Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/17/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/17/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Nick goes to find the police officer who is paging him. This brings him to Willow’s hospital room. The officer tells him his pregnant girlfriend has been paging him. The officer hopes the baby doesn’t look as ugly as Nick. When he goes inside, Willow is in a hospital bed. She is happy that she is there instead of being in jail. She has been having premature labor contractions. She tells Nick she invited him there because he has been the only person to treat her with respect and dignity. She asks Nick about the hairbrush, but he refuses to discuss it. She says her entire life is dependent on the hairbrush. She cries to Nick that she feels all alone. Bo and Hope have turned their backs on her. Nick tells her that is probably because she tried to pawn Hope’s jewelry. Willow says that does not mean she stole the jewelry. She wants Nick to be her friend. He promises to bring her a sandwich later. When Nick leaves, he runs into Roman. Roman starts to question Nick about the hairbrush. Nick does not give him any information. Roman tells Nick that he is holding out on him and tries to pressure him to talk.

Max has showed up at Bo and Hope’s home. Chelsea is also there. She lures Max inside for a beer. Max initially refuses, but Chelsea tells him that Nick and Abby are busy and they used to be friends. When he comes inside, Chelsea tells him he looks like he has been under some stress. He makes a reference to Maggie always being on his back. Max does not want to talk to Chelsea about Abby, but she convinces him to talk to her with a little persuasion. She tries to convince Max that Abby is too young and inexperienced for him. She informs him he needs a woman who is more experienced. This woman would be her. She wonders why they broke up. Max tells her it is in the past and he doesn’t want to go back there. Max tells Chelsea she is as innocent as Abby, but she shows him she is not by pulling his face to hers and kissing him passionately.

E.J., Lucas, and Kate are at Chez Rouge. E.J. wants to make a toast because he is going away for awhile. He gives Lucas sparkling pop instead of champagne. He tells them he is going to Sin City. When he returns, he will have a new bride. Lucas and Kate don’t know what to say. Lucas can’t believe he has found time to find a bride when he is always hanging around Sami. He tells them both about how he is going to take two weeks off for his honeymoon. He wants Kate and Lucas to conduct all of his business in his absence. Lucas is not happy. He reminds Lucas that his job is paying for Lucas and Sami’s wedding. He also tells Lucas he has the option of firing him. This would cause Lucas to breach his contract with E.J. He tells Kate and Lucas what he wants done while he is gone. Lucas finally leaves to get his wedding pictures taken with Sami. As he is leaving, E.J. taunts him by telling him that a lot can change in two weeks. After he is gone, Kate tells him she is upset that he is going to get married while she and Lucas have to do all the work. E.J. informs her she will be fine, both on her feet and off her feet. Kate wonders why he is getting married. She thinks his marriage has been arranged by Stefano. He denies this and tells her the girl’s name is Brandy Mathas (Samantha Brady). Kate thinks his bride-to-be is a pole dancer, but he denies it. He tells her she will love his new bride as much as he does.

Meanwhile, Sami and Celeste are in Sami’s apartment planning E.J.’s death. Sami is afraid of killing E.J. and tries to back out. She reasons that his life is a human life, and it is wrong to end it. Celeste tries to influence her by telling her how E.J. will destroy her marriage, her family, and take her baby. Sami doesn’t think she can live with herself. Celeste tells her it is the only way to get her life back. Celeste tells her they can stop things, but Sami might end up like Alexandra. Sami tells Celeste that maybe she can reason with E.J. and he will let her go. She opens Will’s backpack and finds the two hundred dollars. She is upset and calls Will into the room. He confesses he worked for E.J. He only hooked up some cables for him. Sami is mad. She yells at him for doing this because E.J. is a dangerous person. Will tells her she spends more time with E.J. then he does. Will steams out of the apartment. Celeste tells Sami that E.J. is already starting to destroy her family. Sami agrees to go through with their plan. Lucas comes home after Celeste has left. He is upset about how he will have to work overtime for two weeks. He tells Sami how E.J. is getting married. Sami tries to act surprised. The photographer comes and takes their picture and leaves. Sami tells E.J. she needs to go to the grocery store. He tells her she won’t be going anywhere tonight because he has planned a romantic evening for them. He wants to pamper her like she deserves to be pampered. She cannot get around this, and when Lucas goes into the bedroom, she calls Celeste. She tells Celeste the plans are off. Celeste tells her how E.J. has left for the cabin. Celeste informs Sami she knows what will happen if she doesn’t do this. Sami gets off the phone, and Lucas comes out with their bags. Sami receives a call on her cell phone, but she ignores it. E.J. leaves her a message that he is on his way to the cabin. He will wait for her there. He ends his message with “Tick. Tock.”

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