Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/3/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/3/07


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The Island:

Belle is with Claire and tells her she has had a long day and that poor Claire has been on the run for longer than she has been able to walk. She says she probably won’t remember any of it but promises her some day she and Shawn will tell her all about it. Belle is interrupted when Gabby knocks on the door. She tries to get close to Belle. Belle tells her while she has not seen Philip she knows he is watching. Gabby tells Belle if there is anything she can do to let her know. Belle tells her actually there is and asks for the passkey to Philip’s room.

Meanwhile down in the bar Philip and Duck swap war stories. Philip is telling him some story when Duck asks him why did Shawn talk trash about him. Shawn walks away in disgust. Philip says actually he and Shawn used to be really close until everything with Claire. Duck leaves.

Philip tells Shawn they need to talk. Shawn says no. Philip says it is the end of the line for him. Shawn says he has to protect his family. Philip leaves as Shawn reaches in his pocket and pulls out a bottle of pills saying sweet dreams.

Back upstairs Belle is telling Gabby she wants to look around in Philip’s room to see if she can figure out his plans. She asks Gabby to be the lookout. She tells her she has to stall Philip and Gabby asks how. Belle tells she knows how and that if she will give her the key they will consider everything to be even and a clean slate. Gabby gives Belle the key but says she is not going to be lookout and will swear Belle stole the key if she gets caught. Gabby leaves.

When she gets to the bar she tells Shawn that she gave Belle the GPS. Philip and Duck are still swapping stories and laughing. Shawn tells Gabby how he and Philip used to be like brothers. Then he tells he and Belle are leaving tonight and Gabby is going to help them.

Belle is in Philip’s room and grabs his duffle. She drags it back to her room. In it she finds a picture of Philip with Claire. Next she finds his PDA. She is unable to figure it out though. She shoves everything back in the bag and goes to take it back to Philip’s room.

Meanwhile Shawn is showing Gabby the pills he has. Gabby says those are Duck’s sleeping pills. He tells Gabby he needs her to slip one to Philip. She gets mad and says he and Belle are big on asking for handouts. Duck hollers out he needs more beer. Shawn hands Gabby the pills and thanks her. He then heads upstairs.

Shawn gets back to the room and after locking the door Belle tells him what she did. Shawn says she is crazy. She gives him the PDA showing him all the emails she found between EJ and Philip. Shawn is confused and says he has to talk to Philip. Belle points out it will cause Gabby problems.

Back in the bar Gabby says it is closing time. Duck says he has to get the mail ready. Philip tells him not to forget what they talked about. Gabby invites Philip to hang out. Philip says they have nothing to talk about. She stops him saying she guesses she read him wrong. This gets his attention as Gabby apologizes to him. Philip drinks the beer Gabby gave him.

Shawn again says he has to talk to Philip as Belle worries about Gabby. Shawn says he will try to keep her out of trouble. Belle tells him to be careful, as Philip is not stupid. Shawn promises and tells her someday she will have a big house with a garden. He leaves.

Gabby is still rambling on to Philip about how sorry she is. Gabby says he loves Claire the way Duck loves her. Philip says ok and then asks why she is trying so hard to keep him in the bar. He asks her is she stalling so Shawn can go through his room.

Shawn enters the bar as if on cue. He tells Philip he knows about he and EJ bugging his parent’s house. He says I know why you did but why EJ? Philip laughs and asks him if he enjoyed reading his PDA. He tells Shawn he is not very good at playing head game. He then tells Shawn EJ could be on his way here now. He tells him they should leave now offering to help if they give him Claire. Shawn says no deal. Philip shrugs and says good luck and leaves.

Shawn asks Gabby if she drugged Philip and she says yes. He tells her as soon as Philip is asleep they are leaving.

Belle opens the door to find Philip there. She ties to shut it but can’t. He walks in and Belle tells him he is scaring Claire. He kisses Claire goodnight. Shawn walks in and merely stares. He picks up Claire. Philip turns to go and stumbles. Shawn asks if he had to many with Duck. Philip says it is jet lag and Shawn say he should go sleep it off. Philip says he will be right outside the door.

Out in the hall he is dizzy again and sits wondering what is wrong.

Belle tells Shawn Philip barged in and took Claire from her. Shawn says it doesn’t matter and tells her they are leaving. He tells her drugged Philip and peeks in the hall to check on him. Philip is totally out of it. He tells Philip goodbye saying tonight they are going to finally get rid of him. They leave.

The Hospital:

Sami is told she can go home. Lucas tells Sami he will back off about EJ. He tells her that the baby and Will are both healthy and there wedding is on track. He tells her he even found his lucky dress shoes. He promises this time they are really getting married.

Kate is outside the door listening. She says to herself that Sami is about to lose everything and starts to go in. EJ stops her. EJ’s phone rings and it is Celeste. She tells him that Kate took something. Kate shows him the photo she found. EJ acts unconcerned saying the guy in the picture does look a bit like him. Kate tells him it was taken the night John was shot and Sami supposedly saved Lucas. EJ asks Kate what she plans to do with her tidbits of information. She says she is going to go blast Sami out of Lucas’s life forever. EJ stops her saying it will ruin his plans.

In her room Sami is getting dressed. She tells Lucas their wedding is so close now. Lucas says all that matters in the baby and how special it is they conceived it on their first night back together. He tells her their love is just meant to be and he wished Sami felt the same way.

Lucas and Sami talk and soon Sami is giggling. Lucas asks her why she is so anxious. Sami tries to talk about the wedding but Lucas says no he means about his mom.

In the hall Kate threatens to show the photo to Roman. EJ dares her to do it. Kate says she has no desire to hurt him just Sami. He strongly advises her not too. He tells her she would be foolish to cross him and he is not ready to let his plans for Sami and Lucas go down the tubes. Kate tells EJ she is not afraid of him. EJ says he can respect that and tells her that he hurts Lucas bad enough maybe he will never go back to Sami again. He tells her if she shows him the picture Lucas will be backed into a corner and forced to defend Sami. He says that will give Sami a chance to come up with an excuse. He tells her Lucas will believe Sami and orders Kate to give him the picture.

Sami tells Lucas she will try hard not to let Kate upset her. She tells him she believes in him and their family. She tells him to remember this moment and how much she loves him. She says that way if anything happens he can remember this.

In the hall Kate asks EJ what his plans are. He tells her to trust him to take care of everything. Kate finally gives him the picture.

Lucas is still trying to get Sami to relax. They argue over who is luckier. He insists he is, as he trusts Sami. Sami tells him she doesn’t want to talk anymore and kisses him.

Kate continues to pester EJ about his plans. He tells her not to forget her handkerchief since everyone cries at weddings. Lucas and Sami come out of their room and see Kate and EJ. Everyone stops smiling.

Lucas is curious what Kate and EJ are doing. EJ assures him they are there to check on Sami. Lucas doubts that. EJ asks what he means. Lucas laughs and grabs the fire extinguisher saying this is for he, Sami and the baby. He sprays it all over EJ and Kate. Sami and Lucas laugh hysterically as they leave.

EJ asks Kate if she is ok. He tells it will be pleasurable breaking Lucas’ heart. Kate just stands there.

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