Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/6/07

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/6/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Philip is angrily talking on the phone with someone he’s hired to find Shawn and Belle. Willow returns and Philip ends his call. Philip tells Willow to get out but Willow taunts him by claiming to know where Shawn and Belle are.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas gushes over Will’s basketball team while they have breakfast but Sami is distracted. Sami is worried that the TV shoot made her look bad but Lucas assures her that he isn’t disappointed in her. Sami feels that viewers of the TV show will think she’s a fake but Lucas claims that what they think is all that matters.

Police station:

EJ tells Officer Casarez his version of Steve’s assault on him. Kate walks in and admires EJ’s bruised face. Kate gloats about EJ letting himself be beat up by Steve but EJ claims Steve has it worse. EJ maintains to Kate that Steve went off on him without provocation. EJ explains that both he and Steve were arrested but fellow patrons came to EJ’s defense and his charges were dropped. EJ likes that Kate came by to see him but Kate explains that she came to see Roman. EJ’s elation fades when Kate refuses to explain why she wants to see Roman. EJ tries to use their partner status to find out, while lightly brushing Kate’s neck with his lips, what Kate wants to talk to Roman about but Kate blatantly tells EJ that he can’t be trusted. Kate walks away.

Steve, in a jail cell, apologizes to Kayla for ‘losing it.’ Kayla asks Steve to get help and Steve complains that he already got medical help. Kayla yells at Steve for procrastinating about seeking psychiatric help and demands that he check himself into the psych ward at the hospital. Steve refuses. Kayla tells Steve that if he doesn’t go then he will rot in jail.


Philip doubts Willow truly knows where Belle and Shawn are but Willow points out that Philip has no choice but to trust her. Willow explains that she met Merle and pretended to be a runaway so he would open up to her. Philip wants to know what Willow knows but Willow demands to be paid for her information. Philip criticizes Willow for demanding more money after stealing from him and after getting Victor’s $10,000. Willow claims she spent the $10,000 on her brother’s tuition and produces a money wire as proof. Willow apologizes for trying to rip off Philip and promises that it won’t happen again. Philip insists that he doesn’t need Willow. Willow becomes nauseous and rushes into the bathroom.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas wants Sami to ignore the dishes so they can go make love. Sami objects because it might make Lucas late for work. Lucas doesn’t care and they kiss. Sami pulls away and Lucas suggests that Sami go shopping to cheer her up. Sami decides to call Harry and ask him to edit out the footage of her failing to lift the beam. Sami asks the operator for the number to the “Extreme TV” television network.

Police station:

Kate introduces Roman to Dr. Walter Brower, a physics professor at MIT. Kate gives Roman the DVD footage of Sami and refers to Walter as her expert witness. Roman plays the DVD and watches the footage. Kate explains that it was a reenactment for a TV show and Roman balks at this news. Kate dismisses his primary objections. Walter backs up Kate’s claim that the footage proves that Sami couldn’t have lifted the beam off of Lucas.

Steve claims he’d rather be in jail than go to a ‘nuthouse.’ Kayla is fed up with Steve’s careless attitude. Steve claims it doesn’t matter what he did to EJ because EJ deserved it but Kayla asks what will happen if the next time he hurts someone innocent like her. Steve maintains that he would never hurt Kayla but Kayla refuses to believe that anymore. Kayla asks if Steve is willing to risk the future of their family by sticking to his stubborn ways. Benji walks in and claims he came by to see if Steve was okay. Kayla asks Benji to talk to Steve for her and obliges Steve’s request to leave them alone. Steve describes his memories of past torture to Benji. Steve tells Benji that his problems all started with him.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami learns from the cable company that no such ‘Heroes Among Us’ show exists. Lucas can’t understand how the show could be cancelled but Sami points out that it’s another of Kate’s setups.

Police station:

Walter continues his claim that Sami could not have ever lifted the beam by pointing out that Sami has obviously no knowledge of how a fulcrum works. Walter insults Roman’s intelligence by expecting him to not understand how a fulcrum works either. Walter adds that Sami would have also been unable to do it after having used up all her energy walking the highway in the snow looking for help. Walter leaves to catch a flight. Roman surprises Kate when he questions her motives.

Benji claims not to know what Steve is talking about. Steve reminds Benji about the night they had dinner and grabs him by the shirt collar when Benji still acts like he doesn’t understand. Steve wants Benji to tell him what he knows.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas can’t believe that Kate would go so far as to stage a phony TV show. Sami warns that Kate is up to her old tricks and there’s no telling what she’ll do next.

Police station:

Kate claims that the footage is evidence that Sami couldn’t have lifted the beam off of Lucas that night because the beam in the footage is half the weight of the original beam. Roman asks where Kate got the footage and Kate maintains that she was really contacted by a producer who wanted Sami’s story on his TV show. Kate claims that Sami embellished the story during the filming. Roman can tell that Kate is lying so Kate admits that she made the whole TV show story up. Roman is outraged but Kate insists it needed to be done to expose Sami’s lies. Roman wants to know how much it cost but Kate will only say it was worth every penny. Kate vows not to let Sami get away with making a fool out of her family.

