Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/6/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/6/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Chez Rouge:

Abe and Celeste are having dinner. Celeste tells Abe they forgot to make a toast. Abe tells her it's been so long since I've been out with a beautiful woman. He then says she is a remarkable friend.  She tells him that she sees so much of Lexi in little Theo.  Abe takes her hand. He tells her she has been his strength the last few months. Celeste says it's been great being a part of a family again. Kate comes over to their table drunk and interrupts.  Kate says she wants to talk to Celeste. She wants to know what's gong on between her and Sami.

Abe tells Kate they are about to eat dinner.  Kate doesnít take the hint and says go ahead she already ate.  Celeste realizes that Kate is drunk.  Kate confirms she has been drinking.  She tells them she canít believe that after all that Sami did to Lexi that Celeste would suddenly want to be her friend.  She points out they now appear to be thick as thieves.  Abe tells Kate he doesnít find that odd at all. Kate tells Abe that Celeste must have put a spell on him then.  She tells him she knows Sami and Celeste are concocting some kind of scheme and Lucas is stuck in the middle.  She says she needs to know what the deal is so she can keep Lucas from getting hurt.  Kate goes on to say that Celeste crashed Samiís shower and that they are both being very secretive about something.

Celeste finally tells Kate to shut up.  Celeste tells her that first she has disrespected Lexiís memory and second she should trust Lucas to know his own heart.  Kate tells her not to put this off on her. Celeste points out but it is about Kate and how jealous and petty she is.  Abe asks Celeste if she has done anything to make Kate suspicious.  Kate jumps in to say Celeste has done a lot of things.  Celeste points out she has been talking to Sami and they called a truce.  She says that is all that is going on.  Kate doesnít believe her.  She says she believes whatever they are up to has something to do with the night Sami saved Lucasís life.  Kate says she knows someone helped Sami that night.

Abe points out she has no proof and he tells Celeste they should go. Celeste tells Kate she ruined their dinner.  Kate quickly says Celeste knows the truth and is keeping it from him.  Abe however says he has known Celeste a very long time and if she says there is nothing then there is nothing.  He says he believes her but for the sake of argument even if Sami didnít save Lucas how would Celeste know he wonders.  Kate says Sami either told her or she found out some other way.  Celeste says if that was the case why would she of all people protect Sami? Kate says she has no idea why.  Celeste asks Kate if she knows something.  Abe chimes in that, that is a good question.

Kate finally says she gives up since they do no want to hear anything she has to say.  Kate tells him she is not surprised since he spent years with a wife that cheated on him.  Abe tells her how dare she come in there and throw accusations around especially since she is sleeping with E.J.  Abe points out she is in no position to judge anyone.  He says everyone but those making money off of E.J. knows what he is.  He tells her until she has proof he no longer wants to hear it.  Kate tells Abe she still likes him and eventually he will see she was right.  Kate finally leaves.

Celeste thanks Abe for getting rid of Kate.  Abe surprises her by asking if there is anything he should know.  She asks him if he believes Kate.  He says he has noticed she has been distracted and spending a lot of time with Sami.  Celeste tells him they are just healing old wounds.  Abe reminds her Sami has a habit of dragging people into her crazy schemes.  Celeste tells him not to worry.  He says he is glad that he and Theo need her.


Lucas is looking over some computer printouts.  He says to himself this is insane.  Billie comes in and asks him what is insane.  Lucas tells him that Sami has put a condemned sign on their future, mom is in his face and now E.J.ís PR budget is not making any sense.  Lucas tells Billie how much he hates it that E.J. has managed to insert himself in their lives.  Billie comments it is hard to avoid someone you work for.  Lucas complains that E.J. will not leave Sami alone.  Billie tells Lucas that he is giving E.J. too much credit for Sami being upset.  Lucas snaps at her that she is defending the man that is trying to destroy his family.  He goes on to tell Billie that Kate wonít let up and E.J. keeps telling him Sami will pull a ďRunaway Bride.Ē  Billie tells Lucas if the wedding gets messed up it is his fault for believing in the trash. Lucas tells her he knows E.J. is up to something and complains that he is evil and is bringing out fear in Sami.  Billie tells Lucas she will be ok once the wedding goes off without a problem.

