Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/8/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/8/07


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Nick enters Max’s garage and informs Abby he finally got a real kiss from Chelsea. Abby is surprised by this, and she initially doubts him. However, he reassures her that Chelsea did kiss him in a romantic way. Abby remarks to Nick that Chelsea needs a guy she can trust. He confesses to Abby about how he plans to tell Chelsea the truth about his one-night-stand with Billie. Abby informs him that this would not be a good idea because it would probably ruin Billie and Chelsea’s relationship. Abby leaves and goes to Chez Rouge, where she vents to Maggie. Maggie thinks she is talking about Max, but she is actually talking about Nick. Maggie tells Abby she doesn’t approve of Max. When Abby tells her she is talking about Nick, Maggie tells her to find someone to get through to Nick. Abby leaves to find Billie. Nick then shows up at Chez Rouge. Maggie tells him Abby was there, but she left. She tells him Abby is a smart girl, and she should listen to her. He leaves a message for Chelsea to call him back. Abby does find Billie at Java Cafe and warns her that Nick is going to confess all to Chelsea. Billie intercepts Nick at Max’s garage. She begs him not to tell Chelsea. She tells him it will devastate her world. She admits to Nick it has taken a long time to build a relationship with Chelsea. She doesn’t want Chelsea to pay for her mistake. Nick doesn’t seem to hear her and storms off to tell Chelsea. Billie leaves Chelsea a message for her to call her.

Willow finds E.J. at Java Café. She tells him about how she is pregnant with Shawn’s child and begs him for a job. He is quite condescending to her, and he initially refuses her request. She informs him they will kick her out of the YWCA when they find out she is expecting. He does give it some thought and tells her he will speak to her after his meeting. E.J. meets with Billie. E. J. sits down with and compliments Billie. Billie tells him Bo was impressed with the security system, but he was not impressed with E.J.’s involvement. E.J. says he will talk to the board of directors. Billie thinks she may go to Roman. However, E.J. informs her that Roman probably won’t be receptive to the idea if Bo wasn’t. E.J. jokes about how they seem Roman and Bo think he is such a criminal. Billie does laugh at his jokes, and Willow finally comes over to the table. E.J. informs Bille he has given Willow a job. Billie thinks E.J. is such a sweet guy for doing this. E. J. takes Willow aside and informs her what the new job entails. She is to break into Bo’s house. He shows her a check for a sum of money that is equal to two year’s salary. He tells her she would have enough money to put a down payment on a house. Willow refuses and goes outside. E.J. calls the YWCA and informs them Willow is pregnant. Meanwhile, Willow runs into Abby. She tries to plead her case to Abby. She tells her she is sorry for what she did to Shawn. She tells her how bad things are for her and her baby. She desperately asks Abby if she thinks Maggie would hire her back. Abby says no and is not forgiving towards Willow. Abby goes inside the café. Willow receives a call from the YWCA. She is informed she can no longer stay there. Willow goes inside and finds E.J. to accept the job offer. He gives her the post dated check and informs her if she tells anyone, she and her baby will not make it through the year.

At St. Luke’s, Lucas still begs Sami to tell him the truth. Sami wants Lucas to leave Salem with her. He begs her to tell him why, but she won’t tell him. She promises to tell him everything when they are on the road. Lucas tells her he believes E.J. is the problem. She denies this. Lucas knows she is lying, but he tells her he will go if she tells him why. She informs him she can’t tell him why. He then tells her he can’t marry her. Sami worries about her past and that Lucas will take back his love if she tells him the truth. He promises not to walk out on her and even gets down on his knees. She finally admits E.J. was in the church with her earlier. Just as she is ready to confess, Celeste enters. She tells them she is there to light a candle for Lexi. Even though Lucas wants to leave, Sami decides to stick around. She tells Lucas she was hormonal and E.J. was messing with her head. Lucas tells her to watch a chick flick and have some chocolate. Sami smiles at him, and he leaves. Sami asks Celeste for help. Celeste tells her she knew Sami needed help and that’s why she came.

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