Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/5/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/5/07


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Chelsea gets back to Salem and goes to the police department. As she is waiting for Bo, Willow is brought up from her jail cell. Chelsea and Willow start to argue. Chelsea tells Willow that she knows she set her up by leaving the brush at Bo’s home. Willow taunts her back by telling her that nobody will believe her. She tells Chelsea she will have to get used to the food served in jail. If that wasn’t enough, Willow also rubs it in about Nick and Billie’s one night stand. Chelsea looks tearful, and Nick enters. She runs into his arms and apologizes. After she thanks him for coming and she tells him she was wrong for asking him to steal the brush, he shows her he has it in his backpack. Her face brightens, but she is concerned he will get caught. She throws the brush away and kisses him. They discuss a cover. Chelsea decides to leave a message for Bo. After she leaves, he recovers the brush from the trash.

E.J. is at Chez Rouge when he calls Sami about the amniocentesis. He starts to pressure her, and she tells him she knows he left the message for Lucas. E.J. sarcastically admits that he was the one who left the message. He tells her to get rid of Lucas because he wants to talk to her alone. She is not happy about doing this, but E.J. is threatening. She hangs up the phone as Lucas enters the room. When he asks her who it was, she says it was a telemarketer. He knows this is a lie because E.J.’s phone number is on the caller id. He is not happy that she lied. Sami tries to skirt past it, and Lucas discusses moving. Sami again changes the subject by talking about the times when she was a little girl and John used to read fairy tales to her. She tells Lucas it made her a little sad because the princess always had to go back to her old life when the ball was over. Lucas tells her she will not have to do this with him. Lucas leaves to go to Chez Rouge with Kate. After he leaves, Sami calls E.J. and informs him Lucas has left. In the meantime, Kate has been having a vodka martini at Chez Rouge. E.J. approaches her, and the two have a conversation. She tells him she would like to make an invention to cure Lucas from wanting Sami. She is not happy about the green wedding because she can’t find anything to wear. E.J. is optimistic that Lucas and Sami won’t get their happily ever after. Kate reminds him that there is a baby involved. E.J. teases her about how Sami and Lucas might not get married. When she presses him for information, he becomes evasive. After he receives Sami’s call, he leaves.

At the Brady Pub, Roman meets Max. He gives him the second degree about running off with Kayla to obtain information about the DiMeras. Max is a little hurt because Roman tells him it is his family and his fight. Max tells him he is a part of the Brady family. He informs him he would not have had a problem if the information would have come from Bo. Roman assures him that he does think of him as part of the family. He affectionately calls him little brother and tells him he means it. He asks Max about Abby. Max tells him he saw her the other night and stayed overnight with her in her hotel room. Roman informs him how Maggie knows he spent time with Abby in New York. Max is upset about this.

Lucas meets his mother at Chez Rouge, and Lucas voices concerns that he thinks something is not right with Sami. Kate tries to set his mind at ease by attributing it to pre-wedding jitters. Lucas asks Kate if all brides go through this. He is not satisfied that it is pre-wedding jitters. Meanwhile, E.J. shows up at Sami’s. He threatens to make a call to Lucas. When he does, Sami grabs the phone from him and throws it across the room. He becomes very angry and explains to her that she will regret doing that. He calls Lucas a lap dog. This upsets Lucas, and Sami defends him. She flashes back to when Celeste told her how to control E.J. She changes her attitude and tells E.J. that they both know the baby is E.J.’s, and she doesn’t want to hurt Lucas anymore. E.J. thinks she is lying, but Sami explains she doesn’t want him to take her baby away from her. She informs him how Lucas knows something is up, and she wants the baby to be E.J.’s. E.J. gives her applause and congratulates her on her performance. She tells him she wants their son to be strong like him. She thinks E.J. can teach him how to be strong. She tells him she wants the baby to be a DiMera. E.J. tells her he won’t take the baby from her if she tells Lucas that there is only a fifty percent chance he is the father. He tells her he will look after her until the baby comes. However, if she is lying to him, he will tell Lucas right away. He wants to know that she is being truthful with him. She flashes back to Celeste again. She remembers how Celeste told her that if she offered herself to E.J., he would come to her. She informs him she is not a weak woman. She walks up to him and kisses him passionately. They pull away and stare into each other’s eyes. He pulls her head to his, and he kisses her again.

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