Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/20/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/20/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

On the Island:

Duck and Shawn are talking.  Duck does not want Gabby to go.  Shawn says she just needs a change.  Duck tells him the last time Gabby needed a change she came back home 6 months later pregnant.

Belle and Gabby are talking.  She tells Gabby she just wants to be sure they are clear that she and Shawn are a couple.  Gabby reminds Belle how she told her that she and Shawn were not a couple.  Belle tells her she never said tat.  She tells her she and Shawn are still working things out.  Gabby accuses Belle of thinking she still wants Shawn. She tells Belle that she knows she hates that Gabby is going on the trip.   Gabby says if you want to clear the air then lets clear the air.

Gabby says she gets it that Shawn in off limits. She tells Belle she is just being insecure.  Belle insists she isnít.  Gabby tells her yes she is or they would not be having this conversation again.

Gabby tells Belle her problem is that she is not able to make a commitment to Shawn and therefore is scared she will lose him.  She tells Belle if she does it will be her own fault.  Belle is angry and accuses her of not mailing the letter.  Gabby ignores the statement and tells her anyone can see that Shawn loves Belle.  Gabby tells her she has too much self-respect to chase a guy that belongs to someone else. The she adds even if Duck told you that I was a tramp.

She tells Belle she has been totally honest with her.  Belle says oh really and asks her what is up with all the baby stuff in her closet then.

Back in the bar Shaw and Duck are still talking.  Shawn asked what happened to the baby.  Duck however will not talk about it.  Shawn tries to tell Duck he and Belle will be there for Gabby.  Duck reminds Shawn that he and Belle are supposed to be going their own separate way once they reach Australia.  Duck then tells Shawn he is as dumb as a bag of rocks.

Back upstairs Gabby is furious.  She wants to know why Belle was in her room.  Belle tells here they were looking for a place to hide back when Philip was there.  Gabby huffs and says it is none of Belleís business or did she think Gabby would fall apart and tell her about the death of her child.  Belle is shocked and tells Gabby she is sorry.

Shawn comes in the room and tells them he didnít have much luck trying to talk to Duck.  Gabby thanks him for trying.  Shawn asks them are we ready to set sail?  Both women stare at him and he asks if he is missing something.

Gabby tells Shawn he will have to ask Belle if she can go.  Belle says it will not be a problem as long as we all know where we stand.  Gabby says she knows, thanks Shawn and leaves.  Shawn asks Belle now what happened.  Belle tells him she and Gabby where just clearing the air. She also tells him that Gabby still didnít admit to taking the letter. Then she adds she wants out of there as soon as possible.  Shawn tells her to hang in there.

Shawn asks Belle if she still wants to go for a walk.  He tells her he can take the night off.  Belle says no as they need the money.  Shawn tells her he is not worried.  Belle however is and encourages him to go to work.  She tells him she will feel a lot better once they are off the island.  Belle goes to feed Claire and Shawn tells her he will be back soon.

Out in the hall he bumps into Gabby.  They talk and she tells Shawn she knows he and Belle are a couple and she thinks she has overstepped her bounds.  She says all she is, is a friend, servant and babysitter and asks Shawn if that is how he sees her.  Shawn says he appreciates all she has done.  She says thanks and tells him since Belle laid down the law she will have to figure out the GPS on her own.

At Chez Rouge:

Maggie and Kayla are talking.  She says she is nervous about seeing Stephanie after so much time.  Maggie assures it will be ok.  Then she adds she hopes Stephanie will be a good influence on Abby.  At that moment in walks Stephanie in her miniskirt with tattoo showing.  She looks at Kayla and says hi mom.  Kayla gets up to hug her and can barely speak.  Stephanie tells here the look is called racer chick chic.  Kayla asks her if the tattoo is real.  Stephanie tells her of course it is.  She tells her the whole team has one and then adds not to worry, as she is not going to go biker babe on her.  She tells Kayla everyone has to grow up and asks her what is wrong with Dad.

Stephanie is crying.  She asks her mom why she didnít tell her.  Kayla tells her not to be upset with her father.  Stephanie tells her she isnít she is mad at her.  Then she asks why are you finally telling me now?  Kayla tells her that Steve is not getting better and didnít know what else she should do.  She tells Stephanie that maybe she can get him to go to the police and tell them what he knows about EJ. Stephanie says she will try.

Abby walks up and seeing Stephanie says wow I didnít even recognize you.  She tells her that in all her emails she never mentioned the new look.  Stephanie tells here there is a lot she didnít tell her.

Maggie tells Kayla their meal is on the house.  She puts food in front of Abby saying she ordered her, her favorite.  Maggie walks off.  Abby is angry that Maggie treats her like a child.  Stephanie tells her that Kayla treats her the same way.  Stephanie then tells Abby she needs her own place.  They start to talk about Chelsea.  Abby tells Stephanie how much Chelsea has changed.

Kayla notices Dr. Kraft and excuses herself.  Abby tells Stephanie she glad sheís home and adds she loves he tattoo.  Stephanie tells Abby she met a guy and is in love.

Dr. Kraft and Kayla talk.  She tells Kayla she is no longer on Steveís case.  Kayla asks her why.  Dr. Kraft says she was hoping Kayla could tell her.

