Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/2/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/2/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Abbyís Hotel:

Abby is on the phone talking about how wonderful her trip.  She is telling whoever it is all about New York and how she ate Bobby Flayís Restaurant. While she is talking someone knocks on her door.  She hangs up and opens the door to see her dad, Jack. She hugs him, telling him it is the perfect vacation.

Jack tells Abby about meeting some singer in the elevator.  He says he canít remember her name all he could see was the flaming red lips. Abby is all excited saying you were in the elevator alone with Gwen Stefani.  She says why didnít you get an autograph.  He pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket saying you mean like this?  Abby is so excited.

He tells here they already ate and offers a carriage ride in the park, but Abby thinks that may be for lovers. Jack asks her donít you want to do it?  She says she just thought it would be with a boyfriend.  Jack stands up and tells her on that note that he talked to her Aunt Maggie and knows about Max.

Abby isnít too happy about it, says they are just hanging out and having fun.  Jack tells her to define fun saying he is a lot older than her.  She says it is only 6 years older so what is the big deal.  He then orders her to stay away from Max.

Abby says she knows about his past and that it is all that it is, the past.  Jack tries to discourage her but she is determined that Max is the one. He says he and Jennifer talked about it and both agree they want her to get her education.  He says he can do anything if she is not tied down.  He says they want her to enjoy her time at Salem University.  He says she could join a sorority.  He tells her to enjoy he freedom.  Abby asks if he practiced that speech on the plane.  She says she promises Max will not interfere with her college education. Jack tells Abby that he loves her.  He says they can still make Times Square.

Abbyís phone rings.  Itís Max.  He asks her how New York is.  He asks is she having fun.  She says she loves it there.  He tells her about taking a trip with Kayla and they had a layover at JFK. Abby is a sad that he was in New York and didnít see her. There is a knock at the door and she opens it to see Max standing there. She is excited to see him and they hug.

Abby says she is so happy to see him as she remembers her dad.  She tells him he has to go that her dad will think she planned all this. Before he can leave Jack is knocking on the door saying let me in.

On the plane:

We see Kayla and Max on a plane.  Max is saying he canít believe they pulled that off.   Max says they have something to toast to, burying  E.J. Wells.

Max shows Kayla he still has the priest caller saying he wanted a souvenir.  He says it is the most fun he has had since Frankie left town.  He tells Kayla he feels lost like he doesnít fit in with Frankie gone.  Kayla says she understands.

Kayla said when she lost Steve she had the same feelings.  Max teases her saying is she telling him that Frankie is the love of his life? She says no. He talks about finding that someone special and Kayla asks if that could be Abby Deveraux.

Max is a bit embarrassed about it but Kayla thinks Abby could be good for him. She then asks where does Mimi fit into everything.  He tells her they talk but that they have both moved on.  He goes on to say how he has never felt this way before and it scares him.  He tells her how he has screwed up other relationships.  He says Abby is sweet and smart and can take apart a carburetor.  He says when she is not around she really misses him.

Kayla says it sounds like it is all or nothing with Abby.  He tells Kayla that she is different than other girls. He talks about how innocent Abby is.  He points out she collects teddy bears.  He also says they have been taking it slow.  Kayla says taking it slow is a good thing.   She said to take his time and get to know her.  He says he doesnít want to be the first one to break her heart.  She tells him when the planes lands to take a cab and go tell Abby all he just told her.

An announcement is made that the plane will be landing at JFK in 15 minutes. Kayla says he has 15 minutes to make a decision.  She asks him is he going to stay on the plane with his sister or is going to go and find the love of his life.

Kayla is still on the plane as we hear they are on the way to Salem. Kayla talking to herself says she is on the way home Steve and not to worry.  She says that  E.J. will never hurt them again.

Samiís Apartment:

 E.J. stares at the report.  He is stunned as he was certain that he was the father.  He tells Sami that he is in shock.  He sits back loosening his tie.  He says he didnít think that would be the result.  He says all the fame and money he has achieved means nothing compared to what being a father could have meant.  He goes on to tell Sami he was even looking at schools commenting it is funny how one little piece of paper can change your life.

 E.J. tells Sami all his plans he worked for are ruined.  Sami says wait your plans?  She tells him this is her family on the line.  He says it would have opened a whole new world for them both.  She says she is happy that he wonít be a part of her life and for him to just get over it.  He tells her that it is her loss as well.

Sami tells him to wait a minute.  She tells him this is good news for her.  Since Lucas is the father she can now move on with planning her wedding.   E.J. says his father always told him that Tonyís one weakness were the ladies.    E.J. says he grew up saying he would learn from that mistake and thought that he had till he meant Sami.  He tells her his feelings for her are very real pointing out once she felt that way too.  Sami tells him that is ancient history and it was before he shot John and raped her.  He says he didnít rape her.  She says no you forced me to have sex with you and then he forced her to put her life on hold while they waited on the paternity test.  She tells him they are done forever.

