Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/23/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/23/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

On the Island:

Shawn comes in the room as Belle is reading.  He says they can take that walk if she wants to and he will watch Claire.  She says she is not interested.  Shawn mentions the privacy screen he set up on the boat since sleeping in the same room is not a good idea.  Belle asks him why it always has to come down to sex?  Shawn says that is not true but he wanted to address it since Belle was talking about with others, meaning Gabby.  Belle says that is not true.  Shawn tells her Gabby said you told her we were a couple.  She also says you ordered her to stay away from me.  He tells her apparently she doesnít want him but no one else can have him either.

Belle is mad.  She says she should have known Shawn would run to Gabby.  Shawn says no and tells Belle they cannot go on like this any longer. Belle gets mad at the ultimatum and asks how long does she have till he goes to some other woman for comfort.  Shawn gets mad and tells Belle he wants her to love him.  He then says he is going to bed and lies down.

Shawn and Belle are both in bed lying in the dark.  There is a knock and the door and Shawn gets up to get it.  Gabby is there and tells him she thinks the GPS device is broken.  Shawn steps out into the hall and closes the door.  Belle wakes up.

Belle falls back asleep and feels a hand touch her shoulder.  She looks to see John there.  Belle is thrilled to see him.  John asks Belle whatís wrong.  He says let me guess itís Shawn right?  He tells Belle to tell him the whole story.  Belle tries to tell him she is just really confused.  She tells him the whole story and says it is all just so complicated.  John says he understands and say it all comes down to do you trust Shawn or not.

Meanwhile Shawn manages to get the GPS fixed.  He goes to leave but Gabby stops him.  She tells him she did have a baby once.  Shawn tries to tell her it is not his business and he cannot imagine how hard it must be to lose a child.  Gabby rambles on about Belle saying that Belle thinks because of the baby and then says she is not sure what Belle thinks and starts to cry as Shawn holds her.

John tells Belle she has been thru a lot and it is understandable she is afraid to trust anyone.  He tells her he is going to fight his way back to those he loves.  He tells her all about he and Marlena and the coin in the fountain.  He pulls out the coin and shows Belle.  Belle says she wishes she had a coin like that.  John tells her she as something better she has Shawn.  He tells her all she needs is faith and he disappears.  She yells out she loves him and she loves Shawn.

Shawn push Gabby away as she starts to get to close.  Gabby says she thought Shawn wanted her.  Shawn says he loves Belle.  Gabby says she knows Shawn wants her and tries again to touch him.  Shawn stops her. He tells her Belle was right and they need to rethink their travel arrangements.  Gabby begs Shawn to let her go.

Someone knocks at the door.  Gabby opens it.  Belle says Shawn is no I the their room and she is looking for him.  Shawn walks to the door saying he was here working on the GPS. Belle tells him she knows exactly what he was doing it is all over his face.  Gabby points to her lips Shaw realizes Gabbyís lipstick is on his face.  He tells Belle he can explain.  Belle starts to cry and yells donít bother.

Later Gabby finds Shawn out in the hall.  He tells her he is going go sleep on the veranda.  She invites him to sleep in her room and Shawn says no.

Inside their room Belle is pacing.  She finally goes to look for Shawn and hears noises from Gabbyís room.  Belle hears moaning and giggling and leaves Gabby sticks her head out of the door and looks around.  The guy she is with comes out and says come on baby.  They close the door.

At the Mental Hospital:

Kayla and Stephanie are there to see Steve.  They enter his room to see him lying in his bed in pain.  Stephanie walks toward him and he yells no.    She leans over him and calls him Papa.  She rolls him over and sees he is injured.

Stephanie is all upset.  He tells her he is ok and does not want to talk about it.  Kayla goes to get a doctor.  Stephanie pleads with him to let her help.  Kayla comes back with a first aid kit, as she could not find a doctor.  She starts to work on Steve telling him she thought they had a deal.  Stephanie asks what is going on and Kayla tells her. She says she will quit racing and move home to care for him.  Steve gets mad and says no.  He tells Stephanie he did not raise a quitter.

Stephanie yells back you didnít raise me at all.  She tells him he was not around but now he is and she is not going to lose him again.  He tells her they messed with his head.  He asks Stephanie if Kayla told her he tried to choke her.  Kayla defends him saying that he had a nightmare.  Stephanie tells him he has to fight.  Steve says he does. Stephanie says she knows EJ is behind it all and wants to know why Steve lets him get away with it.

Stephanie pleads with her father to stop the suffering.  Steve is mad and asks Kayla if she told Stephanie to do this.  Stephanie says no this is all her and tells him if he will not fight for them itís like he never existed.  Stephanie tells him he has to do this or their whole lives were a lie.  He says he will do it and Kayla goes to get Roman.

