Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/13/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/13/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Lab:

Nickís lab partner, Dr. Parsons, tells Nick he has to go and deliver a report.  He tells Nick how anxious the police have been to get the results on the brush.  Unfortunately he says other things have had to come first.  He tells Nick he will be back ASAP and leaves.

Abby goes to meet Nick.  She asks if he has a minute.  She is complaining to him how Aunt Maggie was yelling at her because she found out about Nick being in her hotel room.  She tells him she is 18 and should be able to date whoever she wants.  Nick seems disinterested. He apologizes and tells Abby he has his own problems.  He tells Abby he is worried he made the biggest mistake of his life and tells Abby all about stealing the brush.

Nick next tells Abby about talking to Max.  Abby asks how this is Maxís fault.  He tells her it was right after they talked that he stole the brush.  He tells her if anyone finds out about it he will lose his whole career.  Abby says to Nick then put it back.  Nick says he canít, explaining that Bo and Hope will then blame Chelsea for the fire.  He says he promised Nick.  Abby lays it all out for Nick.  She tells him he can protect the lab or he can protect Chelsea.  She tells him to make a choice right now before it is too late.

Abby informs Nick thanks to his telling all this she is now an accessory.  He says what I should ruin her life again?  She tells Nick he is falling into a bad habit of lying jus like Chelsea does.  Nick ignores her and tells her all about Chelsea and how she is moving in with Bo and Hope.  He tells her he and Chelsea are back together.  Abby admits she didnít know all of that.  He says now that they are back together he doesnít want to mess it all up again.

Abby tells Nick Chelsea us using him.  She tells him that he is Chelseaís moral compass and so therefore he canít go off course.  She tells him that she wishes Chelsea would just tell Bo the truth.   She cuts herself off saying wait you donít think Chelsea is innocent.

Nick admits he wonders why Willow would break in when Bo and Hope are paying her expenses.  He tells her doesnít make any sense unless Willow is lying.  Nick gets up to leave and realizes they ever talked about Abbyís problem.  He tells her he is sorry.  Abby tells him to put the brush back.

Chelsea comes in and kisses Nick.  Dr. Parsons is next.  He wants to know if Nick knows what happened to the brush the police wanted tested.  He asks have you seen it?

At Bo & Hope's:

Chelsea sets down a the box she is carrying outside the front door. She sees a welcome home Chelsea sign hanging on the door and comments it is one for the scrapbook.  Billie walks up and Chelsea tells her she thought she had to work today.  Billie says she dud and Chelsea asks if she took time off to help her move.  Billie tells Chelsea she doesnít want her to move with Bo.  Chelsea asks why not.  Billie says she wants her to come home with her.

Billie asks Chelsea what about our family saying nothing will be the same.  Chelsea corrects her saying it will never be the same after everything.  She tells Billie how much it means to her for her dad to want her back in his life. Billie says she understands that as it means a lot to her too.   Chelsea asks why she is being so selfish.  She tells Billie maybe this is where I get it from.  Billie tells Chelsea to give her another chance and reminds Chelsea how she was there for her when no one else was.  She tells Chelsea she is all that she has. Chelsea points out it is all her fault as none of this would be happening if she had not slept with Nick. Chelsea tells Billie she needs some space.  She points out how their relationship is like Billieís and Kateís.  Then she throws it in her face that at least Kate never slept with one of her boyfriends. She asks Billie if she ever slept with one of Kateís.  Billie asks how can she make this better.  Billie asks Chelsea why she can forgive Nick but not her.  She asks her why she thinks she forgave Nick.

Chelsea tells Billie that Nick is none of her business.  Billie tells Chelsea she misses her.  Chelsea tells Billie she is now relieved of all her motherly duties.  She explains that she has made some bad choices and tells Billie she is a bad influence.  She tells Billie she wants to grow up and canít with Billie making the same mistakes over and over.  Chelsea says it will be better for her in the long run to be with Bo and Hope.  She says they are the family that she needs.  Billie is upset and tells Chelsea she loves her and always will.  Chelsea tells Billie she is not her mother anymore she is only Billie.  She says they will never be mother and daughter again.

At the Mental Hospital:

Steve is sitting a table talking to Dr. Kraft.  Dr. Kraft says she is glad he is feeling better and comments about his lack of appetite.  He asks her has she ever tasted this stuff.  She says yes.  Steve calls her a liar saying he sees her with her bag lunch every day.  She says she does eat in the cafeteria from time to time.  He wonders aloud what kind of mystery meat it is.  He tells her he knows it must be organic as there is a hair in it.  Dr. Kraft tells him to stop and just finish his meal.  He offers a bite to Dr. Kraft.  She says no.  Steve looks around the room and asks is there anyone who has anything to say about the food.  Everyone starts complaining saying the food is bad.  One of the patients, and older guy, tells Steve he left his wife because she couldnít cook.  Steve says they are mad and are not going to eat it anymore.

Steve holds his tray up.  He tells the room fresh garbage.  He tells them he knows they are the bottom feeders of society but they are taking it too literally.  He tells them they have to take a stand and say enough. Dr. Kraft tells him to stop asking if starting a riot will help anyone.  He starts listing all of Dr. Kraftís faults.  He says she feeds them like pets no one wants anymore.  She tells him that if he wants to file a complaint he will have to follow the rulesÖ  She is cut off mid sentence as tray of food hits the wall next to her.  The patients cheer.  She tells them all to calm down.  Steve says it is a little late for that. Steve comments that indignation is a beautiful thing.

