Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/2/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/2/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Chez Rouge:

Abby and Chelsea are having lunch. Abby tells her that Stephanie is back in town. Chelsea seems less than thrilled. Abby explains she has totally changed and even has a tattoo. Abby asks how things are with Chelsea and Billie. Chelsea says they talk some but her mom still hates she is living with Bo and Hope. Abby tells her they can work it out and says to look at Nick as an example. Chelsea tells Abby she broke up with Nick.

Abby is mad that Chelsea dumped Nick. Chelsea tells her about Nick getting the brush from the trash saying he thinks I did it. Abby says Nick loves her. Chelsea says that is not enough.

Abby tells Chelsea maybe all this is her fault and not Nick’s. Chelsea finally realizes that Abby is mad at her for breaking up with Nick. Abby tells her it could turn out to be best for Nick. They begin to argue. Abby tells Chelsea Nick is the best thing to ever happen to her. Chelsea says she is doing ok without him. Abby tells her she is wrong and she needs Nick. She tells Chelsea without him her get out of jail free card is gone. She tells her Nick will hand over the brush and Chelsea will go to jail.

Abby says she is Chelsea’s friend. Chelsea says she has not exactly told the truth. She says the thing with her and Nick is she didn’t want him to feel obligated so she claimed not to care. She says if you love someone you let them go. She tells Abby it was never her intention to use Nick. She says if she could do it again she would not ask him to take the brush.

Abby says she is relieved to hear that. Chelsea says she knows Nick was the best thing to ever happen to her. Abby tells Chelsea to go tell Nick all of that.

Abby tells Chelsea to tell the truth. Stephanie comes over and interrupts. The chat about how each of them has been since Stephanie left. Abby tells Stephanie Kate has matured since Stephanie left. Stephanie says she hopes not too much as she could use some fun for the night.

Chelsea tells Stephanie about the Dr. Patton and how Nick saved her life. She then tells her how he slept with Billie. Stephanie says lets go have fun. They say they have an 8 AM class. Stephanie says well then she will have them home by 7 and they leave.


Nick is there to see Willow. She thanks him for posting bail telling him he is her hero. He says he is not a hero. But she says he will do till she can find a real one. He asks her what will she do now. She says the same thing she always does. She will do whatever she has to, to survive.

Willow tells Nick she is good at finding a bed at night. Nick thinks she may be better off in jail. Willow says she will find a cheap room. Nick tells her to get a job. Willow scoffs at the idea saying what are her qualifications, prostitution and robbery. She tells Nick thanks again.

Willow comes back as Nick asked to talk to her one more time. He says he wants to help her. Willow reminds him he promised to talk to Mickey about subsidized housing. Nick says he did talk to him but she doesn’t qualify. Willow tells him Chelsea was a fool to dump him. Nick asks how she knows he didn’t dump her. Willow says he would rather die first. She tells him she will pay him back. Nick says to take care.

Abe’s House:

He is playing with Theo. He tells him to go brush his teeth and he will be up to tuck him in later. The doorbell rings. It’s Kate who immediately announces who she is. Abe says he knew it was her as her perfume always precedes her. He asks what she wants. She says she is there to apologize. Abe laughs. He asks Kate what she really wants.

Kate asks if Abe is going to invite her in. He says now is a bad time but Kate insists. She asks can Celeste join them. He tells her Celeste is out for the evening as Theo starts yelling he is ready. Kate says take care of Theo she will wait. Theo yells again. He tells Kate he will be back. Kate begins to search the house.

Abe comes back in the room to find Kate rummaging thru the desk. He asks Kate can he help her find something. She says she needed a pad of paper so she could leave Celeste a note. Abe does not believe her. She says she is there to apologize. She says she wants him and Celeste to understand what is making her crazy. She says again she is sorry. Kate faints and Abe catches her.

Kate regains consciousness as Abe helps her to sit on the sofa. She asks for a cup of tea. Abe tells her he is not a fool. He tells her that he caught her rummaging through his desk. Kate acts all shocked and says Abe do you think I am coming on to you? Abe says that is the last thing he was thinking. Kate says she is sorry but it is all the stress from the Sami and Lucas’ wedding. She goes on to say things are not good at work and she has no real friends to talk to. Abe asks what about Marlena.

