Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/4/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/4/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Abbyís Hotel Room:

Abby is listening at the door.  She tells Chelsea it is just them finally.  Max is in the shower so they are free to talk.  Chelsea comments she is surprised that Abby didnít decide to join Max in the shower.  Abby says she would never do that.  Chelsea tells her itís fine she has her blessing to be with her ex.  Abby tells her to tell her dad that someone stole her brush.  Chelsea says it was Willow. Abby is surprised.  Chelsea tells her they found some of Hopeís jewelry at Willowís and now she is in jail.  Abby tells her if that is the case she has nothing to worry about.  Chelsea tells her she is wrong pointing out that a DNA test will show the brush was hers and her dad will never believe her.  She points out after all the lies why should he.  Chelsea then tells her to be on the safe side she asked Nick to steal the brush.

Chelsea tells Abby her mouth is hanging open.  Abby canít believe Chelsea is using Nick.  Chelsea says it is fake evidence being used to frame her.  Abby asks her what Nick said.  Chelsea tells her Nick would not do it.  Max comes out of the bathroom.  She complains she has no friends she can confide in.  Max tells her she should be able to talk to Nick.  Chelsea informs him that Nick is not her friend.

Chelsea comes out of the bathroom and Abby is packing.  She asks if she scared Max away.  Abby says no that Max was planning on taking an earlier flight.  Chelsea comments it must be so no one would find out about their hooking up.  Abby says they did not hook-up.  Chelsea asks her why not.  Jack knocks on the door.  Abby opens it to let him in. Jack demands to know who the man was that just left her room.

Chelsea blurts out that the person he saw leaving was the maintenance guy.  Jack is not sure he is buying it saying donít maintenance men wear uniforms.  Chelsea says she thought so too and that is why they didnít let him in till she saw his ID.  Jack says that was some pretty quick thinking.  He asks Chelsea if she is going to be staying in New York.  She tells him she is not sure.  Abby ask for a few minutes alone.  Jack says he will be in his room and leaves.  Abby then thanks Chelsea for covering for her.  Chelsea wants to talk about Abby and Max but Abby changes the subject saying the need talk about Chelsea.  She asks Chelsea why she is not going on.  Chelsea says why should she, as the only thing she has to go home to is a prison cell.

Abby tells Chelsea she will not go to jail.  Then he points out if she doesnít go home they really will think she is guilty.  Abby asks her when she last had the brush.  Chelsea tries to remember.  She tells Abby she remembers being at the Penthouse Grill and using it then. Abby says Willow was there.  Chelsea says she knew it.  She tells Abby that Willow took her brush and used it to frame her.

Chelsea says she knew it.  She knew Willow was guilty and that she must have thought she would be the best person to blame it on.  She tells Abby she asked Nick to clear her name so they could be together.  She says it really wasnít just to keep herself out of trouble.  Abby is stunned.  She asks how could you ask him to risk her career just so that you could be together.  She says not even Willow charges that much.

Chelsea is upset that Abby compared her to a prostitute.  Abby points out that she asked Nick to sell his soul.  Chelsea insists she did not.  She goes on to tell Abby that when her dad finds out the brush was hers he will disown her, again.  Jack once again knocks on the door. Abby asks for 5 more minutes.  Jack asks her what is up.  Abby tells him that Chelsea is upset because she had a fight with her boyfriend. Jack comments that her boyfriend is someone closer to her own age maybe?  Abby asks what is wrong with older guys and tells her dad she loves him.  He says he loves her too and starts to lecture her again. She cuts him off saying he can do that all the way to the airport.

When Chelsea comes back Abby tells her that Bo loves her.  Chelsea says she is scared.

At the Lab:

Nick is leaning on his elbow at his desk daydreaming. The new lab guy walks in telling him there is no time for that.  He tells him they need a full forensic panel on the brush as Detective Brady is leaning on them to get it done.   He goes on to comment how backed up they are and standing around complaining is not going to help.  Nick looks at Chelseaís picture and says he is free right now and could do the analysis on the brush.

