Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/16/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/16/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Mental Hospital:

Steve and the orderly are staring at each other as another attendant comes in carrying an armload of pizzas.  She tells the orderly that Salís Pizza just delivered and they want their money.  He tells her to send them back and she says they canít they were ordered over the Internet to be delivered COD.  He is confused wondering how could they have been ordered over the Internet. Then he spots the laptop computer and tells her he knows what he has to do.  He yells at Steve that he knows what he has coming as he leaves.  Steve says he does knowÖPIZZA. He and the other patients began grabbing and eating the pizza.

Steve tells the others letís give Sal a hand for the best pizza.  They all cheer.  He teases one of the patients who have made a mess of his clothes.  He tells them to get out the hose.  The orderly comes back in telling them the fun is over.  He tells Steve that his little party costs him $80.  Steve tells him to just look at all the happy faces.

The orderly and Steve face off as Dr. Kraft comes in the room.  She tells them to back down.  She tells Steve after this escapade she is starting to think he really is crazy.  Steve says he did it for them telling her to look at how happy and alive they all look. He says besides the pizza was cheaper than the happy pills you stuff them with.  Dr. Kraft informs Steve he is now on his own.  She says he was reassigned since she cannot control him.

Steve accuses her of asking for the transfer.  She insists she didnít saying they are requesting a new form of treatment.  She tells Steve she has no idea what it will be.  Steve asks what about Marlena.  Dr. Kraft says they will not do that.  She tells him she is going to work with children now.

Steve apologizes to her.  Dr. Kraft says she thinks he really is a good man who got a bad deal.  She tells him someone with a lot of power and money is interested in him.  She asks him to think about trying to cooperate.  She tells him to take care and leaves.

The orderly comes in with another great big burly orderly they order everyone but Steve out.  The orderly tells Steve his party is just beginning.  The big one says you think you are really smart donít you. Steve assures him that is not what he is thinking right now.  The other orderly says you should have listened to me.

At the Hospital:

Nick is there with Chelsea and Abby as Dr. Parsons is explaining the hairbrush is gone.  Nick stumbles over his words asking what how is that possible.  He then suggests that the doctor check the vault.  He leaves and Nick goes with him.

After they leave Abby confronts Chelsea asking is she satisfied now. She tells Chelsea that Nick made the biggest mistake of his life stealing the hairbrush.  She tells her now he will pay for it big time unless Chelsea does something about it.

Chelsea is shocked that Abby knows about the brush.  She says she never asked him to take the brush.  Abby says yeah right you just cried and begged till he gave in.  She says she did not.  She says Nick turned her down.  Abby says and then you got on a plane to New York to make Nick think he would never see you again.  Chelsea says that is not true.  Chelsea says she was going to tell Bo the truth.  Abby doesnít believe her.  Chelsea says she was really going to tell him but then Nick stopped her and said he had the brush.  She says her dad is finally starting to trust her again.

Chelsea says if Nick changed his mind it was is choice to make.  She explains he showed up at the station with the brush in his backpack. Abby asks her what happens if he gets caught.  Chelsea doesnít know. She explains how Bo and Hope have asked her to move in with them to help with Ciara.  She says besides the brush is gone what could happen?  Abby asks her if she is sure.  She says yes she threw it away herself.  Abby asks her then why is Nick wondering if he should put it back? Chelsea says you must have heard him wrong cause he doesnít have the brush.  Abby says no you are wrong.  Chelsea says she canít be unless Nick went behind her back and dug it out of the dump.  Abby says well maybe he would if he thought you were using him.  She tells Chelsea this time he saw through her act and did something about it.

Abby accuses her of just using Nick.  She says nobody lies like Chelsea does.  Chelsea says wait a minute Nick liked to her for months about being Lonely Splicer and then he lied about sleeping with her Billie. Abby says that is not fair.  She says Nick was desperate to tell you about it but was scared.  The light bulb comes on and Chelsea stops her saying you knew? Then she tells her some best friend you are and points how she lies just like everyone else.  She accuses Abby of not caring about her at all.

Nick comes back asking what is going on.  Chelsea is mad.  She tells him Abby was just leaving.  Abby, in tears, leaves.  Nick yells after her.  He asks Chelsea again whatís wrong.  She says Abby told her she knew all about him and Billie.  She says she is not sure she can get past that.  Nick is floored saying he risked everything for her.  She tells him Abby says he still has the brush.  She asks him did he really go and get it from the garbage.

Nick tells Chelsea he believes her.  She tells him that is not what she asked.  She says you still have doubts.  She says she doesnít blame him for that.  She tells him once you make enough mistakes it like you are a bad habit no just a few mistakes.  She then tells him if there is a chance he doesnít believe her he needs to tell her now.

