Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/13/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/13/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Sami’s apartment:

Roman reams Sami for stealing the disc and causing Kate to threaten a lawsuit against the department. Sami maintains that she was in the right with her actions. Sami tells Roman to arrest her so the department won’t look like they were negligent. Roman refuses to arrest Sami claiming that he’s already smoothed things over to prevent the lawsuit. Roman instructs Sami to back off from Kate or risk really getting arrested. After Roman leaves, Lucas returns home. Sami starts to tell Lucas the truth but he admits that he already knows because Kate called him to complain. Sami is surprised to find that Lucas approves of her actions. Lucas gets on bended knee and proposes to Sami.


Nick confirms to Mimi and Max that the skeleton really is Mimi’s father. Max convinces Mimi to go to Abe with what they know. Abe insists on pursuing Bonnie and Connor for murder.

Billie’s apartment:

Chelsea gushes on the phone to Abby about her Canadian adventure with Nick and Abby accuses her of liking Nick. Billie comes home now having learned of Chelsea and Nick’s good work and lavishes Chelsea with praise. Billie shows Chelsea the want ad in the paper for a new lab assistant and realizes that Nick lied to her about there being no job openings. Chelsea decides to confront Nick.

Java café:

Nick asks Abby for her advice but Abby tells him once again to tell Chelsea the truth. Nick would rather pretend that Dr. Rebert is not really Shane Patton despite looking exactly alike. Nick gets Abby to accompany him when he goes to talk to Chelsea.


Chelsea, accompanied by Billie, decides to apply for the lab assistant job but worries when she notices the application asks about her criminal record. Billie assures her that she can truthfully check no on the form because it asked specifically if she’s ever been convicted of a felony. Chelsea worries that the hospital will check with the police department but Billie points out that Chelsea’s merely applying to be a messenger, not the secret service. Dr. Rebert walks by and Chelsea recognizes him from the picture. Believing him to be Shane Patton, Chelsea greets Dr. Rebert with hugs and kisses.


Dr. Deardon warns Captain Kendrick about Belle and Shawn because he senses that something isn’t right. Belle, Shawn, and Claire enjoy the benefits of traveling on a luxury cruise while still abiding by the rule of maintaining their false identities. Belle spots their picture in the paper with a headline referring to them as a couple wanted for kidnapping. Belle becomes frantic that they’ll be recognized and retreats to the cabin again. Belle, recalling Shawn’s earlier request to get off the boat on an island during the boat’s next all day stop, decides that they must disembark once they dock at that island for it is too risky to remain on the boat. As they are packing their things, the ship’s captain confronts them.

Carver home:

Celeste refuses to believe that Lexie left on her own free will. Abe asks Celeste to let Theo move in with her fearing that his eyesight will worsen to the point that he can’t take care of Theo. Celeste counters by offering to move in with Abe so that she can take care of them both. Abe accepts her offer.

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