Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/5/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/5/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Chez Rouge:

Kayla arrives and finds Steve alone at a table. Kayla admires the romantic setup and Steve admits to setting it all up before standing to give Kayla a kiss and to hold out her chair. Kayla asks if this surprise is his way of avoiding having to talk to Benji but Steve insists he’ll be talking to Benji tomorrow. Steve spots EJ walking across the room.


Sami and Lucas return to the deserted cabin in the woods and Lucas comforts Sami by claiming he only remembers the good moments prior to his accident. They kiss and shiver against the cold.

Inside the cabin, Kate watches as two men struggle to lift a beam like the one Sami claims to have lifted off of Lucas. Kate gives last minute instructions to Bruce about acting like a director right before Sami and Lucas walk in. Kate asks for Sami and Lucas’ opinion on the setup. Lucas jokes about being more muscular than the dummy they built to represent Lucas but Sami has to hide her sudden uncomfortable demeanor at the site of the dummy lying there.


Shawn insists he didn’t kidnap Claire. Officer Pete refers back to Philip’s claim by referring to him as Shawn’s friend but Shawn insists Philip is no friend of his.

Willow returns to the hotel room and fumes that Philip sent her back to the room to pack. Willow touches her stomach and tells the baby that no one treats their mommy like that. Willow warns that Philip is going to find that out the hard way.

Philip breaks down the safe house door and hears a baby crying. Philip uses a flashlight to look around and calls out Belle’s name. Philip spots a woman holding a crying baby wrapped in a blue blanket that has her back to Philip and Philip feels that he’s finally caught Belle.

The woman with the baby turns out to be Stacy. Philip demands to know where Belle is but Stacy claims she came in for some shelter and is the only one there. Philip yells at her to get out but Stacy balks at having to go out in the cold. Philip insists so Stacy leaves. Philip continues to yell out for Belle and gets so loud that Belle finally steps out of the shadows holding a baby wrapped in a pink blanket.

Once outside, Stacy reveals that she was holding Claire in that blue blanket all along and hands Claire over to Chelsea. Chelsea bids Stacy goodbye and they part ways.

Philip grabs what he believes to be Claire from Belle’s arms but discovers that it’s only a baby doll wrapped in that pink blanket. Philip throws the doll to the ground but Belle remains stoic. Philip grabs Belle’s shoulders and shakes her and demands to know what she’s done with Claire.

Shawn tries to convince Pete that Claire is his baby but Pete doesn’t believe him. Nick suggests that Pete call Roman to verify his story. While Pete steps away to make the call, Nick tells Shawn that Mickey explained to him that since Shawn and Belle are Claire’s real parents, by law they didn’t technically kidnap Claire and thus only are guilty of violating the court order. Pete returns from the phone call claiming to now know the whole story.


Sami jokes that her hair wasn’t this nice that night and Bruce explains that they need the audience to fall in love with Sami first and directs her to sit in front of the camera and tell her story from the beginning. Kate suggests Sami add some flair to the story to entice the audience and Sami agrees. Bruce calls for action and Sami starts to tell the story to the camera. Bruce directs her to be more energetic and Sami starts over telling the story with a little more animation. Bruce delights in Sami’s suspenseful rendition of why they left the car to seek shelter in the cabin. Sami stops at the part of the story where they find the cabin to ask for some water and they decide to take a break in the taping. Lucas thanks Kate for arranging this for Sami and Kate subtly hints to Lucas that this taping will help show everyone exactly what kind of woman Sami’s become. Lucas’ cell phone vibrates and he steps outside to take the call. Taping resumes and Sami continues on with telling her story to the camera. Sami starts to cry as she gets to the part of the story where the beam fell on Lucas. Sami claims that no one was on the road to flag down so she had to return to the cabin alone to lift the beam off of Lucas. Bruce stops Sami mid-story and instructs her to lift the beam again so that viewers can see Sami actually in the situation.

Chez Rouge:

Steve fills Kayla in on why EJ is a free man. Steve wants to confront EJ but Kayla tries to stop him. Steve would rather confront EJ in hopes of getting immediate answers rather than wait until tomorrow to talk to Benji.