Benji frees himself from Steve’s grasp and tells Steve, in sign language that Steve recites as Benji signs, that Stefano ordered him to hook back up with Steve and Kayla and give Steve the devil tarot card at the right time. Steve wishes Benji had come to him for help but Benji points out that no one is safe from Stefano.

Roman marvels at how Kate still hates Sami but Kate claims it’s only because Sami hasn’t changed either. Roman wants to know what Kate’s true intentions are and Kate brings up how EJ was in the area and could have been the one to help move the beam. Roman doesn’t believe her. Kate suggests that Sami made a deal with EJ to save Lucas after she helped him get through the roadblock and wants Sami brought up on charges of aiding and abetted a felon. Roman thinks Kate’s theory is ridiculous but Kate begs Roman to bring Sami down and question her. Roman believes Sami’s earlier claim of innocence. Kate insists that Sami is hiding the truth about EJ’s escape and she’d be surprised if that was only the tip of the iceberg of what Sami is hiding.

Police station/Sami’s apartment:

EJ finishes giving his statement and calls Lucas. EJ tells Lucas to come to the police station instead of heading into Mythic and to call EJ’s lawyers. Lucas agrees and ends the call. Lucas tells Sami not to jump to any conclusions about Kate and let him find out why Kate set Sami up. Lucas leaves.

Police station:

Benji tells Steve that he brought his wife to dinner that night so Steve and Kayla would see what is at stake for him if he should cross Stefano. Steve asks about his own family and Benji tells him that he thought the card was just to scare Steve. Steve begs Benji to tell him where all this is leading but Benji claims to have no idea. Steve threatens to come after Benji if he’s lying and Kayla rushes over to beg Steve to stop.


Willow comes out of the bathroom apologizing for getting sick so suddenly. Philip thinks Willow is just sick but Willow explains that she is pregnant and that is why she needs the money from him. Philip doubts that Willow is even pregnant but she offers to go take a pregnancy test on the spot. Philip decides he doesn’t care enough to know for sure and asks why Willow doesn’t just go after the man she sold sex to that knocked her up. Willow announces that Shawn is her baby’s father but that he doesn’t know she’s pregnant yet.

Willow complains that her attempts to get sympathy from Hope failed but Philip doesn’t care. Willow heads for the door but Philip stops her now claiming he could be useful to his cause.

Police station:

Steve apologizes to Benji and steps away from the door. Benji signs to Kayla and then leaves. Kayla asks Steve to clarify why Benji would be apologizing for his part. Steve tells Kayla that Benji admitted to being sent by Stefano and giving him the devil tarot card. Steve tells Kayla that Benji betrayed them.

EJ tells Officer Casarez that he needs two copies of the report. Benji walks by and EJ stops him. EJ sends Casarez out of the room. Benji claims he didn’t talk to Steve but EJ doesn’t believe him. Benji admits that he told Steve about being ordered to give Steve the tarot card. EJ warns that if Benji is still lying, it’ll be the last thing he ever does.


Philip offers to pay for Willow’s expenses during her pregnancy if she agrees to abide by his rules when the baby comes. Philip wants to use this baby as a bargaining chip for Claire. Willow decides she likes the idea and agrees to do whatever Philip says. Philip starts off by insisting on having a pregnancy test and an amniocentesis done to confirm that Willow really is pregnant with Shawn’s child. Willow agrees without concern. Philip warns that he will kick Willow out if she’s caught stealing from him again. Philip blocks Willow’s attempt to slap him when he calls her a whore. Willow threatens to back out of the deal and makes Philip apologize for treating her like trash. Philip asks to know now what Willow knows about Belle and Shawn.

Police station:

Lucas overhears EJ telling his lawyer that he wants to press criminal charges against Steve and a civil suit against Kayla for negligence. Lucas balks but EJ claims Kayla should have known Steve was capable of hurting someone. Lucas continues to object but EJ wraps his arm around Lucas’ shoulders and tells Lucas not to question him if he plans to continue working at Mythic.

Kayla doesn’t want to believe that Benji isn’t just another victim in Stefano’s plan. Steve wishes he could help Benji but Kayla wants Steve to focus on himself right now. Steve wants to know what the Dimeras are trying to do to him.


Willow tells Philip that Belle, Claire, and Shawn are now on a cruise ship but she doesn’t know the name or where they are heading. Philip starts working on his laptop sure that he’ll still be able to find them. Willow hopes to be visibly pregnant by the time Philip finds Shawn and Philip gloats about sending Shawn a picture to show what he’s missing.

Sami’s apartment/Police station:

Sami calls Mythic to talk to Kate but her secretary informs her that Kate isn’t in yet. Roman calls on the other line and asks Sami to come down to the station to talk about Lucas’ rescue. Sami tells Roman not to listen to Kate but Roman insists that Sami still come down so he can prevent any further trouble.

Police station:

Kayla begs Steve to check into the hospital and vows to be by his side the whole time. Steve agrees to commit himself to the hospital after the arraignment.

EJ confirms with his lawyers that he has a strong case by deposing the witnesses at Chez Rouge. EJ claims he’s been too forgiving to people in Salem and from now on, anyone who crosses him will get exactly what they deserve.

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