Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/10/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/10/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Steve in is the state mental hospital playing with cards. He is throwing them into a bedpan. Marlena comes in to speak with him. She informs him she is angry about what he did to John. He tells her he is not thrilled with her either, especially since she sprayed him with mace and medicated him with a syringe. He wonders if she plans to do anything else to him. She says she is only there because she has been talking over his case with Dr. Kraft. She knows he was brainwashed, and she wants to deprogram him. He is initially hesitant, but she reminds him it may be his only way out of the state mental hospital. He tells her she better hurry because the mother ship will be beaming him up in a few days. They laugh about this sarcastic remark, and she says she knows of a psychotherapist who can assist him. Steve wonders why she is helping him. She tells him he used to be her friend and it is not his fault that they did things to him. Steve informs Marlena there is no cure for what the DiMera’s did to him. They messed up his brain, and he is not her science project to work on now. She tells him she wants to help him for Kayla’s sake. She says she realizes she has wasted her time, and she leaves. When she is outside the door, she gets a call from someone. She is upset to get the news that Kayla has been hurt in a car accident. She goes back into Steve’s room and tells him. Steve is upset about this, but he hides it from Marlena. Instead, he asks for money for the vending machine. Marlena gives him fifty dollars. After she leaves, Steve uses this money to bribe an orderly into giving him a bar of lye soap. He puts it under his arm to raise his temperature. Hector finds him, and the nurse says he has a temperature of 104 degrees. The nurse states that they need to get Steve to the hospital. When the staff leave, he puts the bar of soap back under his arm and says, “I’m coming, Sweetness.”

Earlier, Bo meets with Kayla at Chez Rouge. Bo tells her the pictures and fingerprints she took don’t prove anything. They certainly won’t put E.J. away. He informs her that if they don’t take it slow, they will lose any chance to put E.J. away for good. Bo is worried that Kayla might get hurt if she keeps on poking her nose into things. She informs Bo she isn’t about to stop until E.J. is stopped. She is upset because her brothers will not take her seriously. Bo explains to her that she could end up dead. Bo tells her he doesn’t want to see that happen to her. He informs her he thinks she is in danger. Kayla says she can’t stop things now. They argue back and forth. Bo tells her she messed up any evidence when she entered Stefano’s room. Kayla finally stalks off after telling Bo if anything happens to her, her blood will be on his hands. Kayla gets into her car and drives away. She thinks about things, and she decides to call Bo. She leaves him a message that she is sorry for what she said at Chez Rouge. She didn’t mean it, and she knows Bo and roman are doing the best they can do. As she drives, she sees a car behind her with its high beams on. She dismisses it a couple of times, but it won’t go away. She makes the comment that the car should go around her. Finally, as she is messing around with the cell phone, the lights blind her, and she goes off the road.

E.J. is outside of Bo and Hope’s home. He is talking on his cell phone about taking care of something important. Phillip is with him and asks him if he is taking a contract out on someone’s life. E.J. laughs about this and tells him it is business only. They go into the house and get busy. They find the painter whose name is Peter. They show him a work order and tell him they are there to do electrical work. Peter tells E.J. he has been told to lock up after he is done. E.J. gives him a sob story about how their next customer is a very elderly lady. He uses a suspicious Irish accent. Peter finally gives in, and he tells them to lock up after they are done. Phillip congratulates him on the Irish accent. E.J. sarcastically asks Phillip if he is sure that the English accent he uses is actually his as well. Phillip looks a little stunned, but they continue to put spy ware and cameras in Bo and Hope’s home. E.J. realizes peter is still outside, and he rushes Phillip to get done. The painter is not sure that the two men should be there. He finally decides to contact Bo. He tells Bo about how the two men showed up. Bo instantly leaves Chez Rouge and rushes for home. When Bo gets there, Peter tells him about how the electrician story seemed fishy. Bo thanks him and tells him he was right to call him. He assures Peter he didn’t hire any electricians. He orders Peter to call 911 and stay in his truck. Bo decides to go into the house. Another police officer attempts to go in behind him, but Bo tells him to go in the back way. The officer tells Bo that Kayla was in an accident. Bo leaves for University Hospital. He explains that he wants the officer to wait for back-up to search the house.

In the meantime, E.J. and Phillip celebrate at Chez Rouge. E.J. is delighted to see that they can see Bo’s living room on his blackberry. They watch as the police search Bo’s home. They are satisfied with themselves that they got out just in time. E.J. informs Phillip he will contact him as soon as Shawn contacts Bo and Hope. Phillip threatens E.J. that he better tell him as soon as he knows anything. E.J. is not happy about this, and they bicker back and forth. E.J. informs Phillip not to be so bold as to think they are on equal ground.

Bo makes it to the hospital and sees Kayla. She is drifting in and out of consciousness. She has a gauze pad on her head. He informs her she has a concussion. He also apologizes for their earlier conversation. Kayla tries to tell Bo about the car behind her and the blinding lights from it. Marlena shows up and is frustrated with Bo. She asks him what it will take before he brings E.J. in. She tells him that someone has to stop him. Bo informs her of the conversation he had with Kayla earlier at Chez Rouge. Marlena tells him that Kayla’s accident was not his fault. She also tells him Steve didn’t seem to care that Kayla was hurt. They both agree that Steve is not the same person anymore.

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