Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/9/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/9/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Mental Hospital:

A nurse comes into to give Steve his medicine. The nurse says she hopes there will be no problem with the medication today.  He tells the nurse she is his lucky charm.  She asks him to please just take the pills. Steve places the pills in his mouth and grabs the water commenting ďdown the gullet.Ē  Steve then opens his mouth saying nothing under his tongue and says letís get on with the show.  He starts giving the nurse a hard time.  She leaves.  Steve pulls out the pills and we see he didnít really take them.

Kayla comes to see Steve who is standing on his bunk. She asks him what he is doing.  He tells her is stuck in the nuthouse and all he can do is stare out the window.  Kayla has her computer.  She says she has an email from Stephanie and thought maybe he would want to respond.  She tells Steve Stephanie is in love.  He says how since she has only been there two months.  She says it didnít take long for them.  He makes Kayla reaffirm her promise not to tell Stephanie.  She says as long as he sees Dr. Kraft and takes the medication she wonít.

Kayla says when she wrote Stephanie back she promised Steve would write as well.  So she tells him whenever he wants to start he can.  He says ok and says how about I talk and you type.  He dictates a letter to Stephanie.  He tells her he knows how she feels and to be careful. Kayla asks of what be Steve reminds her he is talking she is only typing and he continues.  He tells her to be careful and not to let her heart do all her thinking for her.  He says for her not to let her heart fool her.  He tells her if she buys into that stuff she will some day be looking back seeing all the time she waited believing in lost causes.  Kayla says she told Stephanie to trust her heart.  Steve says she needs someone who will never put her at risk. Kayla says love is a risk.

Steve asks does she really believe all that.  She says yes she does. She says she took a chance once before on a guy that everyone said was wrong.  Steve points out and look how you paid the price.  She says no.  She tells him she found a love so strong after 18 years it still didnít die.  She says nothing has changed.  Steve says except the guy is not here anymore.  Kayla says yes he is.  Kayla says so she would never tell Stephanie to doubt her feelings about love.  Steve calls her sweetness and then pulls away.

Steve says she should not compare them to Stephanie.  Kayla says she is willing to trust her judgment.  He thinks Kayla has a selective memory of their past.  Kayla says she is not giving up on Steve and she leaves.

At Mythic:

Kate tells Lucas she thought he called her to apologize and comments that apparently he wanted her to look at old budget reports.  He tells her he has a question about the numbers and wanted her to look at them cause they do not really match up.  He tells her they are not the same numbers the stockholders got.  Kate is upset.  She starts to point out that if this gets out E.J. could be in trouble.  Lucas says he knows and that is why he called her.  He wanted her to know that when he reports this she could be in trouble too.

Kate tells Lucas thanks for reminding me I am equal partners with E.J. and how she could go to jail.  He tells her that is why he wanted to talk to her first.  She tells him no one is going to find because Lucas is not going to say anything.

Lucas is angry that Kate wants him to keep quiet.  He says E.J. broke the law.  Kate says yes and probably has dozens of times.  She points out that is what makes a DiMera a DiMera.  She tells Lucas to wake up and realize they are in business.  She tells Lucas if he fires the first shot he will be there the next day and the entire accounting will be under indictment.  She says he will have evidence that all leads away  from him.  Lucas says he will talk the shareholders then.  Kate says before he can even get a word out E.J. will have then all in pocket.  She tells Lucas his life will be the one that is over.

Lucas asks Kate how long do we let E.J. get away with this.  He says they could get rid of him for good.  He tells her he is tired of E.J. ruining his life.  He is tired of everyone sucking up to E.J.  She says he sucks everyone in, including Sami.  He says E.J. is always showing up.  Kate says that is the problem.  She tells Lucas he is not mad at E.J. but at Sami.

Lucas says he is not mad at Sami.  He says she has done nothing he should be angry with her for.  Kate says she has him so wrapped around her little finger he doesnít know his own heart.  Lucas refuses to hear it.  Kate tries to get him to listen but Lucas orders her to leave. She tries to tell him something is going on between Sami and E.J.  Lucas says that is a lie.  Kate says Sami is the one lying and tells him to look at how upset she gets when he mentions the wedding.  He still wonít listen saying that is enough.  He tries to throw Kate out.  Kate insists to Lucas that E.J. and Sami are hiding something.

