Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/13/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/13/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Jed goes to the YWCA. While he is there, he puts Willow’s check under the mattress. As soon as he gets done doing this, he hears someone banging at the door. It is E.J. He tells Jed he is the manager of the YWCA. He questions Jed as to why he is there. He proceeds to tell E.J. he is Willow’s brother, and he needed to drop something off to her. E.J. tells Jed to leave and shows him the door. E.J. dons his black gloves and begins searching the room. He finally finds the check under Willow’s bed and takes it.

Sami goes to Billie and Chelsea’s residence. She is there to speak to Nick. She asks him if he can do her a favor by faking the paternity test results of her baby to make it appear as if Lucas is the father. Even though Nick starts to discuss the problems he is having with Chelsea, Sami continues to hound him about her own problems. Nick does not understand why Sami would need fake lab results if the baby belongs to Lucas. She explains this by telling her that someone is giving her a hard time about the baby. Nick tells Sami he is worried about getting caught and losing his job. Sami continues to badger him. He finally agrees to get a blank lab report for Sami. She tells him she has to have it tonight and agrees to wait for Chelsea for him until he gets back with the blank lab report. As Nick leaves, Lucas is at the door. Nick excuses himself to run an errand. Lucas asks her what is wrong. Sami goes on and on but is unable to tell Lucas what the problem is. Finally, Lucas tells her she should schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist. Sami is agreeable and is thankful he still wants to marry her. Lucas tells her there is nothing that would keep him from marrying her. They kiss. She tells Lucas she needs to wait for Chelsea until Nick gets back. She says she hopes he hurries because she is really hungry. She asks Lucas to keep her food warm. He leaves. After awhile, Nick gets back with the blank lab report. Sami is excited and kisses his face. She leaves to go home to Lucas, but she runs into E.J. in the hallway. They begin to argue, he grabs her, and she screams. He apologizes sincerely to her because he doesn’t want to raise her blood pressure. She tries to put the blank lab report in her purse, but she faints. E.J. catches her. E.J. calls Sami’s name. When this doesn’t work, he yells for Lucas. Lucas runs out and thinks Sami needs an ambulance. Just as E.J. is about to call for one, Sami comes to and says she probably fainted because she hasn’t eaten. She denies the need for an ambulance. E.J. goes back to his apartment, and Sami picks up the blank lab report on the floor. Of course, E.J. sees this, and he smirks.

Bo and Billie meet at the Penthouse Grill. She is worried about Chelsea because she has run away. She blames herself. She finally admits to Bo that she slept with Nick. Bo remembers the night Steve sent Billie a goodbye letter and realizes that she did. He doesn’t get overly concerned about it. He says that if Nick is okay with it, then it should be okay. Billie tells Bo how Nick and Chelsea feel about each other. She also tells him how nice of a guy Nick is. She says Chelsea was extremely upset when she learned the truth. She is worried Chelsea has nobody to confide in. Bo says he has forgiven Chelsea for any involvement she had with Patrick. He finally believes Patrick tricked Chelsea into what she did. He does admit he hasn’t told Chelsea this yet.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Hope is playing with Ciara. She tells her she knows she will make her family proud of her. Meanwhile, Chelsea comes to the door. She thinks about knocking, but she remembers how angry Bo is with her about Patrick. Instead she slips a note under the door. This note says:

Dear Dad,

I’m leaving tonight but before I go I have to tell you this. I’ll always love you. I wish that things were different. I love you so much. Don’t blame yourself dad. You’re not the reason that it didn’t work out. I’m sorry and I’d trade places with Zack in a moment. I just hope one day you can forgive me for making a mess out of your lives.

All my love, Chelsea

Chelsea puts the note under the door and leaves. Willow has been watching the whole thing. When Chelsea leaves, she comes out of the bushes to break in. The phone rings inside and Hope talks with Bo. She says she hasn’t seen Chelsea, but maybe she is already home. Bo tells her he should be home soon. Hope goes upstairs with the baby. Willow enters through the back door, but she receives a phone call. E.J. wants to make sure she is doing her job. She tells him that she is. After he gets off the phone, he takes the check into the bathroom, burns it up with a lighter, and flushes it down the toilet. Willow looks for jewelry, but accidentally knocks down a candle which starts a fire in the curtains. She thinks about dousing the flames with water from a flower vase, but she hurriedly leaves instead. A brush is left on the floor. Hope realizes the house is on fire and goes outside with the baby. She calls the fire department and Bo. Bo rushes back home with Billie. Hope can’t believe someone would do this to them. Billie offers them her place to stay in, but Bo has other plans. When Willow returns to the YWCA, she discovers there is no check under her mattress.

After leaving Bo and Hope’s, Chelsea goes to Max’s garage. She needs somewhere to stay. The door is locked, and she runs into Jed. Jed wonders if she needs help. He offers to get the door open somehow so she can stay there. She takes him up on his offer, but Chelsea is more agitated with Jed than grateful to him. Jed leaves, and she sits in a chair in Max’s office to rest. She has a call from Bo (Before he receives the call about the fire from Hope) stating he wants to get her and bring her back home for the night. He apologizes to her. He tells her Hope convinced him that what he did was wrong. He reminds Chelsea that they are family. Chelsea does not trust Bo because she believes Billie is behind his offer. She acts like she is waiting on a bus and it is coming because she hears Billie’s voice. She ends the phone call, and tries to get sleep in the chair.

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