The new lab guy says he should probably run the panel on the brush and not Nick since Nick is not experienced at DNA tests.  However he says that he first needs his coffee and leaves.  Nick picks up the brush and stares at it.  He them daydreams about Roman standing there reading his rights as the new lab guy complains that half the people there have been arrested now.  He says they are all felons.  Nick snaps out of it and puts the brush back.  He looks again at the picture of Chelsea.

Nick is working when Max comes in.  He tells Nick about seeing Abby and Chelsea in New York.  Max is surprised that Chelsea was there.  He says Chelsea is a wreck.  Max goes on to say that while he doesnít know what happened he does know that Chelsea can be a handful.  Nick says that does not make it better.  He tells Max he wishes Chelsea would get her act together.  Max is not sure she will ever do that if she walks away from her mom and those she cares about.

Max gives Nick the phone number for the hotel.  He tells Nick he can reach her there if he decides she is worth it.  After Max leaves Nick looks at Chelseaís picture again.  He says she is worth it and grabs the brush and leaves.

Chez Rouge:

Roman joins Kayla at her table.  She thanks him for meeting her.  He says he canít wait to hear some good news.  Kayla tells him she has proof that  E.J. stole Johnís kidney.  She shows him some pictures.  Roman asks her what is he looking at.  She tells him it is Stefanoís back and scar.  She says she saw his chart and the operation was done less than 12 hours after Johnís.  Roman tells her to wait a minute.  He canít believe that Kayla went to Italy. He asks her just what does she think will happen when  E.J. finds out.  Kayla says he knows I called him and told him myself.  Roman asks her is she trying to get herself killed.

Roman says it will not help Steve if something happens to her.  He tells her that trying to get the DiMeras herself is a bad idea.  He tells her the pictures she took is not enough.  He points out Stefano has more lives than a cage full of cats and they should not bury him yet.  Kayla says if it were Bo who had gone Roman would be thanking him.  He tells her Bo is a trained police officer and he would still be mad if he had gone alone.  Kayla says she didnít go alone and tells him Max went with her.  Roman wants to know where Max is, as he now wants to talk to Max.  Kayla says you canít he is in New York.  Roman warns her to butt out.  Kayla says she believes  E.J. is after all the Bradyís, including his little daughter Sami.

Kayla leaves.  She is outside and drops her keys.   E.J. is there and picks them up saying they need to talk.

Back inside Roman asks Maggie to tell Abby he needs to talk to her. She asks why.  He says he needs to talk to Max and that he is in New York with Abby.

Back outside Kayla and  E.J. trade threats.   E.J. asks her if Roman has her so-called evidence.  Kayla tells him that he did.  She then looks him right in the eyes and says, ďDamn you   E.J.Ē   E.J. asks her if that is the best she can do.  He tells her that she underestimates him.  Kayla points out how she stood at Stefanoís bed and could have killed him.  E.J. asks her why she didnít.  She tells him it is because she is not him.

 E.J. says he doesnít care what people think of him.  She calls him crazy and he says letís leave that to Dr Evans.  Kayla points out he canít control her.  She tells him she will not give up until he is in jail or in a coffin.   E.J. tells her if she goes near Stefan again that she may be the one that ends up in a coffin.  He drops her keys and walks off.

The Brady Pub:

Lucas and Sami are having a meeting with Carley from  Sami tells her all about her green wedding. She says she doesnít want to spend her honeymoon in a trailer.  Carley says it is a camper and not a trailer.  Sami says either way it is not for her.  She says she is not going to spend her honeymoon in an outhouse.  Lucas tries to tell her they love camping.  We see  E.J. watching through the window.  Carley asks Sami if she has the article about birdseed vs. rice.  Sami tells her it in out in her car and leaves to get it.   E.J. of course stops her when she gets outside.  Sami asks why is he following her.   E.J. asks her did she really think he would believe the fake amnio results?  She says it is not fake.  He says he has proof.  Sami says there is no way cause Lucas is the babyís father.  He tells her then to swear on her babyís life it is the truth.

