Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/22/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/22/07


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Shawn and Belle are still on Tinda Lau. Shawn stops Belle from making a phone call to the United States. He emphasizes to Belle why they cannot call home, but Belle acts as if it is no big deal. She says Phillip thinks they are dead anyway. Shawn emphasizes to her that Phillip is relentless. They start to argue back and forth, and Gabby walks in. She tells Shawn this is her fault because she told Belle it was okay to make a call. They continue to argue, and she offers to take Claire to get some ice cream while they settle things. At first Belle is reluctant, but she lets Gabby take Claire. After Gabby leaves with Claire, Shawn asks Belle why she went behind his back. Belle admits she really misses her mom. Shawn tells her Phillip will never give up, and she needs to accept her life as it is now. They finally decide not to argue. Shawn compromises that they can write letters to the Salem police Department to Roman. That way, Marlena will know they are safe. Gabby comes back, and Shawn gives Gabby a letter to send out in the mail. After Shawn and Belle leave with Claire, she tears the letter up. When they get upstairs, Shawn is upset because Belle had twin beds put in the room. Thus, she broke another promise to him.

When Billie arrives at her apartment, she discovers that Chelsea is packing to leave. Chelsea is concerned because she notices the cuts on Billie’s face. Billie assures her she is okay. She says she only has a mild concussion. She tells Chelsea about how Steve forced her to help him. Billie starts to feel dizzy, and Chelsea makes her sit. She calls the ER doctor to see if it is okay to give Billie some aspirin. While she is on the phone, Billie sneaks and reads Chelsea’s diary. She discovers how much Chelsea hates her but still yearns to forgive her. She reads about how disappointed Chelsea is in her. She finds out that Chelsea is afraid of failing school and that Bo will think she set the fire at his home. When Chelsea gets off the phone, she sits down to talk to Billie. She informs Billie that Sami gave her advice about not holding grudges. Billie agrees with this advice. Chelsea tells Billie that she made her feel embarrassed and like everyone was laughing at her. Billie tells her that nobody was laughing at her. She begs for another chance. Chelsea doesn’t know how Billie could hurt her by sleeping with nick. She says it is as if there are two Billie’s. One is her compassionate mother who stands behind her and supports her. The other Billie is a drug addicted drunk. She says she can’t handle the drunken Billie anymore. As she is getting ready to leave, Roman comes to the door. He asks how Billie is doing. He sits down with Billie and Chelsea. He questions Chelsea about exactly what she did the night of the fire. Chelsea tells him she slipped a note under the door and left. He informs her that her brush was found inside Bo’s home. She tells him she didn’t leave it there. He also tells her how Hope’s jewelry was stolen. Chelsea becomes tearful and denies everything. Billie tells her to be quiet, and she will get her a lawyer. She tells Chelsea not to answer anymore of Roman’s questions. Billie shows Roman out the door. Billie tells Chelsea she won’t let her go through this alone. Chelsea leaves for Lucas and Sami’s apartment. Chelsea tells Billie to take care of the lump on her head.

Roman arrives at the cabin. He informs Kayla that Billie only has a minor concussion. Roman tells her that the judge wants Steve in prison tonight. Kayla is upset about Steve having to go to prison. She begs roman to transport Steve to the mental hospital instead. She says she will talk to the doctor there. After some persuasion, Roman is agreeable, but he won’t help Steve again. At the state mental hospital, Dr. Kraft says they can’t help Steve. He is violent and poses a threat to the staff. He refuses to be helped. He even hid his medications in the air vent. Kayla begs her not to give up on Steve. She tells her she never gives up on a patient. She tells Dr. Kraft about how much she loves Steve. Steve brought her back from death when she was sick. She has been robbed of the past sixteen years with him. He wasn’t there to watch their daughter grow up. Steve listens on a gurney outside the room. Dr. Kraft did not realize all that had happened to Steve and Kayla. As Roman arrives, she agrees to give Steve another chance. Kayla is relieved. She sits with Steve and begs him to listen to and follow the rules. He tells her she is a pain in the ass. She smiles and leaves.

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