Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/29/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/29/07


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Belle is folding laundry in their room at Tinda Lau. Shawn is sleeping, and she thinks about waking him, but she decides not to. He finally awakens, and he tells her he had a dream. He now thinks she may have been right about the twin beds. Belle tells Shawn that she is worried Claire does not get to socialize with other kids her age. Belle is concerned about how Claire doesn’t get to play with other kids because they are on the run. She wonders if this will screw Claire up. Shawn understands, but his hands are tied for now. Belle tells him she wants to go to Australia now. Shawn finally agrees with this, and Belle decides to exchange her wedding rings to get to Australia. Shawn wonders why she really wants off the island. Gabby interrupts them and asks Shawn to go downstairs and check the generator. Shawn leaves, and Gabby asks Belle if she wants her to watch Claire so she can get a shower. Belle is upset about how Gabby seems to be so interested in Claire. Belle accuses Gabby of getting too involved with her family. Gabby offers to leave them alone, but Belle is jealous. She asks gabby if she wants to be her girlfriend or wants something else. Gabby wants to know if Belle thinks she is her rival. Gabby again tells Belle that she is not interested in Shawn. Shawn returns and tells Gabby the generator is about shot. Gabby leaves to give Duck the news. After she is gone, Belle comes out and asks Shawn if he does love her. He tells her that he does. Belle gets teary-eyed and confesses that she loves Shawn too. Shawn asks her to say it again. He tenderly holds her face and tells her that it has been a very long time since he has heard her say this to him. She tells him they have no future on the island. She is worried about losing him. He takes her in his arms and reassures her. He tells her he will not break her heart. They kiss and get ready to leave. Meanwhile, Gabby listens at the door.

Chelsea comes into the lab, and Nick asks her to move past their problems. She refuses to talk about their problems and wants to know if he loves her or not. He says he does. She tells him she needs someone to take a big risk for her. He is agreeable. She tells him about the arson at her Bo's home and the robbery. She also tells him how Hope found the jewelry in Willow's room. She informs him the police found her brush behind at Bo’s home where the fire was set. Nick wonders how her brush got there. Chelsea doesn’t know, but she needs Nick to help her get out of this mess. Even though she begs him, he will not lie for her. He wants her to tell Bo the truth. Chelsea becomes more emotional, but Nick tells her he will not compromise his integrity. He loves her, but he can’t lie for her. He explains to her how that would be like committing a crime for her. She tells him she would do anything for him. She leaves the lab in tears when he doesn’t respond.

As they are on the plane to Italy, Kayla thanks Max for coming with her. Max asks her to tell him the whole story about Steve. Kayla tells him about how Steve kidnapped John from the hospital and forced her to remove his kidney. She informs him she thinks Stefano needed a kidney transplant. Max thinks this is awful. He wonders what their plan is. Kayla has a map that shows the way to Stefano. Marlena gave this map to her. Max is in awe at Kayla’s devotion to Steve. Kayla tells him that someday someone will do the same for him. Max tells her he is glad she is his sister. They discuss a plan to get into where Stefano is being held. A priest is on the plane, and max steals his white collar when he goes to the bathroom. He tells Kayla he is Father Maximus. It is decided that Kayla will pose as a nun. She is worried about becoming what she fears most in order to go up against the DiMeras. Max reassures her and tells her she is tough. Kayla gives money to the priest’s parish, and Max teases her about it.

Meanwhile, an orderly at the State Mental Hospital tells Steve to clean up the food on the floor. Steve makes sarcastic remarks about being a pig, and the patients laugh. Steve tells the orderly he should clean up the food since Steve is a pig. The orderly threatens Steve with a strait jacket, but Steve still won’t clean up the food. Steve gets on his knees and puts a hamburger on each of the orderly’s shoes. He asks the orderly if he would like some fries with that. The patients start to laugh, but the orderly is not amused. Steve continues to make fun of him until he takes out a taser. They argue about how Gordo was humiliated. Finally he reaches his limit, and he tases Steve. Steve falls down and screams. Dr. Kraft comes in and wants to know what is happening. She reprimands the orderly and admits he was out of line. The orderly goes to get a mop. The patients are thrilled about this. Dr. Kraft takes Steve back to his room, and he teases her. Meanwhile, Steve blows a kiss to the orderly. Steve tells Dr. Kraft that the orderly doesn’t belong here. She tells him she is happy he didn’t attack the orderly. She is also pleased he is taking his medication. When she leaves, she tells the orderly to report to her office later. The orderly tells Steve that he has made an enemy.

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