Lucas says he thinks Kate is jealous of Sami.  Kate tries to laugh it off.  But Lucas says she is smart and pretty and funny.  He says he believes in Sami and thinks they will have great life.  Kate tells him he is her son and she almost wishes that was true.  He asks does she know something about Sami and if so to spit it out.  Kate says ok.  She asks if he remembers what she told him about  E.J. saying the wedding would not happen.  She says he told her not to worry about what to wear to the wedding and guaranteed it would not happen.  Lucas says how could he know that.  Kate says exactly how could he.

Lucas says he is not going to make the same mistakes as his mom.  He tells Kate she canít forgive and that is why she is alone.  Kate says he wins, but when Sami breaks his heartÖ  Lucas tells her he is done and walks out.  She tells Sami will break your heart over and over as he does.

Kate is arranging papers on the desk when E.J. comes in.  She tells him he had a lot of calls from Italy.  Kate says she has been going over the books.  She says she hopes he covered their backs.  E.J. says he took care of it and walks out.

He pulls out his cell.  He tells the person it is him and to start talking.  He asks if the problem is how Kayla broke into to Stefanoís room.  He tells him to do his job properly and hangs up.

Chez Rouge:

Philip is drinking when E.J. walks in and sits at the bar beside him. Philip asks has he ever heard of Tinda Lao.  E.J. makes a joke about the name belonging to a porn star.  Philip tells him it is an island near Guam and that Shawn and Belle had been living there for a while.  He tells E.J. that they supposedly left for Sydney.  Philip says he missed them by one day.  E.J. tells him it is a pity and that he may be smarter than his choice of hookers suggests.  Philip comments it is funny he mentioned Willow.  E.J. acts like the name means nothing and then says oh you mean the poor girl.  Philip says he heard that E.J. forced Willow to rob Bo and Hopeís house.

E.J. says he is shocked to hear Boís house was broken into as he thought Salem was such a safe place.  Philip tells him to cut the bull.  He says he doesnít care what  E.J. does he just wants his daughter.  E.J. asks why.  Philip says cause she is mine.  E.J. says that Willow is the same she is his and asks why she called Philip.  He tells  E.J. she wanted him to bail her out.  He says she took less than 30 seconds to rat him out.   E.J. asks Philip why he is not afraid of him.  Philip says he has lost so much he is not afraid of anyone.  E.J. says well then we have something in common.  He tells E.J. he is ready to get serious about finding Shawn and is he interested.

E.J. tells Philip his plan was to use Billieís security system to bug Boís house.  E.J. says he wants to hear all the conversations Bo and Hope have and when Shawn calls home they will know where he is.  Philip says you are forgetting one thing and reminds him Billie is his sister and she thinks E.J. is ready to back her.  He says he is.  Philip says no you are not you will kick her to the curb when you get what you want.  He tells E.J. he will not allow that.  He tells E.J. it is the second time he has underestimated him.

Philip says do you really think I will just sit on my hands while your rip Billieís heart out?  E.J. says he admires Philipís strong sense of family.  But says it is strange how that does not extend to Shawn who is family.  Philip says he would never have torched Boís house.  E.J. says that was not the plan but that Willow has a troublesome relationship with fire.  He says it was a grave lapse in judgment to use Willow.  Philip says he has been there.  E.J. says now that we have come clean what happens?  He points out Bo is still not willing to buy the security system and asks if Philip has any ideas.  Philip says he has plenty.  But he has conditions before he tells them to E.J.

Philips says first he can use Billieís security system but not Billie. He says she has been walked on too many times.  Second he can listen to Bo and Hope all he wants but if he hears something about Shawn he has to tell him immediately.  Third, he wants to know why is   E.J. doing this and fourth what he plans to do to Shawn.

