Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/26/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/26/07


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Bo and Hopeís:

Marlena shows up at Hopes.  Hope tells her about Bo and the cabin and the fire.  Marlena is surprised.  Hope tells her EJís car was found outside the cabin.  Marlena ponders if perhaps someone wanted EJ dead. Hope says they will know when Bo gets back.

Marlena tells Hope she came to give them good news about the Shawn and Belle.  Hope tells Marlena she forgot something out on the porch and asks Marlena to help her.  They go outside and Hope shares with her that the house may be bugged.  Marlena tells Hope she talked to Belle. She tells her they are safe and on an island called Tinda Lau.  They hear a noise in the house. Hope hands Ciara to Marlena and goes back in gun drawn.  She sees man in the house and she tells him to put his hands up and yells for Marlena to call 911.  The man tries to explain he is a cop.  He asks can he get his badge.  He does and then goes on to explain he was sent to sweep the house for listening devices.  After the misunderstanding is cleared up he goes back to searching the house.  Hope goes back to Marlena and Ciara as Marlena wonders when will all of this end.

Bo and Kayla arrive.  The cop searching the house tells Bo all about the bugs he found saying someone did a really good job.  Bo looks them over and realizes it is Billieís system.  Hope tells Bo that makes her sick to her stomach.  Bo says well at least now they know the house is clean.  They talk about Shawn, Belle and Claire.  Bo says he is going. Hope wants she and Ciara to go too but Bo says no.  He tells it could be dangerous.  Hope doesnít think any of them are safe.

Marlena and Kayla talk about Steve.  Marlena offers to help but Kayla thinks it is hopeless with EJ in charge of Steveís care.

Meanwhile Bo and Hope have reconsidered going to Tinda Lau saying it could make it way to easy for someone to find Shawn and Belle.  Bo tells Hope he is proud of how well Shawn has cared for his family.

Bo and Hope rejoin Marlena and Kayla.  Kayla says she was about to tell Marlena her plan to help Steve.  Bo says yeah her plan is to break him out.  Marlena aggress with Bo.  Kayla says she can do it.  Bo says even if she gets in as a patient Dr. Grainger could recognize her.  Bo says if that happens she could be stuck there.  He tells her that her disguise may have worked in Italy but he doesnít think it will again.

Later after everyone is gone and it is just Bo and Hope they talk about how Shawn is safe for now.  Hope is worried.  Bo says he wishes he could promise her they will all be safe.  He does however tell her he promises he will find a way to help Shawn, get Steve and Kayla back together and put EJ in jail.

The Cabin:

Bo tells Kayla, Sami and Lucas that if EJ was inside he got out.  Kayla says he is like a roach that will not die.  Lucas is confused.  He wonders why EJ would set himself up to look like he died.  Kayla asks Sami if she is ok commenting she looks ready to pass out.  Sami says she is tired and Lucas says letís go and takes her back to the hotel.

Kayla points out to Bo EJ could be on his way to see Steve.  She says they have to get to him first.  Bo tells her they are out of options. Kayla tells Bo no they have one left.  She tells him she wants to bust EJ out.  Bo asks her does she remember the car accident EJ arranged for her.  Bo tells her it is foolish.  She says she is not giving up and he can be with her or against her.  He says it is stupid and they argue. Boís phone rings and it is Hope.  She tells him Marlena is there with news about Shawn and Belle.  Bo asks is the inspector there and she says he is.  Bo heads home and Kayla goes with him.


We see Philip looking at a TV watching tapes of Bo and Hopeís house. He gets to the part of Marlena and Hope talking about Shawn and Belle and Tinda Lau.  Philip says bingo.  Later we see he is gone.

Tinda Lau:

Shawn is reassuring Belle nothing happened between him and Gabby.  She says she believes him.  She asks can she talk now.  She tells him she is sorry.  She tells him it is all her fault.  She explains she knows she has made things difficult and she is sorry.  She explains she had her reasons.  She says when he said he was not interested in Gabby she should have believed him.  She says it was wrong to bring up all his mistakes.  Shawn tries to tell her he understood as she tells him she drove him into another womanís arms.  She promises never to doubt him again.  She says she is not sure why she couldnít realize how good she has it. They discuss how good they both have it and Shawn says they have finally realized they are a family.  He tells her now nothing will keep them from loving each other.

Shawn tells Belle he cannot live without her and Claire.  Belle again apologizes and Shawn holds her.  She then tells him since they are being totally honest she needs to tell him what she did.  She tells him she called her mom.  She says she knows she was not supposed to call but she needed someone to talk to.   Belle says her mom made her realize what has been right in front of her all this time.  She worries that Shawn hates her.  He tells her he could never hate her.  She asks what is it causes Philip to find them.

Shawn says he will deal with it.  He tells her nothing will tear them apart again.  She says she feels like she won the lottery.  After an awkward silence Shawn finally says they have a brand new start.  She agrees and Shawn finally asks if he can kiss her.  She giggles and says you donít tell the girl first cause then it ruins the moment.  He says ok and says he will just sit and wait for a spontaneous moment.  Belle tells him she has a better idea and suggests they push the beds together.

We then see Shawn and Belle dressed for bed.  The sit and start to kiss and eventually end up in bed together.

The Hotel:

Lucas and Sami get back to their room.  Lucas is still trying to figure out what is going on. Sami gets mad and asks can they please not talk about EJ.

Later Samiís phone rings and someone is merely breathing on the other end.  She hangs up.  Lucas asks who is on the phone and Sami says the caller ID didnít show anything.  She says it is creepy like in the scary movies.  Lucas says she will be ok and they start to talk.  Lucas says he thinks they need to move into a house.  She says they should wait till after they are married.  He says ok they can wait till Baby Lucas is born.  Sami is like did you just say Baby Lucas?  He jokes they should name all the kids after him like George Foreman.  She asks what if the baby is a girl?  He says then she can be Lucas Ann or Lucasita.  They end up laughing and tickling each other.

Later Lucas suggests and underwear race to the ice machine.  He says if she wins she can have her way with him and if he wins she has to give him a massage.  He strips to his boxers.  He teases her and finally helps her get undressed.  She says she will give him a race.  Lucas runs out the door and Sami shuts it behind him.  Lucas tells her this is not cool and orders her to open the door.  Sami laughs.  She tells him the door is stuck and asks him to get her a soda since he is out there.

They banter and Lucas says someone is coming and demands again she open the door.  The room service guy comes by and stares at Lucas.  Lucas covers saying he was on the way to the pool and left his towel.

Sami finally lets him in.  He says she owes him a massage.  Sami points out Lucas never made it to the ice machine.  Lucas heads to the bathroom to see if he can find some massage oil.  Sami goes to turn down the bed and sees a gas can.  She freaks out and hides it under the bed.  Lucas comes back asking what the smell is.  She says she doesnít smell a thing and shoves him on the bed as she starts to kiss him.

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