Kate says Marlena has enough of her own problems right now. Abe says he was suggesting a professional visit. Kate says she doesn’t need that kind of help. She turns on some charm saying she is so lonely and Abe crumbles and goes to make tea.

Kate jumps up and starts her rummaging again. She finds something in a drawer. She looks it over and says gotcha Sami. She has found a picture of Sami and EJ in the car dated the night Lucas was trapped in the cabin. She puts in her purse. Abe comes back with tea. She tells him she has an emergency and has to go. Abe thinks her recovery was amazing. Kate says thanks and tries to leave. Abe stops her.

Abe knows Kate is lying. He wonders why she didn’t write that note. Kate says she didn’t get around to it. She opens the door to find Celeste there. Abe says oh good now you can tell her why you were snooping in her things.

Abe tells Celeste about Kate’s antics. Kate again says she was going to write Celeste a note and that is why she was looking through the desk. Celeste asks if she found what she was looking for and demands she hand it over or she will search Kate herself.

Celeste tells Kate to open her purse. She says no and Abe tells Celeste to let it go. Kate leaves. Abe tells Celeste if something is missing he will press charges against Kate. He leaves to check on Theo. Celeste goes to the drawer then outside. Kate is looking in her purse. Celeste starts to lecture Kate and the picture falls out. Celeste is horrified. Kate says now she knows Sami’s dirty little secret. She says she will see her at the wedding.


Lucas tells Sami if there is something going on with her and EJ he needs to know. He begs her to tell him saying not to be afraid of the truth. EJ shows up. Sami freaks and Lucas tells EJ to leave. EJ asks Sami of that is what she wants. She says she feels weak. Lucas says it is not surprising and says Sami said it is not the first time he has tried to see her. He tells EJ Sami thinks he wants to poison her. EJ is surprised asking Sami what on earth she has been telling Lucas. Lucas asks what did he do to her demanding EJ tell him now.

EJ says he came to offer his support to someone he cares for. Lucas asks what about his wife as he was getting married. EJ tells Lucas plans change. Lucas says so what you decided to burn the cabin down then? EJ laughs. Lucas says people are just upset he didn’t burn with it. EJ says someone stole his car. He also tells Lucas the idea that he would hurt Sami is crazy. Lucas tells him Sami doesn’t think so. EJ says her story is creative. He tells Lucas maybe she hit her head when she fell down or maybe she is making it up. Sami says she feels woozy and says maybe it is the medication. Lucas asks her to be honest and tell him what is going on. EJ says maybe it is time they tell him their secret.

Sami looks terrified. EJ tells Lucas their friendship has blossomed. He goes on and on about being on the beach with Sami in San Tropez. Lucas gets mad and threatens EJ. EJ acts all appalled saying he can’t believe the way he is being treated. Sami gets really upset and tells them both to stop now. The machines in her room go crazy. EJ says he believes Sami’s wedding will be unforgettable.

Lucas tells EJ not to be at the wedding. He says he has hired security and then says he is going to have hospital security throw him out. Lucas picks up the phone. EJ says that will not be necessary and aggress to leave.

Sami tells Lucas she is sorry. She says she wants to be alone. Lucas says he loves her and is going to go find some coffee. Sami cries as the machines go crazy. She begins to scream in pain and tries to punch the button for the nurse. EJ comes back saying he forgot something. Sami frantically tries to find the button. She accuses EJ of ripping it from the wall. EJ tells her to breathe and she finally settles down. She says she was scared.

Sami then accuses EJ of trying to make her lose the baby. Sami says she cannot take it anymore. She says if you are going to kill me just do it and get it over with.

EJ tells Sami if he wanted her dead she would be. He asks her what would she do to someone that toyed with her affections. Sami says her has treated her like an incubator. She calls him a monster. EJ says a monster would have never spared her life. Sami thinks EJ really does care. She says she could tell by how he acted when he saw her in pain. EJ tells her he saw a frightened girl and tried to help.

Lucas comes in with a guard saying he saw EJ enter the room. EJ leaves but tells Sami as he does that she can expect his gift on her wedding day. Lucas begs Sami to tell him what is really going on as Sami cries.

Lucas tries to comfort Sami. Sami has a flashback of Celeste telling her to be honest with Lucas. Sami tells Lucas to remember how much she loves him no matter what happens.

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