Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/15/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/15/07


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Shawn and Belle are still staying on the island. Shawn comes downstairs and informs Gabby he and Belle are leaving as soon as Claire’s fever breaks. She offers him breakfast, but he stubbornly refuses. Just as gabby goes back to work, Belle bring Claire downstairs. Claire’s fever has broken. Belle says she is a fighter and is feeling better. He tells belle that it is time they go. Belle wants to stay, but Shawn doesn’t. Belle does end up putting her foot down. She tells Shawn they are going to stay and rest. Shawn admits he doesn’t like being around Duck because he reminds him of Victor. Victor was always looking down on him because he didn’t have a job. He thinks Duck is doing the same. Gabby comes over and tries to convince them to stay. She tells Shawn she will give them free room and board if he will fix their boat. Shawn informs her it might take awhile to get the parts in from Guam. Gabby says she doesn’t mind. Shawn says just fixing the boat isn’t good enough. He will also fill-in for Gabby when she takes her breaks. Duck goes to the bar, and Shawn says he will only stay if Duck is agreeable to it. After Shawn follows him and asks him, Duck reluctantly agrees and leaves. Gabby tells them that Duck helped a lot of people in the aftermath of the tsunami. Belle takes Claire to the kitchen for food, and Shawn asks her why she is being nice to them. Gabby finally tells him it is because she liked his face. He looks trustworthy. Belle returns, and Shawn, Belle, and Claire go upstairs to rest. Duck informs Gabby that Shawn has a child. Gabby tells him Shawn has no wedding ring on his finger.

Sami and Lucas are at Billie’s apartment. Billie goes on and on about how she is worried about Chelsea and about how Chelsea lashes out when she gets hurt. Sami tells Billie she doesn’t think Chelsea set the fire. Chelsea enters. She informs them that Bo thinks she set fire to his home. She talks about how nobody will believe her and she might go to prison for something she didn’t do. Billie tells Chelsea she still has her to count on, but Chelsea explodes and tells her she isn’t her mother. She tells Billie her parents were killed in an auto accident, and she got the privilege of having a failure and back-stabbing slut like Billie as her mother. Lucas and Sami tell Chelsea not to talk like that. She tells Sami and Lucas she has no place to go. She won’t stay with Billie, and it would be awkward at Bo’s since he thinks she set fire to his home. Sami and Lucas offer their home to Chelsea. She finally agrees. Even though Billie begs for forgiveness, Billie won’t give it. She reminds Chelsea she has always been there for her when everyone else turned their backs on her. Chelsea and Sami leave, and Lucas stays behind. E.J. knocks at the door. He informs Billie it would be a great time to suggest a security system to Bo. Lucas is very upset about this. Billie can’t believe E.J. wants her to give the hard-sell to Bo at a time like this. Billie refuses, and Lucas tells E.J. to give it a rest. He explains to him that Billie is having a hard time with her daughter. They tell him what’s going on. E.J. makes an offer to help with attorney fees. Lucas sarcastically informs E.J. that Billie’s family will take care of her. They don’t need any help from E.J. E.J. reminds Lucas to watch about how he treats him because he is his boss. After E.J. leaves, Lucas mocks Billie by telling her to step over the bodies and sell, sell, sell. E.J. runs into Sami in the hallway. He reminds her he is waiting on the amnio results. She tells him it takes time. Lucas interrupts them. He informs Sami that Billie is going to bed. Sami tells him Chelsea cried herself to sleep.

Kayla visits Steve in the mental hospital. She questions him about John’s kidney. He refuses to answer any of her questions. He tells her to forget about him and leave. She refuses and keeps on hounding him. He reminds her that she is the reason he’s there. Kayla keeps on telling him how much she loves him. She tells him she also knows E.J. visited him. He refuses to tell her anything. This upsets Kayla. She calls him a coward. She also threatens to tell Stephanie what’s happening. Steve tells Kayla if she does this, he will never forgive her. Steve finally grabs Kayla, and she becomes frightened and calls for the orderly. When the orderly comes, he tells him he has a knife in Kayla’s back. He has the orderly go into the cell, and he throws Kayla in with him. Later, Billie discovers he is at her apartment.

At the YWCA, Willow is frantically looking for the missing check. E.J. comes, and she tells him she knows he has the check. He confesses that he does and he will not pay her. He tells her the fire was not part of the bargain. He calls her a psychotic arsonist. He makes it clear to her that she will keep her mouth shut if the police ask her anything. He reminds her it is not desirable to have a baby in prison. She tells him she framed someone else. He admits he is impressed with her. He also informs her she should learn a lesson and get paid in cash instead in the future. E.J. leaves and informs her never to contact him again.

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