Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/18/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/18/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At Bo and Hopeís:

Chelsea and Max are kissing.  He pushes her away and makes her stop. He tells her to cool it and she asks him why.  He says he was just about to ask her that.

Max reminds Chelsea they tried this road before.  She tells him to get over himself saying it is not like she is looking for a ring.  He tells her he is with Abby.  She says she thought Maggie had told him to stay away.  Max says that doesnít change how she feels.  Chelsea tells Max good luck with that then.  He asks her why did she call him over.  He asks her what did she do this time. Chelsea gets mad and tells him that Abby is the one the messed up.

Chelsea offers Max another beer getting one for herself too. Max asks her what did Abby do.  Chelsea tells him Nick as hurt her twice and both times Abby knew and said nothing.

Max asks Chelsea what her plan was to sleep with him to pay back Abby? Chelsea tells Max he must think she is crazy.  Max says no he thinks she is pretty normal.

Max says it is normal to want payback.  He also says he doesnít think Abby would try to hurt Chelsea.  He asks her if the situation was reversed would she want to help protect Abby?  He asks Chelsea to cut Abby some slack.  She tells Max about Nick and Billie.  Max is shocked.  Chelsea says she thought he knew.

Chelsea canít believe Max didnít know.  He tells her that is pretty twisted.  He also tells her she canít let it ruin her life.

Max says this will be our little secret and says he will not tell Abby.

At the Hospital:

Roman walks into Willowís room who is talking to Nick.  He tells Willow the brush is missing and he knows she took it.

Willow is surprised. She asks Roman why would she take the brush.  He tells her it is because she knows her DNA is on it.  Willow insists it isnít.  Nick tells Roman to back off.

Roman asks Nick what did you say?  Nick tells Roman just because the brush is missing doesnít mean it was stolen.  Willow again says she is innocent and didnít take the brush.  She stands up takes off her gown and tells Roman he can search her.  Roman and Nick both look away.

Roman tells Willow it will not work and to put her gown back on. Willow tells Roman he doesnít know what he is missing.  He says he does and she is a spoiled child that likes to act out when she doesnít get her way.  Roman leaves.  Willow tells Nick he is right saying she is screwed if they donít find the brush. Nick tells her he will fix it. An officer comes into search the room.  Nick leaves and tells Roman Willow didnít take the brush.  Roman asks when did you get to be Willowís best friend?

Roman tells Nick he is too close to the situation. He tells Nick how Willow is nothing but trouble.  He asks Nick if he knows the story about the bullfrog and the scorpion. He tells Nick she is a scorpion. He says she canít help it.

The officer finishes the search.  He calls Roman to say the room is clean.  Nick comes in with food.  Willow says she is sorry for flashing him.  Nick says no brush so you are off the hook.  Willow says she will take the fall for it.  She tells Nick she knows who really stole it.

Willow thinks Chelsea stole the brush.  Nick says no way.  Willow says for a minute she thought Nick had done it.  She then says he is too much of a boy scout.  Nick leaves wondering what he has done.

Sami and Lucasí Apartment:

Kate is looking at a laptop and slams it in frustration.  Will walks in asking her whatís wrong.  She tells Will she needs to get info on Brandy Mathas and is not having any luck.  Will tells Kate he thinks the name seems familiar.  Roman doesnít believe her.  He tells her she has been lying from the beginning and demands to know where it is. Nick stops Roman saying he needs to leave her alone.

Kate and Will are playing scrabble.  He wins the game and says he is getting a soda to celebrate.  Kate begins to play with the letters Brandy Mathas.

Kate continues to play with the letters rearranging them over and over and finally figures it out.  They also spell out SAMI BRADY.  Kate gasps in shock.

Kate stars at the tiles spelling out Samiís name.  She starts to fume and throws the tiles across the room.  Will overhears and asks her what she is up to.  Kate says she has to go prove to someone she was right.

Back outside of the apartment Kate bumps into EJ.  He tells her he is off to the airport.  Kate tells him she is on to him.  EJ scoffs at her and leaves.  Kate goes in and Will is with Philip.  He tells her EJ was there and asks her to tell Sami he didnít let him in.  Will heads to the other room and Kate asks Philip when he got to be so chummy with EJ.

