Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/14/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/14/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Police station:

EJ offers to drop the charges but Steve refuses. EJ persists and has the officer draw up the release papers. Steve questions EJ about the torture but EJ plays dumb. Kayla sends Steve out to sign the paperwork. While alone with EJ, Kayla tries to make a deal with EJ by promising that Steve will stay away from him if he stays away from Steve. EJ evades outright agreeing to the deal. Kayla vows to come after EJ should he try and hurt Steve again. Steve comes back once Kayla is gone and confronts EJ. EJ threatens Steve with hurting Kayla and leaves. Steve hears the noises in his head but neglects to tell Kayla when she returns. Steve picks up his jacket and a jewelry box falls out of his pocket. Steve hands it to Kayla explaining that it’s his Valentine’s Day gift to her. Kayla opens the box and discovers a necklace of two intertwined hearts. Steve likens the necklace to their intertwined hearts. Kayla asks Steve to stay away from EJ but he refuses.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami turns down Lucas’ proposal at first and buries her face in the couch as she cries. Lucas persists and Sami finally accepts. Sami gets upset when Lucas brings up how this baby will be his from the start. EJ stops by to see Sami. Lucas gloats about being newly engaged and EJ questions whether they are rushing because Sami is pregnant. Sami claims the baby toys Lucas bought are for Claire. Once EJ leaves, Lucas wonders why Sami is so worried about EJ learning she’s pregnant.

Billie’s apartment:

Nick and Abby head to Billie’s apartment to look for Chelsea but there is no one home. Nick wants to put off having to talk to Chelsea but Abby makes Nick stick around and wait for Chelsea to come home.


Dr. Rebert explains to Chelsea that he is not Shane Patton but appreciated the greeting nonetheless. Chelsea is so embarrassed that she cancels her plans to apply for the job and runs out. Chelsea decides to go find Nick and seek his help in deciphering what happened. Billie calls Nick to warn him.

Nick’s room:

Maggie lets Chelsea wait for Nick in his room. Chelsea spots posters on Nick’s wall displaying the names “Shane” and “Patton” and deduces that he is “Lonely Splicer.” Nick arrives and Chelsea lashes out at him for hurting her.


Captain Kendrick demands that Belle and Shawn surrender their passports and confirms that they are fakes. Shawn and Belle tell Captain Kendrick the truth and beg for his help. Just as they are about to convince the captain, Willow and Philip burst in. Philip demands to be given Claire.

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