Later when Steve is alone his new doctor, Dr. Grainger comes to see him.  He explains he will now be Steveís doctor.  Steve says he doesnít need him he is going to tell the truth.  Dr. Grainger says that would be a bad idea and produces a tarot card reminding Steve he is one of them.

At Chez Rouge:

Roman and Abe are having dinner.  Roman tells Abe he is glad he is going to have another transplant.  Roman says he will keep the commissioners seat warm for him.  He asks if Celeste had anything to do with it.  Abe says yes she is a formidable woman.

Kate runs over to their table.  She tells Roman she needs his help. Roman looks miffed and tells Kate they are in the middle of dinner.

Kate tells Roman and Abe about her evening.  She tells him Sami and EJ eloped.  Roman laughs.  She tells him to stop patronizing her.  She tells him she heard a woman say Samiís name before the line went dead. Kate tells Roman he needs to get over there immediately.  Roman stops laughing.  He tells Kate what he needs to do is call her a cab.  He then says she needs to make an appointment with Marlena cause you have lost your mind.

Roman says the closer it gets to the wedding the more desperate she is getting.  Kate is mad saying they didnít hear EJ.  Kate tells them the woman he said Samiís name sounded a lot like Celeste.  Now Abe laughs. Kate loses it.  She says something is really wrong.  She says she is not going to stop till she finds out.  She tells them they can laugh or they can get off their butts and help her.

Roman orders Kate to back off.  Kate is furious.  They fight and Kate calls Sami a tramp.  She tells Abe Celeste is in on this.  She tells Abe to call her.  He does.  Abe hangs up and Roman tells her to leave.

Roman rushes out to catch Kate who left.  He says he doesnít like being threatened in public.  Kate says fine next time she will threaten him in private.  Roman finally decides he will help Kate.  He tells her to call Lucas again and he will go talk to Abe.  Kate calls and we see Lucas in the hotel room stir and fall back asleep.

Roman tells Abe he is going to the hotel with Kate.  Kayla and Stephanie come up to the table.  Kayla tells him Steve is ready to talk.  Roman says he has something to deal with but will be right back.  Stephanie asks Abe will Steveís testimony be enough to EJ away.  Abe says this could be the break they have been waiting for.

Roman tells Kate he canít go.    Kate asks what is more important than Lucasís life.  He tells her to go home and leaves.  Kate says then she will deal with this herself.

At the Cabin:

Sami is standing in the middle of the gas soaked room.  She holds the lit match over EJ.  She tells him she has no choice and he forced her to do this.  She holds the match until it burns her fingers.  She blows it out.  She lights another.  She tells EJ she canít do it.

Sami blows out the match again.  She asks EJ why he did this to her. She tells him he raped her just to make Stefano proud.  She tells him he has tortured her.  She says Lucas loves her and has forgiven her so many times.  She says he doesnít deserve to get hurt again.  She says she will not let him destroy her future.

She again lights a match.  She says this is for John and her mom, for Kayla and Steve, for Max and Stephanie and Belle and Shawn.  She says she hopes he burns in hell.

Celeste comes in and asks what is taking so long.  Sami is crying and says she canít do it.  Celeste says well then you know what this means.  Sami says yes it means he won.

Celesteís phone rings.  She sees it is Abe.  She answers.  Abe says he is sorry to bother her.  He tells her that Kate is there and thinks Sami ran off with EJ.  He asks her does she know anything about this. Celeste says that is crazy.  She says she spoke to Sami about 10 minutes ago and Sami and Lucas were enjoying a romantic evening.  She says Kate is mistaken.  They hang up.  Celeste curses Kateís name. Sami reminds her they have a bigger problem and asks what they are going to do about EJ.

EJ starts to wake up.  Sami decides she is going to have to tell Lucas.  She says he will leave her but she has no choice.  They start to leave but EJ calls her name.  EJ says he smells gas.  Sami puts on more lipstick and tells him he is imagining things.  She moves in and kisses him.  He again passes out.  She runs out to meet Celeste.  Then she remembers she forgot her suitcase.  She runs back in but EJ is gone. She turns and sees him try to walk to her.  She screams.

He can barely walk and he falls into her grabbing for her.  Sami gets him to the couch, grabs her suitcase and runs.  EJ passes out and we see the matches.

Sami tells Celeste EJ woke up.  She says she is worried the next time he will figure out what she did.  Celeste says he probably will not remember anything.  As they start to leave the cabin bursts into flames.  We hear EJ yelling Samiís name.  Sami looks at the cabin and cries.

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