At the Hotel:

Sami is listening to a message from EJ telling her will see her at 9 PM.  Lucas comes in and asks her what she is doing.  She tells him she was just checking messages.  She says she was worried after all that happened with Will.  Lucas says tonight is about them alone and he kisses Sami as she stares at the phone.

Lucas tells Sami he almost forgot but he has a surprise from room service.  He tells her it is her favorite desert strawberries and chocolate fondue.  He asks her how that sounds and she tells him it sounds great.  He starts kissing her again.  Lucas says he gets the feeling she is not into this.  She swears she is and says she needs a hot shower.  Her phone rings and Sami have a text message.  Lucas gets mad.  She says it is not her fault it is her mom.  She says she will make it quick.  He tells her to hurry up.

She slips outside and Celeste is there.  She tells her this is not working out and she will never be able to get away.  She tells Celeste her life is over.  She tells her Lucas has a whole evening planned and there is no way to get out of it.  Celeste tells her there is a way. She tells Sami to use the special lipstick saying just one kiss and he will be out.  Sami protests saying she canít drug Lucas.  Celeste reminds her she has no choice.

Sami continues to insist she is not going to drug Lucas.  Celeste pushes her saying that Lucas will only fall asleep and you can be back before he even realizes you are gone.  Sami scoffs saying right she will just run out and murder EJ and come right back.  Celeste tells Sami it is not murder but justice.  Sami finally gives in saying to give her 20 minutes and she will be downstairs and ready to go. Celeste leaves reminding Sami she is doing the right thing.

Lucas asks Sami whatís wrong.  Sami says nothing she was talking to her mom.  Lucas says he likes Samiís new lipstick.  He starts to kiss her and stops asking if everything is ok.  She says she is just nervous about her mom.  Lucas starts to kiss her.  He stops upset that room service has not come.  He calls to complain. Sami looks at herself in the mirror.  Lucas hangs up and leans in to kiss her.  Sami pulls back and tells him she loves him.  There is a knock at the door.

Itís Kate.  Lucas orders her to leave.  Kate tells Lucas she needs to tell him something and it canít wait.  She says it is about Mythic and it is urgent.  Sami tells Lucas it is ok she is going take a shower. Kate drags Lucas out into the hall.  Sami goes to listen thru the door.

Kate tells Lucas she found out the name of EJís bride.  Lucas doesnít care.

Inside the room the phone rings.  Kate is still telling Lucas about Brandy Mathas and how it is an anagram.  Celeste asks Sami has she done it.

Lucas doesnít get it.  She explains itís Sami.  Lucas tells her she is wrong.  He thinks it is retaliation for his accusing him of messing with the books.  Kate is shocked that Lucas told him.  She points out it was not really smart.

Lucas tells her she is being played for a fool.  He claims EJ and Kate are both nuts.  He says he is not telling Sami any of this.  Lucas heads back in and Sami runs to the shower.  Kate stops Lucas and tells him Sami is going to Vegas with EJ.  Back inside he asks Sami if she is ok.

He tells her he bets she has nothing under her robe.  She tells him it is time for him to kiss the bride.

At Chez Rouge:

EJ is in the bar.  Philip comes in and tells EJ they need to talk.  EJ says this is not a good time.  Philip tells EJ there has been a change in plans.  He asks Philip by whose authority and Philip says mine.

EJ is arguing with Philip.  Philip demands the phone and the converter before EJ leaves town.  EJ asks him just what do you plan to do if I donít give it to you.  Philip says then he will take it from him.

Philip tells EJ he will do whatever he has to in order to find his daughter.  He says he has trusted EJ and now it is time for EJ to trust him.  EJ ignores Philipís threat.  He points out to Philip he is a DiMera and Philip does not have the upper hand.

Philip tells EJ he lost his leg and had to have a new face and had his hear broke.  He tells EJ there is noting he can do it him.  EJ corrects him saying there is always something.

Philip takes the equipment from EJ.  He tells him it looks complicated.  EJ suggests maybe Will can help.

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