Lucas is searching for a folder.  Billie finds it for him.  Lucas looks over the information saying again that the numbers donít match.  Billie tells him to talk to E.J. but Lucas points out the E.J. is the CFO.  Lucas tells her he believes E.J. is fixing the books.  Billie gets upset now saying he is accusing her business partner of being a thief.  Lucas is excited saying that if the board finds out he is skimming money off the top he will go to jail.  Lucas points out that no one has been able to make anything stick against E.J. and now he has him.  Billie says she will not let Lucas take E.J. down.  She points out that if E.J. is a crook it will get mom (Kate) in trouble too.  Billie says she knows he has it out for E.J. and he is being selfish.  Lucas asks then what do I do? Billie says nothing and advises he let it go.

Samiís Apartment:

E.J. is kissing Sami.  She finally makes him stop saying she canít breathe.  He keeps kissing her.  She finally makes him stop saying that Lucas could walk in.  E.J. doesnít care.  Sami says she does and it would be cruel or him to find out this way.  She says she wants to tell Lucas her way.  E.J. says he is the one calling the shots.

She asks if that is how he treats the people he cares about.  E.J. says he does care about her but he does not trust her.  He says she has 24 hours to tell Lucas the wedding is off and that the baby is his.  E.J. then tells Sami she is to meet him at the cabin where he saved Lucas. Sami asks him why there?  E.J. tells her if she doesnít do it he will tell Lucas himself.  He asks her do they understand each other.

She says fine.  She tells him she will meet him there at 9 PM.  He says good and then tells her how they will get on his jet, fly to Vegas and get married.  He tells her she will promise to love, honor and obey. She points out they dropped obey a long time ago.  He says he is a traditionalist.

Sami says Vegas does not seem like E.J.ís kind of style.  He tells her he is full of surprises.  She says it is too quick.  E.J. tells her time is precious.  He then points out that a wife cannot testify against her husband.  He also says this way Lucas will have no claim on the baby. Sami explains this is hard for her, as it will break up her family. However, she says she still canít stop wanting E.J.  E.J. says any man would love to hear those words from a woman so skilled in the art of deception.  She says fine believe me or donít.  E.J. says it is no secret how he feels about her.  He points out all the risks he has taken. Sami asks it is worth it.  E.J. says she screwed up his plans but that by presenting her and the baby, the next generation of the DiMeraís to Stefano it will make up for it.

He tells her if she denies him that she will lose Lucas and the baby. She says if she is not his wife then she will not be a mother to the baby.  Sami says she needs to know he will not take the baby from her as soon it is born.  He says that is a vow he can keep.  He imagines a future for them.  He tells her he can see them in bed together with the baby between them.  He tells he has wanted her since the night they created the child.  He says he wants her again right now.

As he starts to kiss her they hear someone pounding on the door.  It is Lucas.  He is yelling that his hands are full and he canít open the door.  Sami reminds E.J. they have a 24 deal.  E.J. takes off and Sami opens the door.

Lucas has a ton of bags.  He has his tux made out of organic hemp for the wedding.  He tells her to check it out.  She says no saying it is bad luck to see it before the wedding.  Lucas tells she is weird but says ok.  He takes the stuff to put it away.  E.J. uses the chance to slip out.

Sami and Lucas are kissing.  Sami makes Lucas stop.  She says they should not start what they canít finish.  He says they have time but she insists they donít.  She says they should look for his shoes. Lucas remembers they have to meet the wedding planner for pictures tomorrow.  When Lucas leaves the room Sami grabs the phone.  She quickly calls Celeste saying it is about the plan for E.J.  She tells Celeste she is in.


E.J. runs into Billie out in the hall.  He asks her if she had a chance to read over the papers he gave her.  He then asks did she talk to Bo about the security system.  She says no that the timing has been wrong.  Billie points out Bo is a friend and says she wonít play him.  He points out she needs a killer instinct to make it in the business world.  She asks him does he want to win at any cost?  She says she doesnít care what E.J. thinks and will not listen to him tell her about lying and stealing.

E.J. wonders if something has changed.  He suggests they have coffee. Billie tells him she wants to be alone.  She says she wants to soak in the tub.

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