Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/8/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/8/07


Written by Allison
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Danielle

Preparations are underway in the hotel conference center for Kate's big Mythic presentation. She hassles the meeting planner who gives her a personal guarantee that everything will be just perfect. Kate promises her she will burn in hell if things don't go well. Lucas comes in ranting and asking Kate how she could set Sami up again. Kate doesn't think this is the time to discuss it. Lucas does. He thought she was happy for them. Kate wants Sami to tell the truth about the night she saved Lucas. Lucas tells Kate she has to come to terms with him and Sami or that's it. He insists Sami has changed. He believes in miracles. Kate says what happened in the cabin was not a miracle. Kate says all Sami will ever do is hurt him. Kate will never stop trying. She thinks Lucas refuses to see the truth and uses the re-enactment tape and the expert testimony as proof that Sami couldn’t have acted alone. Lucas doesn't care if Sami had help from someone. He thinks maybe it might have been some farmer who just doesn't want attention. Kate asks if he isn't curious who the help might have been. She claims Sami is keeping the helper's identity a secret to keep her out of jail. Lucas tells Kate she is out of their lives if she doesn't stop making them miserable. He stomps out.

Sami leaves her apartment as EJ and Billie giggle in the hallway. EJ tells her she looks lovely. Billie and EJ stammer around and try to explain why they are together eventually getting out that EJ was helping Billie move boxes. EJ taunts Sami by asking her to recall how helpful he can be. EJ gets a call and leaves before Sami has a chance to respond. Sami yells at Billie for flirting with the man who was dangerous enough to shoot John. Billie says she was not flirting but instead meeting over a business proposal. Sami mocks Billie’s claim. Billie thinks Sami is jealous. Sami insists she is worried about Billie. Billie insists EJ is innocent of the charges. Sami makes the case against EJ. She begs Billie not to get herself hurt, and blurts out that EJ was on the run the night John was shot. Billie wants to know how come Sami knows so much about this and nobody else does. Billie presses. Sami insists EJ is not who Billie thinks he is. Billie accuses Sami of still being attracted to EJ. EJ interrupts. Billie says they were talking about him and Sami makes no attempt to deny that she was warning Billie to stay away from EJ. Billie has Sami leave and Sami warns EJ not to hurt Billie as she walks down the hall. EJ invites Billie to spend the day with him. Billie backs him off warning that she will find out if he’s as bad as Sami claims.

Billie reminds him she used to be a cop. She has a sixth sense. She can tell when people are being honest. EJ asks what she thinks about him. Billie explains that her sixth sense is telling her to proceed with caution around EJ. Billie warns that she’ll end their professional relationship right away if she finds evidence of his sinister ways. EJ asks about their personal relationship but Billie insists they have no such relationship. Lucas walks up and watches as they playfully argue. Billie and EJ see Lucas. They go through the same "he's helping me move" conversation they had with Sami. Lucas tells her to let him know the next time she needs help with boxes. Lucas doesn’t bother to hide his disdain for seeing EJ still living at his apartment. EJ invites him to the presentation. Lucas wants to talk to Billie in private. EJ leaves. Billie tells Lucas she made a business proposal to EJ. Lucas tells her to forget it. Billie says EJ was just helping her move. They argue about EJ. Lucas says he loves her and that's why he cares. Billie insists that she will be fine.

Kate makes her presentation. It's a press conference for stockholders and the news media. Kate introduces herself as president and CEO of Mythic. An audience member asks about EJ. Kate says they share president and CEO titles. The audience jumps all over her. They want to know if she is scaling EJ's role back. Kate says of course they aren't. They ask if the financial assets are still frozen. Kate dances around it and insists Mythic is stronger than ever. The proceedings turn into a donnybrook so Kate calls things off and decides to speak to members of the audience individually. Sami tells Jim, the media operator, that someone at the front desk needs to talk to him. She convinces him it's an emergency. Jim thanks her and leaves. Sami takes out the surveillance disk and switches out the disks in the video player. Jim comes back and asks Sami what that was all about because there was no call for him at the front desk. Sami says she was sure it was for Tim Bennigan. He reminds her he is Jim Finnigan. Sami apologizes and starts to leave but bumps into EJ. EJ tries to inquire about Sami’s health and welfare but Sami evades his questioning. Sami pretends to leave but watches from the back of the room. EJ thinks it's strange Sami would leave. He thinks she might be up to something. Billie gasps sarcastically. She can't imagine Sami would be up to something. The reporters spot EJ and barrage him with questions. EJ politely answers each question about the charges and his reputation and Kate sticks up for him. He says they are working hard to overcome the damage that has been done to his reputation. Kate calls off the bottom feeding and says her association with EJ honors her. Kate declares "Mythic is committed to doing business by strict moral guidelines." She says as they watch the film they will understand what EJ and she have in mind for the company. The show begins. "Oh My God," gasps Kate. EJ and Kate maul each other on the screen. Billie covers her face. Sami sneers. EJ and Kate steam up the room. Gasps abound. Billie is outraged that EJ slept with Kate and then tried to hit on her. Sami steps up to rub it in gloating as she quotes Kate’s previous line about upholding moral standards. She refers to Kate as a whore and asks for her opinion on morals now. Kate fumes.

Marlena lies in John's bed. John's eyes flinch and Marlena remembers his request of coming to him in dreams. Marlena dreams. The door rattles. John tells her to open the door. Marlena hesitates but eventually opens the door. The bright light momentarily blinds her. John tells her he is in the light and urges her to cross the threshold to meet him. Marlena panics. She doesn't understand and worries that this is heaven. John assures Marlena that he isn’t dead and extends his hand through the light. She takes his hand and enters. As Marlena and John touch in the dream, John’s eyes flutter in real life. John and Marlena walk through the Garden of Eden and John explains that they can be there because of their love. She wants to touch him. John doesn’t want to break their touch but Marlena convinces him to let go of just one hand. She caresses his cheek, his hair. She feels warm and asks for a kiss. He caresses her cheek and Marlena relishes in the touch as John kisses her. John's ghost needs to tell Marlena something she needs to take with her when she wakes up. When she wakes up she will talk herself into the fact that this never happened. Marlena becomes scared and John cautions that fear will be what Marlena needs to save her life. John tells Marlena that Steve was tortured and brainwashed by the DiMeras and they’ve now programmed things into his mind that are beyond his control. Dr. Tucker calls out trying to wake Marlena and his voice drowns out the rest of John’s warning about Steve. Marlena begs John to stay, but she wakes up. Marlena is peeved that Dr. Tucker took her away from John. Marlena says she knows dreams can seem real. She says this wasn't an ordinary dream. Dr. Tucker says a Dr. Brady-Johnson called to let Marlena know Steve had signed himself in. Marlena recalls John’s words about Steve being brainwashed. Dr. Tucker says Dr. Johnson was hoping Marlena could look in on Steve. Marlena agrees. Dr. Tucker leaves. Marlena begs John to finish whatever it was he was telling her but John’s only response is the continued flutter of his eyelids. Marlena tells John this is their secret. She felt the warmth of his hand on her skin. Marlena will never deny it. She begs John to come back to her.

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