Sami will not do it.   E.J. says her doctor confirmed she is lying that she never had an amnio.  Sami says he is bluffing and that there is not way her doctor would do that.   E.J. cuts her off asking why wouldnít the doctor talk to the man that she believes is the father of Samiís baby. Sami says how would you know that.  He says he was listening.  Sami is very upset and ask him why Lucas would talk to her doctor and not tell her.  He tells her that she is not the only one keeping secrets.

Sami tells  E.J. that Lucas doesnít keep secrets.   E.J. ask if maybe Lucas thinks the baby may not be his.  Sami says Lucas knows the baby IS his.   E.J. reminds her that Kate thinks they were together that night.  Sami says she canít prove anything.   E.J. says Kate is a smart woman.  Sami tells  E.J. to leave them alone.   E.J. says sorry he canít do that.  He touches her cheek and begins to pinch it.  He says he would never kill her or the baby but that he has no problem hurting the people she loves.  He tells her to watch out as she is close to losing everything.  Sami kind of whimpers and he pinches her harder.  He tells her not to make him do this and walks away.

Sami goes back inside to join Lucas and Carley.  She does not have the article.  Sami quickly covers saying maybe she left it at home. She then says she is not feeling to great and can they reschedule.  Carley says sure and leaves.  Once she is gone She asks Lucas about going to talk to her doctor.  She asks him why did he lie.

Lucas says he didnít lie.  He says he got a call from her doctor telling him there was a problem with Samiís amnio.  Sami says she never had an amnio and that she changed doctors.  She also says if there was something to worry about she would tell him.  Lucas tells her he was trying to protect her cause he loves her.

Lucas says he is sorry.  He tells her he will not get in her face about being honest anymore.  He says the weird thing is when he got there the doctor said it was a mix-up.  He then asks how did she know he was even there.  She tries to cover but he sees how upset she is and guesses it was   E.J.  Lucas is ready to explode.  Sami says it is nothing.  He says well if it was nothing why did you look so shaky.  She says she has not eaten.  They leave and he says he will fix her lunch in bed.

In Jail:

Philip has gone to see Willow he asks her what she wants.  He tells her he almost had Claire and that he missed her by one day.  Willow says see I told you.  He says she is only trying to help herself.  He asks Willow why he should not walk out and leave her there.  She says two reasons.  One, she says, is his sister Billie.  The second, she says, is his witch of a niece.

Philip says what did Chelsea do to you.  Willow says there is proof someone else did it.  Willow says Chelsea is the reason she is in jail.  She tells him that Chelsea set the fire not her.  Philip asks Willow how she knows that.  Willow says Chelsea practically admitted it to her.  She then claims Chelsea planted the jewelry.  Willow complains that Chelsea hates her and wanted to pin her crime on someone the police would believe did it.  Philip tells her believes her saying well if I get you out there is one condition.  He tells her to start from the beginning and not to lie this time.

Philip asks Willow how dumb does she think he is that he would buy this.  He tells her Chelsea would never have started a fire with Hope and Ciara inside.  Willow says maybe it was an accident.  Philip says now they are finally getting somewhere.  He says they both know that Chelsea had nothing to do with this.  He tells Willow it was her.

Philip says he thinks someone hired her to do his or her dirty work. He says he wants to know where Shaw is.  He tells Willow that if she wants him to come the next time she calls she better tell him who.  She says ok.  She tells him  E.J. paid her.

Willow pleads with him not to tell anyone.  Philip asks her if she is afraid of   E.J.  Then he tells her wait until she sees what happens when you cross a Kiriakis.  He walks out leaving Willow screaming after him.

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