Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/12/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/12/07


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Hope decides to visit Kayla at the hospital. The two talk over about how beautiful the bouquet of roses is that Kayla received. E.J. enters and brags about how he sent them. They are not impressed. They both start to badger him about everything he has done. Kayla tells him she knows he caused her accident. She informs him she is going to put him away for the rest of his life. E.J. is not happy about how Hope and Kayla are nagging him. He starts to make wisecracks about John. This makes Hope mad, and she tries to hit him. E.J. is fast and catches her hand before she actually hits him. E.J. tries to discuss Shawn with her, but she refuses to listen to him. Finally, they get him to leave the room. Hope confides to Kayla that she thinks E.J. knows how Roman wants Shawn to testify against E.J. They are worried that they can’t get a message to Shawn to warn him about E.J. Hope talks about how they might be able to put E.J. away if Shawn’s testimony forces Patrick to turn state evidence against E.J. Hope decides to find Bo and tell him what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Bo decides to visit Steve in the hospital. Bo tells Steve he knows he left the hospital last night. He tries to get the truth out of Steve. Steve is not admitting to anything. Bo tells him that lye soap can raise one’s body temperature by three or four degrees. He informs him lye soap was found in the ambulance and is obtainable at the state mental hospital. Steve makes a wisecrack, but Bo ignores him. He continues to question Steve as to where he went the night before. Steve does admit he used the soap to get to the hospital to check-up on Kayla. Bo explains that he knows Steve went to see Kayla. He tells Steve that he has noticed that his fist is a little raw. Steve assures Bo if he hit E.J., E.J. would have turned him in by now. Bo tells him E.J. would not do that because he wants Steve in the mental hospital where he can get to him. Steve informs Bo he doesn’t know who hit E.J. Bo tells him he went through a lot of trouble for a woman he doesn’t care about. He tells Steve that E.J. might come after him or someone close to them because of what Steve did. Steve tells Bo he will be ready for E.J. if he comes after him. Hope enters the room and wants to talk to Bo. They go outside to talk in the hallway. Hope tells Bo of the conversation she just had with E.J. She informs Bo how E.J. seems to know that they want Shawn to turn state evidence against E.J. They decide to go home. Bo informs Hope about the two men who claimed they were electricians who were there the other day. He says the house is probably bugged. He knows something is up. They decide to search the house. (E.J. watches them on his laptop.) They don’t find anything, but they think E.J. is probably watching them. Bo tells Hope he believes E.J. is using them to get to Shawn. He says they will make up an excuse if Shawn calls and talk to him on a more secure line later. Bo makes a comment that E.J. acts like a punk in a two thousand dollar suit. E.J. laughs about this, and he says his suit was three thousand dollars.

After Hope and Bo leave, Kayla decides to see Steve. The two of them argue back and forth. She says she wanted him to come back to her for sixteen years, but all she really wanted was for him to hold her hand the way he did last night. He tells her not to make a big deal out of it. Kayla tells him she is going to tell Stephanie what is going on. Stephanie has been asking questions, and she can’t stall her anymore. Steve begs her not to do this. He has tears in his eyes. After awhile, he tells her to just go ahead and call. She tells him she plans to do just that. As she leaves, he calls after her. She calls Stephanie in the hallway and tells her they need to talk about Steve.

Belle is reading to Claire from a magazine on Tinda Lau. Shawn and Gabby come in from cleaning the boat. Shawn tells Belle it will be about a month before they can leave. Sheriff Jim and Gabby tell them that Phillip has put a bounty out on them for a quarter of a million dollars. Gabby decides take Claire to get a cookie. The sheriff returns their passports to them Shawn and Belle start to argue about how to get off the island in a hurry. Belle wants to get a job. Shawn does not want her to work. He is afraid of someone recognizing her. Belle thinks he doesn’t want her to work because he is old-fashioned. Gabby brings Claire back, and Belle goes to change her diaper. Gabby tells Shawn she would be happy to watch Claire if Belle wanted to work. Shawn says he feels it would be better if Claire was close to them at this time, and he turns her down. She offers to find them another way off the island if Shawn promises to take her with them. She confesses that she is missing out on life by being stuck on the island. She has five hundred dollars for supplies. Before he can answer her, Belle comes out from changing Claire.

Will is in the hallway when E.J. stops him and asks him to do a job for him. He will pay him two hundred dollars if he will help him hook up the VGA converter. Will is hesitant, but he finally agrees. Will teaches E.J. how to hook up the cables at his apartment, and E.J. takes notes on how to do it at his apartment later. Will asks for E.J.’s cell phone to show him how it works, but E.J. tells him the content is for a mature audience. Will calls E.J. a pervert. He goes outside to call Lucas, as E.J. watches Bo and Hope in their home. When he returns, Will disconnects all the cables and tells E.J. to go to Radio Barn to get the proper cables.

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