Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/11/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/11/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Bo & Hopeís House:

Bo is talking to a fellow officer.  He tells the officer he will do a walk through just to be safe.  The officer says he is overreacting but Bo says he didnít hire and electrician and besides how many would leave without getting paid.  The officer agrees and leaves.  Bo wonders what is going on.

Outside the house we see Nick and Chelsea.  Nick asks why does Bo want to see her.  Chelsea doesnít know.  Nick says there is no way he could know the brush is missing.  Chelsea is not as sure.  Nick says he thinks he would have heard something if that was the case.  Chelsea says she is really nervous.  She tells Nick that Bo didnít invite her over to say how much he loves her.  Chelsea knocks on the door.  Bo invites them in saying he wants to talk to Chelsea.  Bo says it is about the fire.

Bo says his first priority is too protect his family.  Chelsea insists she would not do anything to hurt him or Hope or the Ciara.  Bo says he knows and that is why he asked her over.  He says he wants to apologize to her for not believing her.

Bo tells Chelsea he is sorry he didnít believe her and also sorry it took him so long to realize she would never do that.  Chelsea cries.  Bo tells her as soon as they get the DNA results from the brush the case will be officially closed.  She asks Bo what happens if the DNA is not a match for Willowís.  Bo tells Chelsea not to worry.  Nick asks Bo when does he think he and Hope will be moving back in.  Bo tells Nick that all depends on Chelsea.

Bo explains that he and Hope want Chelsea to move in with them. He tells her she belongs there.  He tells she would be doing him a favor letting him prove he has changed just as much as she has.  He tells her they can work on their relationship.  He also says she can help Hope with Doodlebug.  Chelsea hugs her dad saying she would love that and she is really happy.  Bo tells her he is happy too and glad someone will be there with Hope when he is at work.  The phone rings.  It is Kayla telling Bo about Steve.  He tells Kayla he will find him.  He tells Chelsea he has to go but that he will help her move if move if Billie is ok with it.

After he leaves Chelsea tells Nick she is si happy.  She asks Nick why he isnít.  Nick says he is worried about the brush and that someone may start asking questions.  She tells him not to say that and to please just let her be happy for a little bit.

Nick reminds Chelsea they could still have a problem.  Chelsea doesnít think so.  She tells him her dad will think Willow either got lucky or had someone steal the brush for her.  She says they only way they could get in trouble is if her brush were to reappear.  Then she says that since they got rid of it there is no chance of that.

Sami & Lucasí Apartment:

Lucas is on the phone saying he wants the best room they have.  He says he wants it to be VIP, to scream rock star.  He also says he needs a really nice dinner.  He decides on a champagne feast but says he needs sparkling cider instead.  As he hangs up Sami comes running in.  She says her mom called and that Kayla has been in a car accident.  Lucas asks is it bad.  Sami says she thinks it will be fine but her mom canít stay with her so she wanted Sami to go sit with her.  Lucas offers to go but Sami insists he stay home.  She says to tell Will where she is. Lucas reminds her  not to forget their plans tomorrow.  Lucas tells her he has a surprise for her after.  Sami panics.  Lucas says he is not taking no for an answer.  Sami rushes out saying to herself she canít kill EJ.

Lucas is working when Will comes in.  Will asks about all the papers. Lucas says it is the proof he needs to get EJ.  He says it will prove EJ is embezzling money from Mythic.  He tells Will this will save their family.

Will is sitting in the living room where there is a knock on the door. He opens it to find EJ there.  He tells Will he is there to see him. He asks will if there is a way to show cell phone images on a TV set. Will says yes you just have to have a converter that will allow it to work.  He says they cost about $200.  Will leaves the room as Lucas comes in.  EJ inquires what all the papers scattered about are for. Lucas tells him that the numbers for Mythic donít add up.  He tells EJ before he called the SEC he wanted to talk to him first.

Lucas says he thinks EJ is guilty of fraud.  He tells EJ he told Kate as well.  EJ tells Lucas he is sorry to burst Lucasí bubble but there is no smoking gun.  He says the worst that he would get is fine if the SEC found out.  Lucas insists it would be more like him being bankrupt once all the stockholders at Mythic found out.  EJ points out to Lucas he would go down too.  Then he asks Lucas just what does he want from him.

Lucas says what he wants is for EJ to stay away from Sami.  Lucas tells him he doesnít want him around anymore.  He says EJís obsession with Sami has to end.  If it doesnít he say he will call the SEC.

Sami comes home.  She notices Lucas is really happy and asks why.  He tells her he has great news.  He tells her EJ will never come back again. He says he threatened EJ and won. Sami is stunned and points out how dangerous EJ is.  Lucas says he knows.  Sami tells Lucas EJ will never go away till someone puts him in the ground.  Lucas asks Sami so what are you planning to kill him.  Sami snaps of course not.  She tells Lucas it was merely a figure of speech and then tells Lucas she needs him.