 E.J. tells Sami they still have a connection.  She says they will never be connected again.   E.J. reminds her that if he hadnít picked her up on that road, there would be no wedding, because Lucas would be dead. She reminds him Lucas is not dead and if he really cared for her he should do the right thing.   She tells him to forget that they ever made that deal. As they go to shake on it, he grabs her hand and kisses it, talking about what could have been. He says he was hoping if the baby was his she could overlook her doubts about him.  He says she is the only woman in the world that could have made him into what she thought he was in the beginning.

Sami is pacing telling herself to stop worrying.  Celeste comes by. Sami tells her that  E.J. bought it.  Celeste says she doesnít have a clue about what is going on.

Celeste tells her that   E.J. played her like a violin.  Sami says you were not here so how could she know.  Sami says his feelings were real. Celeste tells her she is foolish.  She says if they donít destroy   E.J. he will destroy her and raise her child as a Dimera.  Sami tells Celeste to give it a rest.  Celeste tells her to seduce him that it could be their only hope to get   E.J. where they want him.  Sami doesnít want to hear it and tells her to leave. Sami says he is out of her life now and Celeste needs to get out too as she slams the door.

The Island:

Philip is asking Gabby if she has seen Shawn and Belle as Shawn watches and listens nearby. Gabby stares at the photo as Kate walks in.  She is complaining about the truck ride they had to hitch.  Gabby comments what a cute little girl Claire is and states she has not seen them. Kate says well then letís check elsewhere.

We see Belle Playing with Claire as Shawn rushes in.  He tells her Philip is downstairs interrogating Gabby.  Belle asks what did she tell him.  He says nothing but comments they both now Philip and he wonít leave till he gets what he wants.

They rush around packing as Belle about what Gabby tells them. Shawn says she said she had never seen us.  Belle says well maybe they will by it.  Shaw says he still thinks they ought to leave.  He points out once slip by Gabby and itís all over.

Philip asks Gabby to look again.  Gabby says they get a lot of people through there.  Kate says well then a little girl should stand out. Gabby says exactly and tells them she has not seen her. Philip is not convinced and tells her he is going to stick around and ask some of the other residents.  Gabby asks is Philip calling her a liar.  He says I donít know are you?  Kate goes to the bar asking is someone around that can get her a drink.  When no one is she helps herself and finds a teething ring. She says now they are calling her a liar.

Shawn peaks out the door and closes it again.  He tells Belle to keep packing that he wants no sign they were ever there.  Shawn says he finds them he will distract Philip so she and Claire can get away.  He tells her to hide on the boat and if he doesnít come go to Australia without him.

Gabby makes up a story about it belonging to a neighbor kid, but Philip calls her a liar saying she said there were no kids.  She says no new kids.  He grabs her and scares her and Gabby admits they are there.

She calls him a jerk and tells them that yes, Belle, Shawn and Claire were there, but they are gone now. Kate has to drag Philip away from her as Gabby continues to tell them that Shawn and Belle are gone. Philip asks her again where Belle and Shawn are.

Belle tells Shawn she is not splitting up again.  She tells Shawn she needs him.  He says he needs to know what is going on downstairs.  She tells him not to do anything stupid.

Philip is still harassing Gabby as he grabs her shoulders.  Kate orders him to stop.  He shoves Gabby onto the sofa.  He orders her to start talking.  She says they left.  She says well maybe you will believe this.  She hands him Belleís ring say she left it there to pay their bill.

Belle is pacing and she tells Claire it will be ok.  She realizes she never got her ring back.

Back in the bar Philip says this is Belleís ring.  Kate says she is so sorry.  Gabby tells Philip that Shawn, Belle and Claire are long gone and there is his proof.

Chez Rouge:

Nick is agonizing over his decision to help Chelsea or not. Maggie asks him what is wrong and he tells her that a friend asked him to do something and he did, but now another friend is asking a favor, but he turned them down. Maggie says what you canít help the second friend? Nick says he can he is just not sure he should.

He asks Maggie what she would do.  Maggie tells him that a true friend would never ask him to compromise his principles.

Nick goes back to the lab.  He argues with himself about whether or not to take the brush.  He eventually goes into the lab where he finds  E.J. at his workstation.  Nick tells him he is calling security.   E.J. takes the phone however and threatens Nick who gulps.   E.J. leaves and places a call from the hallway.  He leaves Lucas a message that he is a doctor at the hospital and that he needs to please come over as their was a problem with Samiís amnio.

A Bar:

 E.J. is drinking when his phone rings.  Kayla is calling.  She tells him that she was in Italy.  She says she knows all about Johnís kidney. She says she knows where it went, who got it and that she has the proof to put him away.  She smiles and tells him to enjoy his evening as she hangs up.  He yells for her to wait but it is too late.  He runs out in a panic.

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