Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/22/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/22/07


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At the Salem police department, Bonnie has confessed to the murder of her husband. Max and Mimi are sitting outside of Roman’s office, and Roman informs them that Bonnie stated David came home drunk and smelled like perfume. They fought, and David hit her. She picked up a poker. Mimi tells Roman she doesn’t believe this. Roman tells her that Bonnie stated she dressed up his body in a civil war outfit and hid him in the church. Bonnie denied that Patrick and Connor were involved. Even though Connor is not being booked, Bonnie is being charged with murder. Roman states he will treat her fairly, and Mimi and Max try to come up with a way to get Bonnie off the hook. Max decides to get the ring back to check for additional DNA. Meanwhile, Mimi goes into Roman’s office to confront Bonnie. Mimi tells her mother that she doesn’t believe she is a murderer. She informs Bonnie that Max is getting the ring back to try to find someone else’s DNA on it. Bonnie informs her it won’t help because she was the one who did it. She tries to get Mimi to give up all efforts. Mimi tells her she knows she is hiding something. Bonnie insists that she is the one who needs to go to prison because she acted alone. Roman enters his office to book Bonnie. Bonnie breaks down on Mimi. She tells Bonnie she loves her, and Bonnie is taken away. Max enters and is upset about Bonnie being booked. Mimi tells him that she knows her mother is covering up for someone else. They embrace, and Mimi wonders if they can go back to his place. Max gets out of this by saying he has to work. After Mimi leaves, Max leaves a message for Abby. He tells her he will be working at the garage if she wants to stop by.

Abby is working on her laptop at the Java Café and meets a new guy in her class named Jed. He wants to talk about John Reed, the journalist. He needs assistance in researching Mr. Reed. Abby advises him to rent “Reds,” and Chelsea storms in. She is upset about how hard the calculus class is that she is taking. Jed insults her by telling her she should think about quitting it before she gets in over her head. This makes Chelsea angry, and she glares at Jed. She insults him by asking him who the hell he thinks he is. She tells him to leave because she and Abby need to talk. He does leave, and Chelsea continues to lament about her class. Finally, Chelsea notices Jed staring at Abby from across the room. Chelsea teases Abby about this. Abby states she is not interested, and she suggests Chelsea have Nick assist her with calculus. Chelsea will not hear of it. Instead, she raves about how she is going to make Nick jealous with Dr. Rebert. She finally leaves, and she asks Jed to join Abby for further conversation. Jed does come over to talk with Abby. He tells her that his car broke down, and he asks her for a ride to work. Abby informs him she is involved with someone. He assures her he wasn’t trying to hit on her, but she sees his friends laughing from across the room. She tells him to tell his friends he struck out. However, she tells them that herself as she storms out.

Meanwhile, Nick is at work with Dr. Rebert. Dr. Rebert startles him, and Nick drops a beaker. Nick assures Dr. Rebert that he will have no problem working with Chelsea. Dr. Rebert seems happy to hear this. Dr. Rebert tells Nick how much he is looking forward to working with Chelsea. He tells Nick that Chelsea has a great body and nice ASSets. Nick is not happy and states that he would rather talk about something else. Dr. Rebert tells Nick he is the dumbest person he knows when it comes to women. Nick sarcastically thanks Dr. Rebert. Dr. Rebert does offer to show Nick some of his tricks to get women. Nick tells him that this is not the place to discuss such things. He reminds Dr. Rebert that it might cause trouble if someone overheard their conversation. Dr. Rebert assures Nick that nobody has ever brought him up on charges. Dr. Rebert leaves and Max enters with the ring. This startles Nick, and he drops another beaker. Max tells him about Bonnie’s plight, and Nick agrees to perform DNA testing. He asks Nick if he is going to see Abby later. Nick tells him he will probably run into her at Maggie’s. Max asks Nick to tell Abby he said “hi.” Nick says he will, and Max leaves. Chelsea and Dr. Rebert both enter the lab. Chelsea tells the doctor she is looking forward to working with him. Dr. Rebert is happy to hear this. He asks Chelsea how her classes are going. Chelsea admits to difficulty in calculus. Nick tries to offer his assistance, but Dr. Rebert beats him to the punch and offers to tutor Chelsea. Chelsea accepts his help, and he gives Chelsea a tour of the hospital. When they return, Dr. Rebert asks her to dinner to get to know her better and to discuss calculus. Chelsea accepts, and they leave. Nick is left standing there while looking nauseous.

Shawn and Belle are desperate to get themselves and Claire off the ship. Shawn believes they need to get rid of Phillip first. Phillip is keeping guard outside the cabin. Officer Stratton walks up to apprehend Shawn. Phillip demands he put Shawn and Belle in the brig and give Claire to him. Officer Stratton tells him that he doesn’t take orders from Phillip. Officer Stratton lets himself into the cabin. Belle tells him that Phillip has been bothering her all day by banging on the door. Phillip crashes through the bathroom door in search of Shawn. All that is there is an open window. It seems Shawn and Claire have escaped through this window. They lock Belle in the cabin and go up on deck to look for Shawn. They spy a man moaning on a chair. They discover it is one of the ship’s officers. Shawn apparently stole his clothing. After Phillip and Officer Stratton leave, Belle tells Shawn to come out from under the bed. He has been hiding there with Claire. They leave through the cabin door, but they are stopped by Willow. She threatens to pull the fire alarm to reveal where they are. They look scared, but then Willow states, “Gotcha!.” They scurry off without any interference from Willow. She tells them she will tell Phillip they said goodbye. When Phillip and Officer Stratton return, Belle, Shawn, and Claire are gone. Phillip is angry, but Willow reminds him that he is always telling her to shut up. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Belle that they must all jump off the ship. Belle is worried about Claire getting hurt, but agrees with Shawn. They all jump off the ship’s deck.

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