Chelsea pushes Nick for an answer.  He says nothing.  She is shocked and says to him Oh my God you really donít believe me.  She leaves. Nick opens his bag and looks at the brush.  Dr. Parsons comes back saying they canít find it.  Nick shoves the brush in his bag saying he doesnít think it will turn up any time soon.

Tinda Lau:

Shawn knocks on Gabbyís door.  He is there to tell her that he and Belle talked a lot and she is going with them to Australia.  Gabby is so excited and she hugs Shawn.

Belle is talking to Claire asking her can she say Australia.  She tells Claire they have kangaroos there and koala bears and Hugh Jackman. Someone knocks at the door and Belle tells Claire maybe it is Hugh. She opens it to find Duck there.  He has some childrenís books he found and gives them to Belle.  She asks Duck if they got any mail.  He says no.  She says she is confused as she sent the letter weeks ago.  He asks her did she check with Spike at the post office.  She says no they sent it from here.  Duck says no she didnít that all mail goes through him and there was no letter. Duck tells her it is ok she just go confused.  She says no.  She says she was on the phone trying to call him and Shawn said no they couldnít.  So they both wrote letters to their family.  Duck says well maybe you forgot to mail it.  She says no that they did it together and mailed it to Roman.  She explains Shawnís uncle is the police chief. Duck is impressed that they were running when his uncle is in charge of the cops.  Belle says it makes no sense we have not heard back.  Duck says it does if the letter never left.  He leaves.

Gabby is still holding Shawn telling him it is a new beginning for her.  He pushes her back.  She apologizes saying she didnít mean to.  He says no worries she is excited.  Gabby makes him promise he will not tell Duck she is leaving.  Shawn is concerned.  She says she wants what Belle has a baby and a man to love.  Shawn tells her she will find that some day. She agrees.  He tells her that once they get to Australia she needs to understand she is on her own.

Gabby says no worries she understands.  She knows she is just along for the ride.  Someone knocks on the door.  It is Belle. She says she left Claire asleep but with the door open so she can hear her.  Shawn says they are ready to go.  Belle asks does he think they will hear from Salem before they leave.  He says he doesnít know.  She asks Gabby what she thinks.  She tells her cause according to Duck he is the one that handles all the mail. She says how he sorts it all and hand delivers it to the post office himself.   She says no letter leaves without going past Duck.  She asks Shawn is he sure he mailed it.  Then she asks Gabby what does she think happened to it.

Shawn tells Belle Duck must be wrong.  Belle asks him if the letter go through why then have they not heard back.  She says she will just have to write again.  Shawn asks Gabby did she really mail it.  Gabby swears she did.  She says sometimes letters get lost and fall behind things. She says she will go look and leaves.

Belle tells Shawn this makes no sense.  She accuses Gabby of purposely not mailing the letter.

Shawn and Belle argue over Gabby.  Belle tells Shawn she thinks Gabby couldnít handle the thought of never seeing Shawn again.  She says Gabby knew if things were ok in Salem they would go home.  Shawn says Belle is overreacting.  He tells her Gabby flirts with everyone.  Belle says then why did Duck, her own father, tell me to watch out for her? She asks Shawn how can he not see it?

Belle tells Shawn she knows Gabby never mailed the letter.  She asks is he sure she still wants him to go to Australia with them.

Chez Rouge:

Max walks in and sees Maggie working on something at the bar.  He walks up to her asking her to talk to her.  Max tells her that yes he did stop to see Abby but it was totally innocent.  She says she is not sure she believes him.  She asks him is there something he wants to confess.

Max tells Maggie she has known him a long time.  Max gives her his word nothing happened in New York.  Maggie says something did happened.  She says a grown man of 24 stayed with an 18-year-old girl.  She tells him the Bradyís are wonderful people but he is a player.  Max is surprised.  He tells Maggie his dating Abby is not her decision to make.

Max tells Maggie that Abby is old enough to choose her own friends. Maggie says but we are talking about more than friendship.  Maggie says you will end up breaking her heart and asks Max if he really wants to be on her bad side.

Abby comes in and spots Max.  Max tells her all about his talk with Maggie.  He says Maggie told him Abby is off limits.  Abby is surprised.  She tells Max she will talk to her.  Max tells her not too saying he is not going to fight her decision.  Abby tells him he is a jerk.

The phone rings and it is Chelsea.  She is at Bo and Hopes house.  She tells him she is in a bind.  She says she was bringing some stuff to her dads and her car died.  She asks can he come over and lend her a hand.  He says ok.  She says she will make it worth his while.  Then she says to herself well Abby letís see how you like feeling betrayed.

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