Philip asks E.J. if there is a problem answering his question.  E.J. says the problem is the way in which he asked the question.  He doesnít like demands.  Philip says let me ask it a different way. We both want Shawn right. E.J. says yes but now we are back to how to get the security system in the Boís house.  Philip says they will just install it themselves.

He tells E.J. since the fire there are many people through their all day.  He says they will never be noticed.  They agree to meet the next day and do it.

Philip calls Billie asking he can come look at her security system saying he wants to set it up at Titan.

Samiís Apartment:

Sami is rushing to open the door.  It is Celeste.  She asks Sami what happened.  Sami says youíre the psychic donít you know.  Celeste says yes and tells Sami she knows E.J. figured out the lab report, got angry and threatened her.  She says she didnít need to be psychic to know that.  Sami says no more I told you soís.  Celeste says well then you know what we need to do now.  Sami says yes and Celeste forces her to say out loud that E.J. must die.

Sami starts freaking out as she realizes what she said.  She tells Celeste she keeps hoping she will wake up and it will have all been a bad dream.  Celeste tells here there is only one way to end the nightmare.  Sami explains she is to meet E.J. at the cabin where it all began at 9 PM. She tells Celeste he told her if she was even one minute late he would hurt Lucas.  Celeste says you wonít be late.  Sami asks how telling her she has an appointment with Lucas at 6.  She says they are taking pictures for the wedding.  Celeste says meet him there so you have your own car.  When you are done tell him you have things to do and want to go and visit John.  Sami says and then that is when I will go to the cabin andÖ  She canít finish the thought saying it is still murder even if it is E.J.  Celeste says you will be doing the world a favor and to leave everything to her.

Sami tells Celeste she is in charge and asks what to tell E.J.  Celeste says tell E.J. you told Lucas everything and that Lucas called you a lying whore and hates you.  She tells her to improvise and cry.  She tells Sami to say Lucas took back the ring, that her whole family has turned their backs on her including her son.  She says make him believe you are shattered and he is all she has left.  Then she says to vow to   E.J. she will love him forever.  Sami says no she is really trying but she canít.  She says no matter what he has done he is human.  Celeste says no he is a DiMera.  Sami asks how do they do it.  Celeste says with a kiss and pulls out a lipstick.

Sami stares at the lipstick.  She asks Celeste is she supposed to kiss him to death. Celeste says yes in a manner of speaking.  Sami asks what is in there.  She says nothing but tonight she will add a very effective narcotic.  She tells Sami before she puts it on she needs to put on all the lip balm she can so the drug is not absorbed into her system.  She says E.J. will fall asleep and stay that way.  Sami asks for how long.  She says long enough.  Sami says then what I slit his throat and tells Celeste there is no way.  Sami says she canít do it.  She says she canít stand there and watch him die.  Celeste says neither of them has too.  Sami asks her what does she mean.  Celeste says they will burn the cabin to the ground with   E.J. inside.

Sami continues to protest that she canít and wonít kill E.J. She tells Celeste she is out of her mind.   Celeste keeps pushing her saying she is desperate enough to keep listening.  Sami says we are talking about my soul.  Celeste says you will lose your soul if E.J. lives.  She says she lost hers when he murdered Lexie.  She tells Sami she canít do this without her.  She tells Sami she is the key.

Sami asks Celeste is they go through with it what will happen if they are caught.  Celeste says no one will miss him or care what happens to him. She tells Sami she will have a happy life and she will have avenged Lexi.  She asks Sami is she willing.  Sami says she is.  She says she will do what she has too.

They are looking at a map.  Sami is telling her how to find the cabin. Celeste says she will be hiding in the woods while Sami does her thing.  She will get there early and wait.   Sami says she will be there at 9 with her knockout lipstick.  Then she says they will soak the place in gasoline.  Sami says then it should only take one match.  Celeste pulls out and lights one match saying then the world will be rid of Elvis DiMera.  Sami looks away saying and she will be guilty of murder forever.

When Lucas comes home Sami is ready in sexy lingerie.  She attacks Lucas pushing him onto the couch.  He tells her to wait saying he has pre wedding jitters.  Sami says everything is going be ok.

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