Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/27/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/27/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Tinda Lau:

Shawn and Belle are in bed.  Belle says she waited for this her whole life and she dreamed so many times about what the first time would be like.  He tells that in a way it sort of was the first time.  Belle tells Shawn no matter what happens as long as she has Shawn and Claire she will be happy.

Belle’s phone rings and it is Bo and Hope.  They chat and Shawn asks about Ciara.  Hope says she is fine and is sleeping right now.  They chat some more about Claire and Ciara and finally Bo asks Shawn what the plan is.  Shawn tells his dad that they are going to Australia.  Bo tells him they need to talk but then someone comes to the door and Bo has to go get it.

Hope takes the time to try and talk about Willow.  She explains that Willow is in jail and why.  Shawn is stunned and blames himself for Willow being in their lives.  Shawn calls her a psycho and Hope says Shawn should call the mother of his child that.  Shawn says Willow told him about the baby when the found them in Canada but he believes it is a lie.  Hope is not as sure.  Shawn asks her why would she believe Willow claiming the baby could be anyone’s.  Hope says this is true but it could also still be Shawn’s.  Hope says this story would work to Willow’s benefit.  Shawn gets mad accusing Willow of squeezing them for money.  Hope says she has paid for her medical care but that is all. She tells Shawn he needs to think about the possibility that Willow may be telling the truth.  Shawn says he will never believe it and his mom lets him know Philip does.  She points out how Philip is using Willow and the baby.  Shawn begins to think his mom may be right and Willow’s baby is his.  He tells Hope he can’t do anything right citing his failed marriage to Mimi and his hooking up with Willow. He tells her he is stuck on an island and Willow is in jail having his baby.

Shawn tells Belle they have to get out of here.  She says maybe Gabby can help them hide again.  Shawn says but this time Philip knows for sure we are here.  Belle tells Shawn maybe it is time they make a stand.  Belle says what if we run and end up where is no doctor for Claire.  She says she doesn’t want to run forever.  Shawn tells her that will not happen.  He says he is going to find Duck and Gabby and see if they can hitch a ride off of Tinda Lau.  He promises her they will be ok.  Then they tell each other they love each other and he heads out.

Bo & Hope's:

While Hope and Shawn talk Bo gets the door.  It’s Billie.  Bo tells her someone installed her security system in his house.  He demands to know whom as Billie says she has no clue.  Bo tells her he believes it was EJ.  Billie says there is no way.  Bo is mad at her for “getting in bed” with EJ.  She gets mad saying she is not sleeping with him.  Bo asks her how could she go into business with him.  She tells Bo there is no evidence against EJ.  Bo says he is a DiMera.  Billie points out so is little Theo Carver.  Bo gets mad saying what about what he did to Steve?  They argue and Billie says she still does not believe it is EJ.  She tells him she thinks it is Philip.  Bo says no at first but Billie makes him listen to her. She explains how Philip called her asking how the system works.  When she tried to call him back she was told he left the country.  Bo begins to realize that Philip might know where Shawn and Belle are.  Bo explains about Marlena and the bugs and tells Billie he will hold her and Kate responsible if Philip goes after them.

Bo rushes into the house and grabs the phone from Hope.  He tells Shawn they have to get off the island now.  He explains about Philip and says he may know where they are.  Bo says he will jump on the first plane but Shawn says no this is his problem and his family.  They hang up.

Hope feels terrible that they may have tipped off Philip but Bo says it is not their fault.  Hope tells Bo she told Shawn about Willow and the baby.  Hope tells him that Shawn knew but didn’t believe Willow.   Hope tells Bo they need to protect the baby from Willow.  Bo says he is not buying Willow’s story till they get a DNA test.  Hope doesn’t want to either but says they cannot leave what may be their grandchild in Willow’s hands.  Hope points out in Willow’s defense she did only take enough money for prenatal care.  Bo says all that means is that Philip is paying her other bills.  Bo and Hope talk and Hope says she is going to go see Willow and ask her to give the baby to she and Bo to raise. She asks him would be ok with that and he says yes but reminds Hope Willow is dangerous.

