Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/4/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/4/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Chez Rouge:

Billie runs into EJ at Chez Rouge. She tells him their contract is void since he used her security system to spy on Bo and Hope. She then says she is however keeping the money. EJ tells Billie he has no idea what she is talking about. She tells him to ask he buddy Philip. She tells him he left the country with a one-way ticket. She supposes he found out whatever he wanted to know. EJ says to keep her little system he wants to know about Philip. She tells EJ he found Shawn and Belle. She continues to yell at him. EJ cuts her off and runs out.

Kate’s Car:

Kate is on her cell trying to deal with business. EJ opens the door and gets in. He tells Kate she should keep her doors locked, especially in this neighborhood. She asks if she is in danger. EJ says he just had an upsetting chat with Billie about Philip. She accuses EJ of being upset because Philip didn’t tell him. EJ tells her that her children are causing him problems. He asks her where Philip went. She asks him if he is threatening her. He tells her they can do this the easy way or the hard way and asks her once more where Philip is. She says he went to an island. EJ is frustrated telling her Manhattan is an island. She tells him to promise Philip will not be in danger. He doesn’t answer but instead reminds her he is the key to breaking up Lucas and Sami. Kate gives in and tells him Tinda Lau is the name of the island. She asks EJ to promise not to hurt Shawn. EJ says he has no intention of harming him.

EJ leaves but later comes back and gets in Kate’s car. Kate tells him he can’t leave town as he promised to stop the wedding. He assures her he will. She asks about Brandy Mathas, the woman he was going to marry. He tells her she is too clever for her own good. She tells him she doesn’t care what he does as long as he stops Sami from marrying Lucas. EJ gives her his word. She asks what he plans to do if he is going to Tinda Lau. He says he is not going he has just the man for the job. She asks whom and EJ tells her to remember what the say about curiosity killing the cat. She again asks whom he is sending. EJ says someone who always follows his orders. He then tells her the only problem will be getting him out of his cage.

Mental Hospital:

Kayla and Bo are out in the car listening and waiting for Adrienne to do her job. Roman shows up at the hospital with Adrienne. She is in a wheelchair and is acting crazy. Roman says he was ordered to drop her off and leaves. Foley, the orderly, wheels her over into a corner. Adrienne checks her wire to make sure Bo and Kayla can hear her and she can hear them. She says she is inside but there is not sign of Steve. Bo tells her to wait and if he doesn’t show soon they can go to plan B. They decide to give it an hour.

Kayla starts to get all freaked out saying she has a really bad feeling. She says if they do not get Steve out today they may not get another chance. Bo promises they will.

Steve gets wheeled into the room where Adrienne is. She gets all teary eyed when she sees him. Kayla asks her if he is ok. Adrienne says he is on his feet but is definitely not ok. Bo asks who is there with him. She tells them Grainger is. Kayla tells Adrienne to be careful. Steve is taken to a table and given food. Adrienne continues to give them a running update of what is going on. Once she can she wheels over to Steve. He has no idea who she is. She tells him trying to get him to remember. She tells them about their mother asking if he remembers her.

Kayla and Bo continue to listen in. Adrienne tries to get through to him but he just wants to eat. He says Grainger doesn’t like trouble. Bo gets a call and gets out of the car. Adrienne tells Steve she is his sister and they have a brother named Billy. She tells him their father was a bad man that hurt them named Duke. Steve starts to remember a little bit. She tells him that he and Jack were given up for adoption before she was born. However she says when she really needed him he was there for her. Steve gets agitated saying he thinks he killed a man. She says know she did it he just said he did to protect her. Steve says even so he has done terrible things. He says he deserves to be punished. Adrienne tries to tell him he was tricked into it and it is not his fault.

Kayla continues to listen as Steve starts to remember. Adrienne shows Steve a bracelet saying it was their momma’s and how he gave the matching necklace to Kayla. Steve says he is a soldier and she says no he is a husband and father. He tells her he doesn’t know Kayla. He tells her to go away.

Bo comes back to the car. He tells her that Marlena called and heard from Belle. Philip found them and has been working with EJ. Bo says he has to go to the island. Kayla tells him he is not leaving till Steve is safe.

Meanwhile Adrienne is still trying to get Steve to remember. She tells him a story about a pigeon he brought home that was hurt and remembers helping it. She again tries to get him to look at the bracelet. He remembers Jo and Kayla. She tells him he is Steve Johnson and her brother. Steve cries as he remembers her. He remembers her kids the twins and she says yes that is right. Steve gets upset saying the voices keep saying he is one of them.

In the car Bo is promising it will be ok. He says if he has to he will break in and bust Steve out himself. He tells her Steve would do it for him. In the hospital Adrienne is telling Steve Kayla is there to help him. However Foley comes in and tells Adrienne she is not allowed to talk to Steve. He tells her to move away. Bo worries their plan is ruined.

Tinda Lau:

Philip is passed out cold as Belle, Shawn and Claire slip past him. They make it outside and think they will be ok. Duck though flips on the lights and says they are not going anywhere. He says he is looking out for a fellow vet. Belle says this is about her daughter. He says he is making sure no one has an unfair advantage. Shawn tells Duck there is none of Philip’s blood in Claire that she is his and Belle’s and they are leaving. Duck pulls out a gun and says not so fast.

Shawn tells Duck he will have shoot him in the back. He tells Belle to keep walking. Philip begins to wake up. Duck fires a warning shot Gabby runs in and asks what is going on. Belle tells Duck tried to kill them. He says it was only a warning shot. Gabby begs him to put down the gun and he says no way. She says then he will have to shoot her too. He tells her she has till the count of 10 to get out of the way. She tells him he is too drunk to get to 5. Philip comes in and tells Duck not shoot. Shawn tells Philip to look at the soldier he has with him. He has a man that points a gun at a little girl. Belle begs Philip to ask Duck to put down the gun. She tells him that Claire is her daughter with Shawn and they are not giving her up. Philip says neither will he. Belle tells him the one really suffering is Claire. Philip asks whose fault is that. Belle says it is their entire fault and it has to stop. Philip agrees with her. He proposes they return to Salem and work it out.

Shawn doesn’t buy it. He says as soon as they are home he will take Claire and run. Philip points out like you did Shawn. Shawn says he can’t take this anymore and there is not turning back now. He tells Belle to take Claire and go and when she won’t he tells Gabby to get her to the dock. They leave as Shawn stays behind to watch Philip. Shawn tells him it is his family and they are no longer afraid of him. He tells Philip to have a nice life and Duck shoots him. Shawn falls to the ground as Philip screams what have you done. Belle comes back in and screams.

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