Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/20/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/20/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Belle and Shawn are on the island. Even though Belle thanks Shawn for agreeing to let them stay where they are for now, he tells Belle not to get used to it. As Shawn gets ready to go downstairs, Belle asks him to ask Gabby to get them another room with separate beds. Shawn is reluctant to do this because he does not believe Gabby and Duck should be aware of their sleeping arrangements. Belle is not happy about this because she thinks Shawn is just trying to prove something to Gabby and Duck. Shawn denies that his ego is involved in this. Shawn is worried about letting his guard down and Phillip finding them. Belle insists Phillip will not find them, and the two start to argue. Shawn goes to the door and tells Belle he will just sleep outside. She explains to him that they cannot trust Gabby and Duck. Shawn sarcastically says maybe he cannot be trusted either. Shawn is upset that she doesn’t even want to stay in the same room as him. Belle tells him she is still confused about her feelings for him. She wonders what will happen when they return to Salem. Shawn throws up the time they slept next to one another on the island and tells her she didn’t seem confused then. Belle accuses Shawn of just wanting sex. He denies this because he didn’t get any from her then or now. Belle is apologetic and admits she has to figure some things out. Shawn tells her he loves her and Claire. He just wants to be a family. He admits he is hurt by her rejection. She tells him she needs peace. She also wants to know what happens when they return to Salem. Shawn makes her a promise to give her the time she needs. Shawn leaves and goes downstairs to work. Duck wants him to bring up some kegs from the basement. Gabby watches Shawn’s muscles as he places them behind the bar. Duck tells him to take the empty kegs away. As Shawn rests for a few seconds, he tells Shawn he wants this done now and not later. Shawn finishes the work, and Duck asks him if he has something to hide. Meanwhile, Gabby has gone upstairs to visit Belle. She tells Belle she will need to bring up some liniment later for Shawn because of the way Duck is working him. She asks Belle when the wedding date is. She explains to Belle that she can arrange for them to be married. Belle tells her they have no wedding date. When Belle asks Gabby if she is interested in Shawn, Gabby denies it. Belle confesses that she and Shawn are taking things slow for now. Gabby offers Belle another room with twin beds. Belle smiles as she contemplates this.

Chelsea goes to see Willow at her apartment. Chelsea warns Willow to stay away from Nick. Willow tells her she likes his geeky looks and is sure they will be close friends. She sarcastically informs Chelsea that she will have a hard time keeping her away from Nick when she is in prison. Chelsea questions Willow as to where she heard about the fire. She informs Willow that there wasn’t much damage and arson is thought to be the cause. Chelsea denies she had anything to do with the fire. She also reminds Willow that she was the one who set Shawn’s apartment on fire. Chelsea then lashes out at Willow about her profession as a hooker. Willow sarcastically asks Chelsea if Bo is covering for her again. Chelsea says he isn’t. She and Willow start to argue more about Nick. Willow tells her how Nick has spoken to Uncle Mickey about placing her in public housing. She also tells Chelsea she will be picked up soon for robbing Bo’s home. Chelsea is dumbfounded. She asks her how she knew Bo’s home was robbed, especially since nobody has said anything about it. Chelsea asks Willow if she set Bo’s home on fire. Willow changes the subject and tells Chelsea about how she is having Shawn’s baby. She throws the help Hope has given her in Chelsea’s face. Chelsea ends up shoving Willow into the dresser. Willow tells her to watch it because she has a baby on board. Chelsea explains to Willow that she is lucky because she is pregnant. Chelsea slams the door and leaves. She stands tearfully in the hallway for a few seconds. Willow plans to get rid of the jewelry after she leaves.

Marlene and Kayla are trying to find Steve and Billie. Kayla looks over Billie’s map, and they drive in the direction it indicates. Marlena wonders what they will do when they find Steve. She is worried about Kayla getting hurt. They argue as to whether Steve can be trusted. Kayla is upset about how E.J. seems to be destroying lives. Kayla threatens to stop him. Marlena warns her that the DiMeras will destroy anyone who tries to destroy them. Kayla says she isn’t worried. Marlena tells her she should be. She asks Kayla what she would do to E.J. Kayla says she would torture and kill him. She informs Kayla that this will not bring John back. She tells Kayla she cares for Steve, but if Steve tries to hurt someone, she will not be on his side. Meanwhile, Steve carries Billie into a cabin. She is unconscious. He says he can’t go back to the mental hospital. He says he will have to leave her there before someone finds him. She yells at her that this is her fault because she didn’t do what she was told. Billie wakes up after Steve leaves. She yells for Steve and then passes out again. Steve comes back with a washcloth he soaked in the creek. He gives this to Billie, who seems to be okay now. She tells him he should go. He says he had to make sure she was okay first. She does ask him to stay. She tells him she will talk to the hospital for him. He refuses her help, especially since she left the map to be found. He gives her his cell phone. As he attempts to leave, Marlena and Kayla are at the door. They make sure Billie and Steve are okay. Billie tells them how Steve won’t listen. Marlena tells him he isn’t going anywhere and needs to turn himself in.

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