Back at Abby and Stephanieís table Abby is so excited for Stephanie. Stephanie tells her she doesnít want her mom to know.  She says he isnít what her mom would have pictured for Stephanie.  She tells Abby he has a police record but it is all small stuff.  Abby say so he is a bad boy.  Stephanie smiles saying she was overdue for a good relationship.  Then she asks about Max.  Abby doesnít want to talk about it.  Abby says Max is why Maggie is making her crazy.  Stephanie tells her now that she is on her own she feels like she is finally a real woman.  Abby asks if that means she lost her virginity.

Across the room Dr. Kraft tells Kayla they are brining in a new doctor.  She says given Steveís history Dr. Kraft is frightened of him.

Meanwhile Abby presses Stephanie to answer her.  Stephanie spills the truth saying she was going to wait till marriage but she is glad she didnít.  She tells Abby to make a move on Max.  Abby points out Maggie laid down the law.  Stephanie says she has a plan.

Dr. Kraft tells Kayla her boss was pressured to remove her from Steveís case.  She tells her Steve has made some enemies on the staff.  Kayla asks her why Dr. Kraft didnít warn her.  She says she is telling her now and to do something before it is too late.

Stephanie tells Abby to get a fake boyfriend.  She tells her to find someone Maggie will like.  Abby is unsure.  Stephanie tells her it beats Maggie calling the shots.  Kayla comes back asking Stephanie is she ready.  She says yes and they leave.

The Hotel:

Kate is beating on the door yelling for Lucas.  There is no answer. Kate tries to get someone from the hotel to open the door.  Kate is told it is against hotel policy.  Kate is angry.  Philip tells Kate to back off.

Philip gives the room service a guy a bunch of money.  He leaves.  Kate and Philip argue about whether they should break in.  Kate tries to use a credit card to get the door open.  It doesnít work.  She tries calling EJ.

Philip asks Kate what is going on.  Kate looks at the phone and says she heard something but now there is nothing.

Kate tells Philip Sami is there.  Philip asks her what is going on. She tells him before the phone went dead she heard someone call out Samiís name.  She tells him EJ and Sami are together.

She tells Philip EJ was about to tell her something important and the line went dead.  Philip says EJ is just pulling your chain.  He tells her that the harder she tries to break up and Sami and Lucas the more Lucas wants Sami. He tells her that she needs to back off.

Philip tells Kate she needs to give her kids some space.  She tells him to respect Lucas.  Kate says thinks Lucas is grateful for her butting in.  Kate says they have to get in the room and that she is calling Roman.

At the police station though they tell her Roman is not around.  She is angry and yells I hope you remember this when my son dies.  Kate tells Philip to remember this while she goes to find Roman.

At the Cabin:

Sami tells EJ she just needed to know he cared for her as more than just the mother of his child.  EJ thinks something is wrong.  He starts to get rough with her and asks if she is wearing a wire.  He rips open her shirt.  Sami says it is nothing but her and tells him if this is his idea of foreplay she is not interested.

Sami buttons her shirt.  EJ says he still thinks something is wrong. He searches her purse.  He then threatens to strip search her.  Sami tries to stop him.  She tells him she risked everything to be there and asks if this is the grief she gets for it.  She tells him not to make her regret her choice.

Sami tells EJ she wants respect.  EJ points out that Sami has a history of saying one thing and doing another.  She tells him once her mind is made up she sticks too it.  Then she adds if she had called the police they would have been here by now.  She tells him she told Lucas about the baby.  EJís phone rings.  He answers and tells Kate it is a bad time.  Kate says but Lucasí life may be at stake.  EJ tells Kate maybe he should tell her the truth about him and Sami.

Kate tells him she thinks Sami must be with him.  EJ says is Sami here, and tells her that is a good question.  Before he can say another word Sami jumps on him and kisses him.

Kate hears the noise and begins yelling EJ are you there as Sami continues to kiss EJ.  EJ gets dizzy and passes out.  Kate is now yelling Samiís name.  Sami picks up the phone and looks at it.

Celeste comes in. She tells Sami she heard the crash.  Sami tells Celeste what happened.  Celeste says they do not have time to worry about Kate.  She goes to get the gas can from her car.  She tells Sami to get rid of anything that would place her at the cabin.  Sami freaks out realizing she is about to become a murder.  She tells Celeste she is not sure she can do this.

Celeste tells Sami they have to hurry before the drug wears off.  Sami says EJ would not hurt her.  Celeste reminds Sami that EJ raped her. She tells her if she wants a future with Lucas she has to do this. Sami asks her how come she has to do her dirty work.  Celeste reminds her that she lost her daughter because of EJ and tells Sami her whole future hangs in the balance.  Sami tells Celeste that she has never done anything like this before.  Celeste tells Sami EJ would kill her in a heartbeat and reminds Sami that EJ is why John is in a coma.  She tells Sami here is a chance to redeem herself for all her wrongdoings. Sami tries to protest but Celeste continues.  She asks Sami what is it going to be?  Sami says get the gasoline.

Celeste and Sami soak the room in the gas.  Celeste tells Sami one match should do it and leaves. Sami looks at the match and comments she could go to hell for this.  She then looks at EJ and tells her she will end up there with him.  She tells him she didnít want to do this but he forced her.

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