Steve taps EJ on the back just as EJ was about to take a drink and then sits down at EJ’s table.


Bruce and Kate explain to Sami that it’s better for her to reenact what happened rather than hire an actress to portray Sami. Sami explains that she was only able to lift the rafter in the first place because of the rush of adrenalin. Bruce claims that the beam they have set up now is a lighter beam and that Sami only need to pretend the beam is heavy. Sami rolls her eyes as Bruce acts like she’s pretending to struggle against the heavy beam. Unable to move the beam, Sami falls back to the ground and Kate smiles.


Willow goes through all of Philip’s things and gloats to her unborn child about seeking revenge by getting payment up front. Willow admires Philip’s expensive watch.

Belle stands up to Philip refusing to believe he’d really hurt her and Philip releases his grip. Philip now realizes that Stacy had Claire and demands to know where Stacy went. Belle insists that Stacy was holding her own child. Philip doesn’t buy it. Belle insists that Claire is safe and wants to work things out between her and Philip. Philip becomes outraged and refuses to do anything but retrieve ‘his daughter.’ Belle points out that Shawn is Claire’s father and identifies Philip as being truly out for revenge against Shawn. Philip claims that he’s really out to make Belle suffer instead.

Officer Pete explains that Roman agreed to Nick’s claim and releases Shawn from custody. Chelsea walks up with Claire and eavesdrops as Nick tells Shawn all about how great Chelsea has been throughout the ordeal. Chelsea hands Claire over to Shawn and smiles at Nick as she proclaims that they did it. Nick tells Chelsea that she was the one to make it happen.

Shawn thanks Chelsea for helping and apologizes for blaming her for their family’s troubles. Chelsea feels she deserved the blame but Shawn points out that he’s done his fair share of mistakes too. Shawn and Chelsea hug. Nick worries that they won’t be able to get anywhere now that they had to use the freighter money for bail. Shawn asks about Belle and Chelsea explains that Belle had to stay at the safe house and distract Philip.

Philip brings up how Belle ran to the penthouse instead of going through the grief of her miscarriage at home with him but Belle insists she was the only one grieving over the loss. Philip claims Belle lied when she made those promises at Claire’s baptism and refers to her as the biggest liar of them all.


Sami struggles as she tries to lift the beam again. Bruce yells at Sami pretending to get frustrated that she isn’t already lifting the beam. Sami claims that the beam is positioned differently and that is why she can’t lift it. Lucas returns and becomes alarmed when he sees Sami struggling to lift the beam. Lucas rushes over and tells Sami to stop fearing that she’ll hurt the baby. Kate is shocked to learn that Sami is pregnant.

Bruce directs the crew to head outside so Kate, Sami, and Lucas can talk privately. Lucas and Sami explain that they wanted to wait to announce the news until after the first trimester but are shocked when Kate doesn’t seem happy at the news.


Belle yells at Philip for trying to blame her when Philip was the one who wanted to abort the baby. Philip insists he still loves Claire but Belle doubts Philip even wants to be a father. Philip seethes as Belle yells at him about Claire growing up to hate him. Philip yells at Belle to shut up and Belle realizes that Philip would really kill her if he had to. Belle continues to stand up to Philip and tells him to go ahead and kill her knowing that he would still never see Claire again. Philip storms out in search of Stacy and Claire.

Shawn, with Claire in his arms, Chelsea and Nick leave the police station and Chelsea wants Shawn to stick around because Belle is expecting to meet them at the station. Shawn is worried that Philip has harmed Belle. Merle walks up and tells them that the freighter left 20 minutes ago but offers them passage on a cruise ship instead. Merle demands $2,000 for the fake passports and another $1,000 for the safe passage. Shawn objects because he only has $1,000 left. Chelsea warns that they should get away from the police station before talking about this and Nick tells Merle to make the arrangements because he can get the money within the hour. Nick rushes off. Merle tells Shawn to meet him at the local diner when Nick returns with the money and then leaves. Shawn asks what Nick is plotting and Chelsea explains that Nick can be so mysterious she doesn’t know what he’s up to.

