Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/3/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/3/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Abby makes Max hide in the bathroom inside her hotel room as she opens the door to her father. He acts as if he would like to talk to her, but she tells him she is tired and wants to go to bed. He confesses to her that he is sorry for coming down so hard on her about Max. She asks him if they can discuss it tomorrow. He is in agreement. He lets her know that he trusts her completely and leaves. Abby lets Max out of the bathroom. She wants him to spend the night with her in the hotel room. As they are discussing this, there is a knock at the door. Chelsea is there. Max hides. Chelsea and Abby talk about the fire at Bo’s home. Abby reassures her that she believes Chelsea did not start the fire. Max comes out and tells Chelsea she can also trust him. Abby asks them both to stay overnight in the hotel room. They all start goofing around. Chelsea and Abby throw food at Max’s mouth. Their laughter wakes up Jack. Jack comes to the door and asks what is going on. Abby tells him Chelsea showed up and they are just having fun. Jack is satisfied and returns to bed.

Kayla goes to the state mental hospital. Steve is angry with her because she got so involved with the DiMeras. She tells him she had a lot of luck in Italy. Steve tells her he is reading a self-help book, but she tells him to stop making jokes. He tells her she is still not safe from the DiMeras. She says she isn’t afraid of the DiMeras. She knows E.J. threatened Steve, but she doesn’t say anything. Kayla says she wants to see Stefano. Steve is upset, especially since she got Max involved in the whole situation. Kayla shows Steve that they got pictures and fingerprints of Stefano. Steve tells her this doesn’t prove anything. Kayla asks Steve to testify against E.J. They wrestle on the bed, and he kisses her forcefully. She is upset and gets up and leaves.

Sami is at her home. Nick comes in and informs Sami he caught E.J. snooping into her hospital records. He wonders why E.J. would be doing this. Sami is apologetic for getting Nick involved. Nick asks her if E.J. could be the father of her baby. Sami explains to him that she didn’t cheat on Lucas. Nick thinks about it, and he asks Sami if E.J. raped her. Sami just stands there and cries. Nick is scared that E.J. won’t leave the matter alone. She says there is nothing to do but give in or fight. She explains that she always seems to have to make a choice to do the right thing for the ones she loves. Nick relates her situation to his situation with Chelsea. Nick advises her to be careful.

Lucas goes to the hospital to discuss the amniocentesis with Sami’s doctor. The doctor tells him Sami did not have an amniocentesis. Lucas questions whether Sami had the procedure done as a precaution. Lucas tells him the name of the doctor who ordered it. Sami’s doctor goes to find out who ordered the amniocentesis. E.J. listens to the entire conversation behind a door. After the doctor leaves, E.J. approaches Lucas. Lucas tells E.J. it seems as if he is stalking him. E.J. tells Lucas he is there for his physical. Lucas confesses he is there for Sami. He tells E.J. to stay away from Sami. The doctor returns and says there is no record of an amniocentesis being done for Sami. E.J. takes off after Sami. He beats on her door, but Will answers. Will tells E.J. that Sami is busy. After he leaves, Will tells Sami E.J. was looking for her and is not happy. Finally, Lucas comes home, and they discuss the wedding. Lucas says they should all paint their faces green. They all laugh about it. Meanwhile, E.J. calls someone and asks about Sami’s schedule tomorrow. He is happy to find out she will be at the Brady Pub tomorrow.

Shawn watches as Phillip and Kate question Gabby. Gabby tells them that Shawn and Belle left yesterday. Kate tells Phillip they can look for them somewhere else. Phillip explains about how Shawn ran away with Belle and stole his daughter. He tells her he is not leaving until he knows she is being truthful with him. Shawn goes upstairs and tells Belle they need to leave through the window. Belle is worried about Claire falling. Shawn says they have to stay ahead of Phillip. Belle refuses to go. Phillip wants to search the hotel. Gabby refuses, but Kate discovers they are in room 202. Phillip demands for Gabby to give him a room key. She refuses, and he takes it from her pocket. He tries to get in, but Gabby takes the key back. Duck comes and manhandles Phillip away from gabby. He informs him that Shawn and Belle did leave yesterday. He tells Phillip to leave. Phillip pays for the damaged door, and he and Kate leave. Gabby hugs her dad. Belle goes into Gabby’s closet, but she finds that there all kinds of baby accessories there. After Phillip and Kate leave, Gabby lets Shawn and Claire out of her room. She gives Belle her diamond ring back. She offers her boat to them. Belle apologizes to Gabby, and Gabby tells Belle she won’t tell Shawn about how insecure Belle is about certain things.

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