says she left me here but Adrienne says no she didn’t abandon him. Steve says no and tells Adrienne she is going to get him in trouble. He walks away.

Adrienne tries again to give Steve the wire. He says he has to report that. Adrienne says ok but only if he will listen from a minute. Steve says ok and Kayla talks to him. Steve says he is in training. Kayla tells him they have to get him out of there. She asks him to do what Adrienne says. Before Adrienne can convince Steve Grainger comes back. EJ is with him. He walks toward Steve and Adrienne panics.

EJ tries to talk to Steve. He tells him that Steve has been released into his care. Kayla freaks out and says she is going in there. Bo asks her how she is going to do that without endangering Adrienne. Adrienne also looks worried biting her nails. EJ says hi to Adrienne and tells her he used to have an Aunt that was a nun and always wondered what was under the long robes. He finds the wire. He says he assumes he is talking to Bo and Kayla. Bo tells Steve to give the earpiece to EJ. Bo tells EJ he has not right to take Steve. EJ tells Bo the judge is a friend and he has released Steve into his care. He drops the wire and says it is time to go. Steve doesn’t want to go but EJ reminds him he is one of them now.

EJ and Grainger start to escort Steve out. The other patients are restless and Grainger tells them to settle down. They attack EJ who tries to assure them they will not hurt Steve. Foley comes in and tries to help. Things get way out of hand and there is screaming as the lights go out.

Bo and Kayla decide they need to get inside. They start to get out and Adrienne and Steve jump in the backseat. Kayla asks if he knows who she is. He tells she is Kayla.

Kayla tells him everything will be ok now. Bo says they are out of here and starts the car.

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