In the Hallway:

EJ leaves worrying if something could screw up his plans with Sami tomorrow night.  As he does Steve comes up behind EJ and shoves a gun in his back.  He tells EJ if he goes anywhere near Kayla ever again he will kill him.  EJ tells him he made his point and to back off.  Steve says no and drags EJ into an apartment.  We hear noises like someone is being beaten.

Bo shows up and EJís and we see him with an icepack on his face.  Bo says he came to warn him about Steve but is obviously too late.  EJ says no and lies to Bo.  Bo asks him why he is protecting Steve.  EJ doesnít answer and closes the door on Bo.

Bo calls Kayla to tell her about EJ.  He says he will keep looking for Steve.  Kayla says she is worried this is her fault saying that  Steve went after EJ because of her.  Bo tells her it will be ok and to get some sleep.  Kayla hangs up wondering where Steve is.

At the Hospital:

Down in the ER Steve is laying on a gurney.  The EMT says he was picked up at state with a high fever.  He tells the doctor he is a level three patient and is to be guarded.  Steve opens his eye slightly and looks around before closing it again.

An officer comes in and tells Steve the doctor said his fever broke. He tells Steve that the doctor said he should sleep through the night. Steve starts moaning saying he has a bad headache.  He asks the officer to get the nurse as he needs some aspirin.  The officer says ok but no funny business.  The officer leaves and Steve grabs the water bottle the officer had and puts some pills in it saying he knew they would come in handy.  The officer comes back with Steveís aspirin.  The officer sits and starts to drink his water.

The drugs are finally work and the officer passes out.  Steve gets the keys so he can get out of his handcuffs.  As he does so he says aloud, ďHere I come, Sweetness.Ē

The nurse comes in to check on Steve.  It is dark in his room.  She grabs the patientís wrist to check his pulse.  We see it is the officer that is in Steveís bed.  The nurse doesnít notice and she leaves. Steve comes out of the bathroom where he was hiding.  He has on the officers uniform.  He opens the door and sneaks out into the hallway.

Steve slips back into to bed as the officer is coming too.  He asks how long he was asleep.  Steve tells him quite a while but not worry it will be there little secret.

Kaylaís Room:

Kayla is in a hospital bed.  She appears to be sleeping.  EJ comes in with flowers saying he did try to warn her.  He says she wouldnít listen.  He tells her maybe now she will listen.

Sami goes to walk into Kaylaís room and she runs into EJ.  Sami asks him why he is there.  He says he came to pay his respects.  Sami wants to know how he heard.  Sami is surprised.  He reminds Sami of their plans tomorrow night.  He tells her to bring her wedding dress so they can jump on his plane and fly to Vegas.  He asks if she is excited. She says yes but also nervous.  EJ says he knows it will be hard for her to dump the bad news on Lucas.

Sami tells EJ she will talk to Lucas as soon as the photos shoot is over tomorrow night.  She tells him she will then be all his.  EJ tries to cozy up to Sami but she stops him.  EJ asks her whatís wrong.  She points out they are out in public and someone could see them.

EJ says he is beginning to think Sami is trying to play him.  He warns her that would be a bad idea.  Sami tells EJ she knows he doesnít trust her yet but that she is honestly happy the baby is his.  She says if she appears to be resistant it is because she doesnít want to hurt Lucas.  She tells him if he is patient he will get what he wants.  EJ ponders if Sami is being honest or is she as foolish as her aunt Kayla.  Sami kisses EJ to show her she means what she said.  EJ leaves as Sami stands there angry.

Sami enters Kayaís room.  Kayla wakes up and is confused.  Sami tells her she had a car accident.  Kayla says she has a headache.  She then asks Sami to please not tell Steve what happened.

Steve walks in saying it is too late he already knows.  Kayla is stunned.  She tells Steve he should not be there.  Steve tells it is she who should not be there.  He asks Sami if he can talk to Kayla alone.  Sami leaves.  Kayla asks Steve to go back to the mental hospital. Steve says he canít do that.  He wants Kayla to tell him how she almost got herself killed.

Kayla tells Steve all about the accident.  Then she begs Steve to leave and go back so Dr. Kraft can help him.  Steve tells Kayla he thinks EJ caused the accident.  Kayla wants to know why he cares since he told her their relationship was over.  She asks him what he is trying to prove.

Steve tells Kayla all he does is hurt her and yet she still wants him. He says he is there to lookout for her like she does for him.  He tells her EJ canít control him and he is going to prove it to her.  He goes to leave as Kayla begs him once more to go back to the mental hospital.

Sami is out in the hall waiting.  Steve asks can he please borrow her car.  She is reluctant but finally gives him the keys.  He leaves. Sami goes back in Kaylaís room to find her calling Bo about Steve.  She says she is worried he will kill EJ.  Sami grabs the phone away.  As she does she asks Kayla would that really be so bad.

Sami tells Kayla that EJ deserves to die.  Kayla however worries what would happen to Steve and their future together if he were to kill EJ. Sami says well what if he doesnít get caught.  Kayla tells Sami that no one ever gets away with murder.  She says she is calling Bo and telling him that it is truly a matter of life and death.

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