Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/25/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/25/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Johnís Hospital Room:

Marlena is at Johnís bedside shaving his face and talking about Samiís upcoming wedding.  She tells him how Sami is having a green wedding and how beautiful Sami looks.  Marlena then tells John she wishes he could reassure her Belle is coming home soon.  She tells him she is not sure how much longer she can go on without him.

The phone rings and itís Belle.  Belle tells her she needs her.  She tells her she wants to come home.  They chat about everyone.  Belle asks about John and Marlena asks about Claire and Shawn.  Belle tells her mom she is on Tinda Lao and she is sick of the tide and the drunks.  Marlena tells her the important thing is they are alive.

Belle tells her she doesnít feel alive.  She says she feels abandoned. She says she had no idea how much she was leaving behind.  She says she wants her life in Salem back.

Marlena tells her it sounds like Belle and Shawn are not getting along so well.  Belle says no they are not and she has only herself to blame.  She tells her Shawn found another woman and they were together last night.  Marlena questions her and says she doesnít think she is being fair to Shawn.  She tells Belle to fix things with Shawn as Claire has one to many dads now.

Belle asks Marlena to keep things quiet about where they are.  Then she tells Marlena about her dream of John and the coin he showed her. Marlena is surprised and asks her how she could know about that.  Belle says she guesses dad told her.  Belle tells her he had it in his right hand and jokes maybe it is still there.  She asks her mom to kiss John for her.  Marlena does and they hang up.  Marlena looks at Johnís right hand and notices it is clenched.

Marlena takes his hand and saying this is crazy she tries to pry open his fist.  He has the coin.  Marlena gets all emotional saying itís true you are still here.

Tinda Lao:

Shawn and Gabby search but can not find Belle.  They agree to go check the caves.

After they leave Belle comes back to the room with Claire.  She tells her first she has something important to do.  She plugs in her cell and asks the operator to get her Salem.

She calls Marlena and they talk.  Belle hangs up and hides the cell phone.  She takes the baby monitor and leaves the room.  She sees a note outside Gabbyís door and picks it up.  It is a note from Charlie thanking Gabby for last night.

Gabby comes up behind her and says she hopes Belle is enjoying his mail.  Gabby then lectures Belle about how she has tortured Shawn today as he has frantically been searching for Belle.  Belle asks can she speak now and asks Gabby about last night and Shawn.  Gabby says no she was not with Shawn and explains he spent the night on the beach.  She tells Belle Shawnís heart belongs to her and Claire that he loves them and she is too busy playing mind games with Shawn to see it.

Gabby goes on to tell Belle Shawn has no interest in her. Shawn comes upstairs.  He runs into the room and checks on Claire then he lets Belle have it.  He yells at her that it was nice of her to let him know she was alive.  He says he spent all day looking and praying for her. Belle says she needed time and asks if he read her letter.  He says ask Gabby.

Belle says she doesnít need anything from Gabby just Shawn and shuts the door in Gabbyís face.  She this is about just the two of them. Shawn says he doesnít want to fight anymore.  Belle tells him he was right and says it is time for them to lay all the cards on the table.

Chez Rouge:

Kayla is upset about Steve.  Bo is eating.  Stephanie looks mad.  Bo says he will call Frankie to see what legal options they have.  He tells he Steve is safe for now as EJ probably has plans for him otherwise Steve would be dead.

Stephanie loses it.  She tells them both to shut up and stop obsessing over Steve. She says he doesnít want their help and this is all crap. She asks Kayla is she really ready to waste 16 more years on him.  She asks her is she truly that desperate.

Bo orders Stephanie to stop disrespecting her mom.  Stephanie gets even madder and she and Kayla fight about Steve.  Stephanie accuses her of giving up her whole life for Steve and even now has given up her medical degree to take care of Steve.  She tells her that Steve turned his back on them.  Kayla says she canít give up on him.  Stephanie yells at her maybe she should try.  Kayla slaps her and immediately starts apologizing.  Stephanie says she is not the little girl you used to tell bedtime stories to anymore.  She says she is now losing the only parent she has.

Kayla says she will always be there for her. Bo says it takes a lot of self-control to not want to go knock some sense into Steve.  Stephanie says they have not tried hard enough.  She says they need to try some tough love.  She then yells at her mom how she was in Daytona for months and her mom never came to see her.  She says she feels her mom is turning her back on her.  She cries.  Kayla tells her she will never turn her back on Steve.  Stephanie says she is done giving Steve the power to hurt her and that as far as she is concerned Steve is dead to her.

Bo tries to talk to Stephanie.  He tells her not to put her mom down like that.  Stephanie says there are limits.  Bo tells her yes and it is up to Kayla to decide on them.  Stephanie storms out of the restaurant.

Bo tries to comfort Kayla and his phone rings.  Itís Abe.  After he hangs up he tells Kayla she will not believe this.  He tells her about EJ and the fire.  They head for the cabin.  Bo makes Kayla stay back and she is joined by Sami and Lucas.  Lucas canít believe it is the same cabin he was trapped in.  They tell Kayla all about it.

Kayla tells them even though he was evil she doesnít wish him dead. Lucas says he does.  He says EJ deserves it.  Bo comes back and tells them there was no body. He says if EJ was here he got out.

The Hotel:

Sami is sitting on the bed looking upset.  Lucas comes out of the bathroom.  He tells her he guesses she is going to be stuck with the mother-in-law from hell.  Sami says she doesnít care.   She says all the matters is they will be together.

Lucas is taken aback by her response.  Sami says she didnít want Lucas to know how afraid she was that she was not worthy of his love.  She canít believe that this time she gets to be happy.  Lucas comments he canít believe Kate and the axe changed Sami.  Sami says it was before that.  Lucas jokes what did EJ get hit by bus.  Sami looks scared and asks him why did he say that.  Lucas says he was joking.

Sami wants to talk about having a green honeymoon.  She says she wants to go help rebuild homes in New Orleans.  Lucas says she is amazing. Lucas says then that is what they will do and he starts to kiss Sami. We see then in bed together.

Later they are cuddling when Lucaís phone rings.  He looks and it is Roman.  Sami wonders why her dad would be calling.  Lucas hangs up and tells Sami you are not going to believe this.  He tells her they found EJís car next to a burned cabin.  He comments he didnít think the day could get any better.  Lucas wants to go. Sami says no.  He talks her into it.

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