Dr. Kraft tells Steve she is really disappointed in him.  He throws it back at her saying well he is disappointed with her.   Dr. Kraft tries to regain control.  She tells everyone to calm down.  She tells Steve that his staring a riot could be dangerous.  Steve tells Dr. Kraft the problem is bigger than bad food.  He starts listing all of the problems with the place ending with they took away his harmonica and favorite pair of boots.  He then tells her she has to give the other patients a reason to want to live.  He says she could start with better food. The patients cheer Steve on.

The orderly comes back in.  Dr. Kraft tells him to back off.  She says things are under control now.  Steve though doesnít let up. Dr. Kraft says he is only doing his job.  Steve points out he used to be an orderly for hospice.  He says there everyone was dying but even they were less depressed than the people in here are.  Dr. Kraft accuses Steve of being a bully just like the orderly.  He asks how he can go about filing a formal complaint.  She tells him she will bring him the forms but he has to promise to get off the orderlyís case.  Her phone rings and she leaves.

Steve notices Dr. Kraft left her computer on.  He sits down and starts looking through her files.  Suddenly he grins yelling out they are in business.  He asks one of the patients if he would like some real food like pizza.  He says yes.  Steve tells him ok but he will have distract the orderly then.  He does and they leave the room.  Steve laughs and tells the others he is ordering the pizza.  Everyone cheers.  He orders 6 pizzas.

Steve tells the other patients they need some amenities around this place.  He says they need TV and music.  He starts to sing Beautiful Dreamer and dances with a patient.  Everyone sings along.  The orderly comes back and is not happy he tells them to break it up and get back their rooms.  Steve wonít leave saying he is fine where he is.  The orderly doesnít budge either.

The orderly says he didnít ask Steve he is telling him he has to go back to his room.  Steve says he is only having fun with his friends. The orderly grabs him.  Steve warns the orderly he has no idea who he is messing with.  The orderly asks him what is it going be?  Is he going to listen or not.  The orderly taps his nightstick waiting. Steve says I gotta follow my heart and tells him to take his best shot.  The orderly takes a swing but is stopped with another orderly comes in carrying the pizzas saying these were just delivered and the guy wants the money.

On the Island:

Belle comes out of the bathroom and finds Shawn with Gabby.  She asks what is going on.  They are talking about the trip to Australia.  Gabby tells Belle that they could get away faster if she were to go with them.  Shawn says she has offered to watch Claire and loan them some money.  Belle is not happy and asks to speak to Shawn.  Shawn tells Belle he has not told Gabby yes or no yet.  Belle tells him but you were about too.  Gabby leaves but not before telling Belle it would not be a sacrifice for her to help with Claire as she is crazy about her. Belle starts in again on Shawn.  She tells him to tell her he is not really think about this.  He asks Belle what her problem is.  Belle tells Shawn she was just about to ask him the same question.

They continue to argue over what is wrong with each other.  Belle tells Shawn this was supposed to be about them and protecting Claire.  She tells Shawn she doesnít know what he wants from her anymore.  She says that first he told her not to get a job as it is too dangerous.  Now she says he does want her to get a job and let Gabby raise Claire. Shawn tells Belle that is not what he said.  He says all he was talking about was letting Gabby baby-sit some.  She says no he is talking about letting another woman move in with them.

Belle tells Shawn there is something she has been keeping secret from Shawn.  She explains she didnít tell him because it would sound paranoid.  She tells him when they were in Gabbyís room hiding from Philip she looked in the closet and found toys and a baby carriage. Shawn says big deal and points out that maybe she has a kid she has not told them about.  Belle asks Shawn doesnít he find that odd.  She says it would be really strange for her not to tell them about a child.

Shawn tells Belle they should just ask about the toys.  Belle says and what happens if she lies.  Shawn says they will be careful and they wonít take Gabby.  Then he tells her if Philip comes back she is not to blame him if they lose.  Belle cuts him off and says you mean our daughter.

Shawn tells Belle he is sorry and he didnít mean to be so hard on her. He says he just wants to get them out of there and he feels frustrated.  He says he wants them to be safe.  Belle says that is what she wants as well.  She tells him to just forget she said anything.  Shawn says he trusts Gabby and she doesnít and tells Belle it is her call.

Belle tells Shawn she wants to be taken seriously.  She asks him if he has heard of motherís instinct.  He asks her if she has heard or fatherís instinct. Belle tells Shawn he is only listening to one instinct saying he only trusts Gabby because she is pretty and flirts with him.  She tells him this has to be about putting Claire first. She admits she may be jealous but points out that she would never jump into bed with just to keep him from being with Gabby.

Shawn swears he doesnít want to sleep with Gabby.  Belle says then why did you invite her to move in?  Shawn says he didnít.  He says all he did was invite her to go to Australia with them.  Actually he says she invited herself.  He asks Belle does she think Gabby wants him.  Belle says look you gave up everything for Claire.  She tells him Gabby probably sees him as a hero as her dream come true.  Shawn tells Belle that Gabby however is not his.  Shawn tells Belle that once they reach Australia Gabby has to take care of herself.  Shawn promises he will not tell Gabby about their conversation.  Belle agrees Gabby can come along.

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