Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/24/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/24/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Cabin:

Sami and Celeste run from the cabin as it bursts into flames.  We hear EJ screaming for Sami to help him.  Celeste though tells Sami it is too late and drags her away.  Sami though runs back to the cabin.  EJ is still screaming for her to help him.  Celeste pleads with Sami to leave saying think about the baby.  The leave the burning cabin.  They hear sirens in the distance and Celeste tells her they must go.  Sami worries he is suffering but Celeste tells her evil doesnít suffer it causes suffering.  They flee.

At the Hotel:

Kate is still banging on the door screaming for Lucas to open it.  Kate is hysterical.  She sees and axe from a firebox and grabs it.  She then begins chopping at the door.  Lucas wakes for a moment but as he tries to sit up he canít, and passes out again.   In the meantime Kate is still chopping away at the door as the room service guy comes by.  He grabs her to try and stop her telling her she canít destroy hotel property.  Kate yells at him to leave her alone.  They struggle over the axe.  Kate tells him they should both let go at the count of three.  She counts and as he lets go she grabs it away.  They head off together to go see the hotel manager.

They return later and she is telling the room service guy she knew the hotel manager would see her point of view.  He opens the door and Kate rushes in.  She sees Lucas passed out in bed in the dark and yells for the room service guy to call 911.  Lucas wakes up thinking Sami is talking to him and sees Kate by the bed.  She asks if he is ok.  He asks her why she is there.  She tells him she came to save him.  He asks her what happened to Sami.  She says later and they need to get him to a hospital.  He tells her he was just sleeping.  She tells him no Sami did something to him.  Lucas asks is he dreaming and Kate says it is real.  Lucas asks her again why is she there and where is Sami. He says his head hurts.  Kate asks what did Bridezilla do to you.  She tells him she thought she would enjoy this more.  He asks her what she means.  She tells him that EJ and Sami eloped.

Lucas asks her has she been drinking.  She says no and tells him Brandy Mathas, EJís bride is Sami and that the name is an anagram.  Lucas tells her she is making his head hurt.  Kate tells him what is important is that it is over and Sam is not in his life.  The bathroom door opens and out walks Sami.  She is in a bathrobe and looks as if she just showered.  She asks Kate why she is there.  Kate asks her where EJ is.  She tells him she knows they were in Vegas.  Sami tells her obviously not.  Kate explains she called EJ.  She says he was going to tell her all that was going on and then she heard someone say Samiís name and then silence.  Lucas asks Kate what she is talking about.  She says she heard a glass.  Lucas tells her it must have been her martini glass.  Lucas tells Kate that is enough.  Kate tells Lucas he didnít even hear her copping at the door with the axe.  She tells him she wishes she had not stopped.

Lucas tells Kate that Sami has been with him all night.  Sami says she was in the shower.  Kate asks why didnít she hear it.  Sami explains it is a rain shower and it is very quiet.  Lucas tells him mom to leave. Kate tells him even the dead do not sleep that sound. Sami explains he has been working really hard and was very tired.  She says it is her fault.  She explains she unplugged the phone and put his cell on silent.  Kate tells her if she can prove she was not with EJ she will leave.  Lucas says he canít believe this.  Lucas tells her she is suffocating him like Philip and Billie.   He gets up to throw her out and sees the door.  He tells Kate she needs a therapist.  Kate wonít leave and demands to know where EJ is.  Lucas says he is in Vegas. Sami says she has had enough tells Kate she is right.  She says she drugged Lucas, flew to Vegas with EJ and somehow got back in time to take a shower.  Kate says that is so ridiculous it is probably true. Lucas tells her the show is over and demands she leave.  She says she will never stop trying to protect him.  Sami and Lucas kiss and he tells Sami she is all he needs.

Chez Rouge:

Kayla and Stephanie are there.  Bo comes to meet them.  He hugs Stephanie and tells her she is miracle worker.  Bo tells them Roman is talking to the DA now.  Stephanie tells Bo they beat up Steve in the hospital and EJ was behind it.  Bo says he will look into it. Kayla explains they changed Steveís doctor.  Bo asks are they sure Steve will talk.  They tell him yes.  Stephanie asks will her dad go to jail?  Bo says no.  They leave to go talk to Steve.

At the Hospital:

Dr. Grainger has Steve strapped to the bed.  He has electroshock equipment and tells Steve not to fight it.  They start the machine and Steve starts having convulsions.

Bo, Kayla and Stephanie show up.  They find Steve sitting on the bed. He looks catatonic and they realize something is wrong.  They all try to talk to him.  They tell him to tell Bo what he knows.  Bo holds out the recorder and says as soon as Steve tells them about EJ they will get him out of there.  Steve says he doesnít know what they are talking about.  Kayla notices the burns on Steveís face.  She tells Bo they used shock therapy on him.  Kayla and Bo leave to find the doctor and Stephanie stays with her dad.  She tells him she is sorry she called him a Zombie and says it will be ok.  She begs him to tell Bo about EJ.  Steve calls the orderly and says Stephanie is ready to go.  Stephanie gets mad.  He asks her is she a shrink.  She tells him he doesnít want to be this way.  She tells him she is not giving up on him.  She tells him no matter what they put in his head they couldnít change his heart.

Kayla and Bo talk to Dr. Grainger.  He says he was going to call her but they had an emergency.  She says maybe he was too busy doing shock therapy on her husband. Bo grabs Steveís file and starts to look at it.  Kayla demands the doctor tell her the truth.  Grainger claims this is why they took Dr. Kraft off Steveís case.  She was careless and an orderly beat up Steve.  She asks again why they did the therapy on Steve. Grainger says they donít do that her.  She says fine and tells him from now on she wants to be consulted on any future therapies.  He tells her no.  She says then she will have Steve moved to a new hospital.  He again says no and reminds her of the court order.  Bo looks it over and says Kayla has not been banned and canít be kept from being consulted.  Grainger says he has no choice and tells Kayla she canít see Steve.  Kayla vows to fight it.  He tells her if she comes back she will be removed.  Bo tells the doctor to tell EJ it will take more than a court order to keep they from Steve.  Grainger says he has no idea what they are talking about.  Bo says they will be back.

Grainger goes to see Steve and says he is a lucky man to have such a pretty wife and daughter.  He then tells Steve they still have him.  He is one of them.

The Island:

Shawn knocks on Belleís door.  No one answers.  He says he was sorry about last night and asks her to open up.  He leaves and knocks on Gabbyís door.  She tells Shawn he looks terrible.  He tells he doesnít have his key and Belle will not open the door. She lets him in and they find everything gone.

Gabby finds a note.  She gives it to Shawn and says she will go see what she can find out.  Shaw reads the note.  It is from Belle.  She tells Shawn she is sorry to do this in this way but she is leaving. She explains she is going back to Salem.  She says she hopes Shawn will come home too.  Shawn looks at the photo he has of the three of them and we see flashbacks of them.

Gabby comes back.  She says no one has seen them.  She asks did Belle say in the note where she was going?  Shawn says yes and it is far away  from him.  He says she took Claire and went home.  Gabby says there is now way she could have left and thinks Belle must still be on the island.

Gabby says she is sorry about the kiss and points out she didnít run out on Shawn.  Shawn blames himself for it all.  She says her kissing him was a good thing it made him realizes he loves Belle.  Gabby says she will go get Duckís jeep.  Shawn agrees to accept her help in looking for Belle.

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