Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/1/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/1/07


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Jed and Abby are at Chez Rouge. He tells Abby he is not a player and she is beautiful. She says she doesn’t hear thing like that very often. He tells her that guys must be crazy not to tell her. He questions her about the guy she is committed to. She admits she lied, but she does like this guy. She tells him this guy’s girlfriend is needy. Jed informs her the girlfriend usually wins when it comes down to a choice. She tells him he doesn’t know anything and it is her life. Abby explains her and this guy click. He asks her why she wanted to go out with him. She tells him it is because she likes him. He explains that he goes for it when he likes someone. Abby admires Jed for saying what he feels. Willow enters to speak with Maggie. Abby tells Jed to stay away from Willow because she is trouble and a prostitute. Jed becomes very angry. He tells her his name is Jed Stark. He is Willow’s brother. Willow asks Maggie for her job back, and Maggie refuses. Jed comes up to Willow and confronts her. He tells her she is lying and asks her where she got the money. She refuses to tell him and leaves. Meanwhile, Nick enters and talks to Abby. He has an idea to turn things around for both of them. Jed goes off to look for Willow. Maggie calls Hope about Willow and the baby. Nick suggests to Abby that they double date with him and Chelsea and her and Jed. Abby says no regarding Jed. Nick informs her he saw Mimi and Max and they were tight.

Max and Mimi are at Bonnie’s. Mimi is upset and hopes her mom doesn’t bolt. She says her mom killed her dad in self-defense. Nick enters. He informs them Mimi’s blood was on the gold ring. He even ran the test twice. He then leaves, and Mimi is upset. Bonnie enters, and Mimi demands the truth from her. Victor gave Bonnie the money for bail. Mimi asks why and accuses Bonnie of lying. She tells Bonnie about the blood on the ring and demands to know the truth. Mimi’s dad came home smelling like booze and cheap perfume. They argued, and he became violent. He knocked Bonnie on the floor. Mimi came in, and he hit her with the back of his hand. That’s how the blood got on the ring. When he came at Bonnie again, Mimi picked up a bat and hit him in the head. She killed him. Bonnie tells her that Mimi didn’t remember anything. So, she and Patrick got rid of the body. Bonnie tells Mimi she is willing to go to jail. She wants Mimi to leave Salem for good. She wants her to go to Arizona tonight. Mimi does start to remember a little of what happened. Max agrees that Mimi should leave. They embrace, Mimi leaves, and Bonnie is left crying.

Sami and E.J. are at his apartment. Sami answers the door, and it is Lucas. Lucas asks her why she is here. Sami tells him she had to talk with E.J. about some stuff. Lucas says that someone is not telling the truth, but he trusts Sami. He asks E.J. why he hasn’t left yet. Lucas tells Sami it is only because E.J. wants to be close to her. E.J. informs Lucas his accusations are getting tiresome. He says he gave Lucas a job and gets insubordination and a bad attitude in return. E.J. finally admits he has no intention of moving out because he wants to be near Sami because she helped the police set him up. He says he has the maturity of a fifteen year old and doesn’t want anybody to get his girl. He asks Lucas what he will do if he doesn’t move. Lucas says he will quit and his family will move. He tells Lucas he will move. Lucas leaves and E.J. informs Sami they still have a deal. Lucas returns with boxes. They both leave E.J. they kiss passionately in the hall and plan to go to the shower together. E.J. lurks at his door. He calls about his father. He leaves a message for him that their plans are to proceed.

Steve is at Kayla’s. She is glad he has come home. Steve asks how John is. Kayla says he is at the hospital and she could lose her license. She asks him to turn himself in. He tells her he is leaving Salem for good. He can’t stay because of the DiMeras. Kayla informs him he has a choice. They can’t control him completely because he did let her call an ambulance for John. He begs for money to go. She refuses and tells him he has a life in Salem. She tells him he may hurt someone if he goes and begs him to stay. They embrace, but he tells her he is sorry. Steve says he has caused nothing but trouble since he came back and he is a danger to others. She tells him he will have to kill her to leave and blocks the door. Steve cries. Kayla wants to call her brothers, and Steve agrees. As she calls, he bolts for the door. The cops are outside and apprehend him. He is very angry and struggles with them. He screams at Kayla that she has just signed his death warrant. They take him away.

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