The Hotel:

Celeste comes over to see Sami.  Sami explains Lucas is waiting for her over at Chez Rouge.  She shows Celeste the gas can and says she knows it is EJ and he is coming to get her.  Celeste says but EJ was trapped and Sami informs her there was no body found.  Sami says it is too bad Celeste cards didn’t tell her EJ was un-killable.  She says EJ knows she left him there to die and this is his way of sending her a message.  Celeste says Sami should have lit the match when she had the chance. Sami says she doesn’t need to hear I told you so.  Sami tells her Celeste has to help her but Celeste is not sure what she can do.

Sami asks her to talk to EJ.  Sami tells her to tell EJ she couldn’t do it and that should count for something.  Sami tells her she will do anything to get EJ to leave her alone.  Sami tells Celeste she is her only hope.  Celeste says even if she finds EJ he will never listen to her.  Sami asks her if she wants to end up like Lexie.  Celeste says no and she will do what she can.  Sami thanks her and says she needs to go me Lucas.  Celeste tells Sami she could try telling Lucas the truth. Sami says Lucas would leave her.  She tells Celeste if she is lucky maybe EJ will kill her.

After Sami leaves Celeste calls someone and says she needs to see them right away.

Chez Rouge:

Lucas is talking to Sami on the phone telling her he loves her and will not make any decisions without her. He hangs up.  Kate comes over and sits down.  She tells him how EJ didn’t leave and his car was found by the burnt cabin.  She says the office is in chaos and she thinks Mythic is going down.  Lucas says he doesn’t have time for this.  He says he has a meeting with the wedding planner.  Kate says if Mythic goes under there will be no wedding.  Lucas doesn’t care saying he never wanted to work there.  Kate is upset.  Lucas tells her she will be fine.  Kate points out her last job, when she was unemployed was at a diner.  She points out he employment record is not so great either.  Lucas begins to realize this is not about business but Sami.  She says this is not about Sami.  Lucas says then what do you want for me to find EJ?  Kate says she thinks Sami knows where he is.  Lucas gets mad and Kate says she thinks Lucas doesn’t trust Sami.

Billie storms over to the table and sits. She throws what is left of her security system at her.  She tells her how Philip installed it at Bo’s without permission.  She asks Kate where he is.  She says she doesn’t know. She says he is a grown-up and does what he wants.  Lucas says none of her kids are adults thanks to her.  Lucas asks Billie what is going on and she tells them how Philip spied on Bo and Hope.  Kate says so what Claire is Philip’s daughter.  Billie is mad that Philip used her.  They all argue.  Kate says if sometimes they took her advice none of them would be in this mess.  Lucas says because of her they are all just so happy.  Lucas explains to Billie that Kate was trying to use him to find EJ.  Billie says with Kate as the example it is no wonder they are all screwed up.  Kate says she had nothing to do with this and if Bo is mad at Billie she needs to get over Bo.  Billie gets really angry and says now because of her system Bo may lose his grandchild.  Kate says Claire is her grandchild too. Billie says Kate betrayed her.  Kate says she did not.  Billie tells Kate she is keeping the investment money as she earned it.  Then she storms off.  Lucas tells Kate not to expect many mother’s day gifts.

Sami shows up.  She and Lucas kiss as Kate looks on rolling her eyes. She demands Sami tell her where EJ is.  Lucas tells Sami to ignore Kate.  Sami says she was with Lucas how would she know where EJ was. Kate insists something is going on.  Lucas says yes there was until she ruined their romantic evening.  Kate says she is sure that EJ was eloping with Sami.  She then tells them she thinks Sami drugged Lucas. Sami says she is going to be ill and excuses herself.  Lucas gets mad and orders Kate to leave.  She says she will but tells Lucas he is going to end up with a knife in his back.

Sami gets to the restroom.  She is crying and tries to splash water on her face.  She hears something in the stall behind her.  She opens it to see an unconscious EJ inside.  She screams and Lucas hears it out in the restaurant.

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