Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/27/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/27/07


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

Willow and Phillip are in Phillip's car in front of the police department. Willow believes Phillip is going to turn her in to the cops. She is very upset and attempts to reason with Phillip. She finally explains to Phillip that she will tell the cops he tried to throw her overboard. He confesses he is not there to turn her in. He tells her to get out of the car and leave. She tries to get him to let her stay by giving him hope that Claire might be alive. She asks Phillip if he is going to let Shawn and Belle get away with this. He tells her he doesn't need her help. His exact words are, "I need your help like I need a brain tumor." Phillip explains to her that the deal is off. Willow replies the deal will be off when she says the deal is off. She takes Phillip's keys. He takes them back after she threatens him again. Finally, she begs Phillip. She states she was angry and wanted to punish Phillip. He opens the door and tells her to get out. She tries to make him feel guilty be telling him she is pregnant and has no money or resources. He does give her some money and then demands that she go. She calls him a bastard and leaves. He looks somewhat regretful after she is gone.

Sami and Lucas are dining out at Chez Rouge. Sami is worried about the price of the food. Lucas tells her he is sparing no expense because they are getting married. Sami is scared because she believes she has a "wedding curse" on her. Lucas tells her the "wedding curse" is broken. He asks Sami, "What could come between us?" E.J. walks up just then. Lucas tells E.J. about how he wants to marry Sami. E.J. informs Lucas he couldn't afford a wedding if it wasn't for his employment with him. He informs Lucas he needs to call about and fax a contract immediately. Lucas resists, but finally he decides to leave temporarily. After Lucas leaves, E.J. sits down and tells Sami he knows she has a secret. He goes on to inform her he knows she is pregnant. Sami asks him how he knows. He says he went through her trash and found out she has an appointment for a sonogram. He also has noticed how she is not drinking alcohol. He explains to her that he believes she knows the baby is his.  About then, Lucas reenters and states he is done. E.J. then informs him he needs him to fax the contract to his apartment. Lucas reluctantly leaves again. E.J. tells Sami he is delighted about the baby. Sami explains to him the baby belongs to Lucas. Sami is upset and angrily tells E.J. that he raped her. E.J. explains to Sami how she had a choice and was willing to have sex with him. She gets up to leave. He informs her she will get a paternity test or he will tell Lucas everything. He is adamant he will raise his own child. Sami does not want to obtain a paternity test. E.J. states they will discuss the little one when Lucas returns. Lucas returns, and he informs Lucas he can take four months of leave when the baby is born. E.J. leaves. Lucas asks Sami how E.J. found out about the baby. Sami tells him E.J. figured it out by himself. Lucas receives a call from E.J. E.J. asks Lucas to meet him the next morning to discuss something "man to man." Lucas agrees and asks Sami if she has any idea why E.J. wants to see him.

Roman and Bo are in Roman's office at the police department. Bo states that maybe the DiMeras don't want John to wake up. Roman and Bo are concerned that nobody has seen Kayla since yesterday. Bo calls his dad, but he also has not seen Kayla since yesterday. They believe Kayla went after Steve. They are worried because she did this on her own. Roman puts an APB out on Kayla and Steve. Roman tells Bo not to tell their parents yet. Bo and Roman discuss John's shooting. All the witnesses are gone. Bo tells Roman he wishes he could find someone who could bring E.J. down. He remembers Shawn. Shawn was E.J.'s courier. If he could get Shawn to sign a statement verifying E.J. was involved with illegal activity, then Patrick might be bullied into talking. Bo states they need to find Shawn. Just then, Phillip brings in a box of remains to Bo. He tells Bo the story of how Shawn and Belle jumped off the ship with Claire. He says they found Claire's blood on the raft. He informs Bo they are all dead. He blames Bo for helping Shawn kidnap Claire. Bo tells Phillip he and Victor are the ones responsible. An officer comes in and tells them they may have a lead on Steve. Roman leaves. Phillip yells at Bo that he will make him pay. Bo tells him he is no brother to him. Bo grieves at Roman's desk for Shawn. He states, "This can't be." Roman comes back. Bo looks over the piece of the raft and discovers Shawn wrote SAFE on it. Bo informs Roman they are not dead. Another search party is to be sent out. They receive a phone call to come to the pier. Kayla is with John, and it doesn't look good.

After Phillip leaves the police department, he runs into Willow. She tells him she has no insurance and nowhere to go. She asks him how she could let another child die. Willow asks Phillip for a loan. She threatens to inform everyone the baby is his. By the time the public realizes it is not, his reputation will be tainted. He tells her to come by the mansion tomorrow to discuss terms.

At the warehouse, Steve tells Kayla she must operate. Kayla is upset about this. Steve informs her she has no choice but to do this. She tells him she needs to know why. She also realizes the man who was there earlier was going to take John's kidney. She tells Steve it is not too late. They can still call Bo and Roman. Steve won't let her do this. She tells Steve that he is scaring her. He informs Kayla this is their only chance. He knows she can do it. He says other people will die if she doesn't do this. He even suggests they might hurt Stephanie and others. Kayla reluctantly goes in to operate. She tells John she is sorry. As she is operating, sirens are heard. Steve goes outside, but it is only a passing police car. Kayla finally comes out and
tells him it is over. A man comes in and takes the kidney. Kayla is not happy. She is angry that John was operated on in a filthy warehouse. Steve says he will get supplies for John. Kayla refuses and tells him to call an ambulance. She says John will not make it if he is not in a hospital. She begs Steve to call. He finally gives the phone to Kayla. He acts really scared. She calls for an ambulance. Steve tells her he loves her and leaves. Steve goes outside and tells E.J. the kidney is on its way.

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