Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/30/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/30/07


Written By Stephanie
Pictures by Juanita

Hospital in Italy:

Kayla and Max are dressed like a Priest and Nun.  Kayla is telling Max she hopes God can forgive them.  Max says he is not sure mom will forgive them.  She tells Max he does not have to go through with it. He says he is in all the way as Kayla and Steve never gave up on him. As they walk towards Stefanoís room we see a man with a gun come up behind them he says something to them in Italian as he holds the gun up to the back of Maxís head.

Max turns to look at the man with the gun.  Kayla says something in Italian and the man unlocks the door to Stefanoís room.  Max asks what did she say.  She says she told him they wanted to pray with Stefano. Max asks when did she learn Italian.  Kayla says she looked at an Italian dictionary in the airport.  Max says so then you donít know what he said do you.  Kayla points out it is working.  The guard comes back to inform them of something.  Kayla says something to him in Italian and the guard changes to English as he pulls back out the gun saying Stefano is sleeping and demanding to know who they are.

Kayla points out they are Americans.  The guard asks for answers.  Max does a magic trick by pulling out of his jacket some flowers and as he does he hits the guard knocking him to the ground.  He grabs the gun and tells the guard to stay still.

Kayla and Max argue and he tells her to get in the room before someone sees them.  Kayla lets herself into Stefanoís room.  Max pulls up a chair and sits to wait as he continues to hold the gun on the guard.

Kayla walks in calling Stefanoís name.  She pulls back the ten to look at him.  She says oh my God itís true as she sees the stitches.  She then starts taking pictures of him with her camera phone.  After that she pulls out a card and an inkpad and gets his fingerprints.  Then she makes sure to get a picture of Stefanoís face.  As she does she is talking to him.  She sees the plug and realizes she could end it all now.  But she canít do it.  She leaves the room and Max tells the guard to get in a closet.  He then gets rid of the gun and they leave.

Mental Hospital:

Steve is doing some kind of push-ups using a chair.  E.J. walks in to talk to Steve.  He says he is glad to see Steve has not let himself go and he dismisses the orderly that let him in.  He tells Steve he cares very much about his well-being.  Steve says no you donít.  He tells E.J. that he only care about himself.  He then says he is tried of being his whipping boy.  He goes on to tell E.J. that he knows what he did.

Steve asks how he got in.  E.J. says he has friends in high places. Steve points out he is surprised since E.J. broke him out.  E.J. says thatís right and you should be more grateful.  Steve then says but you are also the one that had me put back in.  Steve says Kayla told him that E.J. tipped her off that he was at Billieís.  E.J. says he did it knowing it would get Steve locked up again.  Then he tells E.J. to be careful that he did train him to be a human weapon.  E.J. says he came to tell Steve why he put Kayla on his trail and why he can keep Steve there as long as he wants.

Steve asks E.J. what game are they playing.  E.J. says there is no game that he came to tell Steve he is on his own.  Steve says E.J. needs him. E.J. says it is the other way around   He tells Steve Philip called and that he thinks he has found Shawn.  He tells Steve to lay low.

E.J.ís phone rings.  It is Sami saying she needs to see him.  As E.J. leaves he tells Steve to tells his wife to keep her nose out of his business.  Steve starts pounding on the door.  He is screaming it is life or death and he needs Dr. Kraft.  When she finally shows up he tells her he needs her to call Kayla right away that her life depends on it.  Dr. Kraft is upset that Steve drug her in here for that.  Dr. Kraft finally says ok she will call.  When she comes back she says she could not reach Kayla.  She does tell him that her office said she was out of the country in Italy.  Steve is stunned.

Samiís Apartment:

We see Sami typing away at the computer as Celeste wanders up to look over her shoulder.  She is working on falsifying the lab report Nick gave her.  She thinks she has made a terrific forgery and that it will totally fool E.J.  Celeste is much less confident.  She asks Sami whatís wrong.  Sami says she cannot concentrate with Celeste breathing down her neck.  Celeste says it must look as accurate as possible.  Sami reminds her that it is not the first DNA report she has forged and tells Celeste to take a look.  Celeste says it is not good enough to fool E.J.

