Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/27/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/27/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Belle are on Tinda Lau. Shawn is playing with Claire. Claire has her new teddy bear from Gabby. Belle has just finished the laundry and walks into the room. Shawn tells her he wishes they could get new clothes. He informs her that the tips have been good, and he says they should treat themselves. Belle is agreeable to getting some new clothes for Claire, but she won’t get anything new for herself. She is impressed because Shawn has cleaned the room. She finally leaves to get some new clothes. Shawn decides to go to work. At the bar, he notices a drunken man. It is Charlie, a beach bum who is also a millionaire. Gabby tells Shawn that Charlie is a drunk. She tells him they need to keep an eye on him. Charlie tries to dance with Gabby, but she tells him no. Charlie refuses to listen, and Shawn threatens him. Charlie does back off, but Gabby warns Shawn to stay away from Charlie. Gabby leaves, and Belle comes back from shopping. She has bought a new dress for Claire. She shows it off to Shawn. She apologizes for kissing him earlier. He tells her that he hasn’t given it a second thought. Belle and Gabby go upstairs. They take some photographs of Belle and Claire. Gabby questions Belle as to what happened the other night. Belle tells her she just hurt Shawn’s pride. Belle wonders if something happened between Gabby and Shawn the other night. Gabby denies it. She informs Belle she doesn’t want to get tied down to one guy. Gabby tells Belle she (Belle) is the girl for Shawn. She tells belle that Shawn will wait for her. They go downstairs, and Belle talks about how she wants to send a picture to Roman. Gabby tells her to send it with the next letter to Roman. Gabby promises to get the letter to Roman. Meanwhile, Charlie has asked for another drink. Shawn tells him he is cut off. When Belle comes downstairs, he warns her to stay away from Charlie. She laughs at Shawn and sits down with Gabby. Charlie starts saying bad things about Belle. Shawn tells him to shut up because Belle is his wife. Charlie tells him that he has heard different. The two men start fighting. Gabby yells at Shawn to stop because he is killing Charlie.

Hope is at Willow’s apartment at the YWCA. She finds the jewels as she is searching through her things. As Hope looks at them, Willow talks outside the apartment to someone who she is trying to fence the jewels to. Willow walks into the room and finds Hope there. Hope asks her if this is the jewelry she is trying to sell. Hope empties the jewelry onto the table. Willow tries to lie and says she has not seen the jewelry before. She then tries to tell Hope it is her aunt’s jewelry. Hope tells Willow how she got each piece of jewelry. Willow then tries to blame Chelsea for planting it. When she sees this is not going well, she heads for the door. Hope chases after her. Meanwhile, Bo and some police officers arrive at Billie’s apartment. Bo shows Chelsea a hairbrush, but Chelsea denies that it belongs to her. Hope calls Bo and informs him she found the jewelry stashed at Willow’s apartment. Hope finally makes it back to Billie’s apartment. Bo apologizes again to Chelsea for not believing in her. Bo informs her that they will get DNA samples to prove willow was the culprit. Chelsea remains concerned and makes a phone call asking for help after everyone leaves. Willow is later arrested at the YWCA.

EJ corners Sami in the bedroom. He asks her how she and Celeste are planning on killing him. Sami tells him she will leave the room and threatens to scream. E.J. calls her bluff. Sami threatens to call Roman. As E.J. calls Roman, E.J. informs her she will have to tell him she helped him cross state lines when John Black was shot. Roman is in a meeting with the mayor and cannot be disturbed. E.J. then calls Bo. He tells Bo that Sami has something to tell him. Sami freezes but takes the phone. She thanks Bo and Hope for the gift. Bo inquires why she is using E.J.’s phone. She doesn’t answer, and he says he has to go. They hang up the phone, and E.J. caresses her hair. E.J. again questions Sami as to what she and Celeste are up to. Sami says that Celeste scares her. She asks E.J. for one normal night. She begs him to let her be able to enjoy her shower. E.J. dries her eyes and tells her he has to protect what is his (the baby). He informs her she needs to stop the nonsense with Celeste or she will never be at peace. She agrees. Meanwhile, Celeste decides to leave the party. Kate stops her at the door and asks her where she is going. Celeste says she had a disagreement with the headmaster at Will’s school and wanted to talk to Sami. She tells Kate she wanted to kill the headmaster. After she leaves, she text messages Sami. Sami gets a text message on her cell phone. E.J. questions her about what is going on. She says Celeste is angry because she tried to get Theo into will’s private school, and it didn’t go well. She tells E.J. that Celeste threatened to kill the headmaster. She informs E.J. that all of their conversations seem to center around the baby. While Sami and E.J. are in the bedroom, Lucas arrives at the party. Phillip is also there. Phillip and Kate both try to get Lucas to forgive Phillip. Lucas remains adamant and won’t hear of it. Lucas asks where Sami is. Kate tells him she has been in the bedroom with E.J. Lucas enters, and he asks what is going on. Sami lies and says she wasn’t feeling well, so E.J. accompanied her into the room to make sure she was okay. E.J. apologizes and leaves. Lucas asks Sami about what is going on.

When E.J. leaves, Kate tells him the story Celeste told him, so E.J. is satisfied and leaves. Sami and Lucas come out of the room and begin to laugh and join the party. E.J. listens to Sami laughing outside the door. He smells his handkerchief that dried her tears. He says that she will be his very soon.

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