Chez Rouge:

Kayla rushes over to Steve and EJ. EJ admires Kayla and Steve becomes angry with EJ for ogling Kayla. Steve demands to know what the Dimeras did to him but EJ plays dumb. Steve asks about Benji but EJ claims not to know Benji. Steve recalls the dinner with Benji and EJ taps his steak knife against the table rhythmically helping to incite rage in Steve.

EJ continues to tap the knife against the table as Kayla tries to stand up for Steve and prove his claims. EJ denies having taunted Steve while in Mexico claiming that Steve attacked him without provocation. Kayla, noticing that Steve is now distressed, begs EJ to stop the episodes. EJ claims to have no idea how to stop the episodes. Steve lunges at EJ and holds the steak knife to EJ’s throat yelling at him to make it stop.


Kate insists she is pleasantly excited about the pregnancy and Sami assures her that Kate will be involved in this new baby’s life. Kate hugs Sami and then calls Bruce and the crew to come back in. Kate now agrees with Sami and Lucas that they don’t need her to lift the beam. Kate recalls that they still need the shot of the beam being lifted off of Lucas so she has the cameraman film just the beam while she lifts it. Sami looks annoyed at how easily Kate was able to move the beam.


Belle rushes up the police station and explains that she sent Philip after Stacy thinking she has Claire. Shawn explains to Belle about missing their freighter and Chelsea helps Shawn explain how they plan to leave on the cruise ship. Belle wants to leave right away because she’s scared that Philip will never leave them alone.

Willow drops the watch in her bag and tries to act casual when Philip walks in. Philip sees right through her act and grabs her bag. Willow tries to hold on to her bag and Philip pins Willow against him with his arm around her neck.

Philip pushes Willow into a chair as he searches through her bag. He only finds the hotel’s complimentary toiletries. Philip asks what happened to the money Victor paid her but Willow will only say that it’s gone. Philip forcibly escorts Willow out of the hotel room and tells her to find her own way home. Officer Pete calls Philip with news on Shawn.

Nick returns with the money and hands it over to Belle and Shawn. They are amazed at how much Nick was able to get and he insists it was gotten legally but won’t divulge from where. They thank him and Shawn vows to pay Nick back. Shawn, Belle, and Claire rush to meet Merle at the diner. Chelsea calls Nick on how his beloved watch is now missing and he admits to her that he sold his watch for the money to give Belle and Shawn.

Chez Rouge:

Kayla tries to get Steve to release his grip on EJ by having him focus on her. Steve comes out of his trance and lets EJ go. EJ gleefully threatens Steve with jail time for attempted murder.


Chelsea starts gushing about getting back to a normal routine at home including checking her email and Nick’s good mood diminishes. Before he can explain why, Belle and Shawn return. They explain that they still plan on leaving on the cruise but wanted to come back to give Chelsea a note for Marlena and John. Chelsea promises to deliver them and Shawn hugs her with his thanks before leaving.


Sami and Lucas leave and Lucas insists that their prayers were answered that night before they head for the car. Bruce assures Kate that she’ll have the footage by the morning but asks if she really needed to show off in front of Sami by lifting the beam. Kate gloats that sticking it to Sami was her main intention.


Willow heads to the safe house and collapses onto a cot before letting the tears flow. Merle walks in and Willow threatens to spray him with mace. Merle dismisses her threat. Willow tearfully tells Merle that she’s all-alone and he welcomes her to the self described land of misfits.

Philip heads to the police station and yells at Officer Pete for letting Shawn go. Pete explains that he couldn’t hold Shawn because violating the family court order didn’t fall under their jurisdiction. Philip threatens Pete but instead of being intimidated, Pete tells Philip to leave.

Chez Rouge:

Kayla helps a disoriented Steve walk out of Chez Rouge. Steve runs back inside to confront EJ again leaving Kayla chasing after him. Steve and EJ crash through a window.

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