Sami asks Celeste what do you mean it is not good enough.  She points out she used to work at the hospital and has filed thousands of those reports.  Celeste says the perfect forgery will not fool E.J.  Sami balks and asks what killing him will?  She reminds Celeste she shouted to everyone at the party how they were going to kill E.J.  Celeste reminds Sami that she told her he bought their story.  Sami said she thinks he believed her.  Celeste says well he definitely wonít believe the fake report.  Sami says there is no way he can prove it is a fake. She points out he canít get into her medical records.  Celeste says nothing is private and this is E.J. we are talking about.  Sami says yes she knows how powerful he is.  So Celeste says well then do what you have to do and get rid of him.

Sami tells Celeste to get it through her head.  She is not going to kill E.J.  Falsifying he report is the best she can do.  Celeste says she could tell Lucas.  Sami says she has thought about it.  However she is not sure if Lucas would understand and points out it will still not solve her problem with E.J.  Celeste starts to tell her again how killing E.J. does but Sami says no way and tells Celeste she has a headache.  Celeste tells her she just better make sure her foolish plan is convincing because she will not get a second chance.

Sami puts the report in an envelope and seals it.  She kicks Celeste out and say she will call her once she has talked to E.J.  She calls E.J. saying she needs to see him right away.

When E.J. arrives she hands him the letter.  He looks at it and then tells Sami since she is the mother to be she should open it.  She opens it and starts to cry as she does.  E.J. asks her what is wrong. She says nothing that everything is right.  She tells him Lucas is the father. She reminds him that he raped her and how he is not the dad.  E.J. insists it was not rape and grabs the report.  He tells her he was so sure it was his.


Belle and Shawn are packing and trying to reassure themselves it is what is best.  Belle says they will love Australia and Claire will too.  She tells Shawn they can be a family and live in peace.  He tells Belle heís sold and asks is there something else she wants to tell him.  She says no.  Shawn says then letís stop talking and I will go get us a boat.  As he leaves he bumps into Gabby and asks her for a favor.  He has Belleís ring and asks does she think anyone would trade it for a boat.  She asks why and he says they need it to leave the island.

Gabby says they could get more for the ring in Australia.  He says they need to leave.  She points out they just sent a letter to their family and donít they want to wait to get an answer.  He says they are afraid it might be too risky to hang around.  Gabby asks if Belle is ok with it.  He says they made the decision together.  Then he asks can she do it.  She says she will do her best.  Shawn thanks her.  Gabby tells Shawn she will miss him.  He says they will not forget how she helped them out.  As Shawn walks off she goes and knocks on Belleís door.  She holds out the ring saying Shawn just gave it to her and wants to know what she can do to convince Belle to stay.

Belle asks why does Gabby care.  Gabby says you think I want Shawn. She tells Belle they need to get something straight saying she doesnít steal men that are unavailable.  Belle tells her she is really nice but that Gabby is not being honest with her.  Gabby tells he she is one paranoid woman.  Gabby accuses her of being insecure and says she has not seen anything between her and Shawn cause nothing has happened. Gabby then realizes someone has been talking to her and demands to know whom it is.  Belle tells her it was Duck.

We see Shawn leaning against the bar. Duck walks in asking if he is posing for a picture.  He hand Shawn some boxes and tells him to get the rest of the dock.  Shawn says ok but after that he is done.  He goes on to say that he and Belle and Claire are leaving.  He asks Duck if he is going to say anything.  Duck says why should he care.  Then he says except that Shawn still owes him money and canít leave.  So he tells Shawn to pay up he maybe he will have a little conversation with the law.

Back upstairs Gabby is laughing.  She says Her father is scared she will leave the island so he makes up stories about her.  She says it happens anytime a guy her age comes through there.  Belle says has a hard time believing her dad would say that.  She goes on to say what a huge help it has been having Shawn around not that Duck would ever admit it.  Belle says she liked the island too.  Gabby says then why are you leaving.  She tells her she should be more worried about sailing a thousand miles to Australia with a small child.  Then she asks Belle does she really want to leave before she has heard from her family?  She tells Belle to think about it saying what they have on the island is not really so bad.

Gabby tells Belle she thought they were friends.  She tells Belle it has been a long time since she left the island and tells them she wishes she could escape with them.

Gabby leaves to go back the bar.  She is mad and throws down Claireís teething ring.  She hears someone behind her.  She turns to see Philip.  She asks can she help him.  Shawn then enters the room and seeing Philip quickly hides.  Philip shows Gabby a photo of Shawn and Belle. He asks if she has seen them.  He tells her they kidnapped his daughter and he has reason to believe they may be on this island.  He asks again has she seen them.

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