Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/2/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/2/07


Written By Danielle

Chez Rouge:

Kate is describing Sami to Harry Samuels and Bruce Rankin who work on the TV show, "Heroes Among Us," as Sami walks up to greet them. Harry and Bruce love the idea of Sami's rescue and the idea of how it will look told on TV. Kate suggests they order first and Harry and Bruce turn to their menus. Sami leans in close to thank Kate for organizing this but Kate warns that the producer and director only seem excited but still need to be sold on Sami's story.

Sami's apartment:

E.J. shows Lucas the graphs forecasting the 4th quarter projected earnings for the company. Lucas isn't sure the company could achieve such great results given their recent bad publicity. E.J. is confident that he'll be able to turn the company around. E.J. gives Lucas the contract to sign but now Lucas claims he isn't interested.


Merle offers to go down to the police station to inquire about Shawn. Belle is frantic despite Nick's attempt to downplay the situation. Chelsea and Nick tell Belle about stalling Philip at the airport but it doesn't help assure Belle. Belle doesn't think she can protect Claire without Shawn.

Shawn begs the officer to let him go back to the safe house. The officer places bail for Shawn at $8,600 once they tack on the trespassing and obstructing police charges. Shawn insists he has the money and yells to be let out but Philip, accompanied by Willow, walks in and tells the officers not to believe Shawn.

Shawn refers to the pair as "one good whore deserves another"; but Willow gloats about seeing Shawn locked up. Philip tells Willow to shut up and then poses a proposition to Shawn.

Merle asks Officer Pete how long he plans to hold Shawn. Pete tells Merle the bail amount.

Philip offers to pay Shawn's bail and drop the charges in exchange for Shawn telling him where Claire and Belle are hiding. Shawn knocks down the chair in his cell and refuses to rat out his family.

Belle blames herself for pushing Shawn to be more heroic like John. Chelsea tries to comfort Belle but Belle is too scared. Chelsea assures Belle that they won't let Philip take Claire.

Chez Rouge:

Sami tells Harry and Bruce the story of rescuing Lucas. She tells them having to lift the beam on her own because she was unable to flag down any passing motorist for help. Harry and Bruce applaud Sami's courage.

Sami's apartment:

Lucas claims he changed his mind about working for E.J.. E.J. can't understand why Lucas would suddenly be turning him down. Lucas blatantly declares that he can't work for E.J. because he hates him. Lucas grabs E.J.'s briefcase and holds the door open for him to leave. E.J. wants to back out of the deal to move out if Lucas isn't going to take the job. Lucas vows that if E.J. touches Sami, it'll be the last thing he does. E.J. vows not to come after Sami but Lucas doesn't believe him. E.J. asks if Lucas even believes Sami's claim of there being nothing between her and E.J..

Lucas insists he's not worried about Sami being attracted to E.J.. Lucas claims his reason for not working for E.J. is because he's a DiMera. E.J. likens his family legacy to Lucas' family but Lucas insists his parentage is nothing like E.J.'s family. E.J. accuses Lucas of not wanting to work for Kate.

Chez Rouge:

Kate threatens to have someone else get the rights to Sami's story because Harry and Bruce hesitate to say yes right away. Harry and Bruce are hesitant because they get stories of heroic strength all the time. Bruce steps away to check with the office to confirm how long ago they did a story about a woman lifting a car off a kid. Kate demands an answer before lunch is over because other shows are interested. Sami acts surprised to hear this news but Kate hints at NBC being interested as a way to subtly tell Sami to go along with her claim. Bruce returns to the table to tell Harry that they covered the similar story over a year ago. Harry asks Sami to take them to the cabin.


Chelsea has Nick get some hot tea for Belle and Belle apologizes for not being able to stop crying. Belle is surprised that Chelsea is able to empathize so well with how she feels about John's current state. Nick is amazed at how well Chelsea is able to soothe Belle. Nick and Chelsea try to convince Belle that they can keep Philip at bay. Merle returns and tells Belle about the pricey bail. Nick and Chelsea want to spend the money on bail despite not having enough left over for the freighter. Belle asks Merle for more news and he relays how Philip and Willow have visited Shawn.

Shawn turns down Philip's offer. Philip insists that Claire is his daughter and reaches through the bars to try and choke the location out of Shawn. Willow drags Philip away from Shawn to keep him from getting arrested too. Philip blames Belle for their broken family and gloats about being free to search for Belle and Claire while Shawn is locked up. Shawn claims that Belle and Claire left Toronto last night but Philip doesn't believe they'd leave Shawn behind. Shawn taunts Philip about walking out Philip vows to show Shawn and Belle just how far he's willing to go to get Claire back.

Sami's apartment:

Lucas insists he doesn't mind working with Kate and his whole problem is working for E.J.. Lucas wants to know why E.J. insists on specifically hiring him. E.J. offers Lucas his own office and staff but Lucas still declines. E.J. offers the same salary as before but Lucas still refuses. E.J. tries to appeal to Lucas' sense of family by claiming he has "mouths"; to feed but Lucas corrects him by saying they only have one mouth to feed. E.J. warns that they never know what the future may bring. Will walks in and angrily asks E.J. why he isn't in jail.


Belle is now frantic again sure that Philip is about to break down their door. Nick offers to go to the police station to bail out Shawn and asks Merle to help keep Philip out if he comes by. Merle decides not to get involved and walks away. Chelsea declares that she will be the one to keep Philip away and assures Nick that she's tougher than she looks. Nick heads for the police station. Stacy, the fellow runaway who shared her baby formula with Belle, is talking to Belle when Chelsea walks up and Belle introduces them. Stacy assures Belle that she'll be all right since she has a family who watches out for each other. Chelsea agrees with Stacy and assures Belle that they can even face Philip by sticking together as a family.

Belle admits that she never expected to be relying on Chelsea and Chelsea tells Belle about how Nick surprised her by being so crafty and brave at the airport. Belle declares that Shawn will be very proud of Chelsea and Nick but Chelsea wishes it would be enough to make things up between her and Shawn. Belle assures her that it helps that Chelsea's made things right with her. Belle hands Claire over to Chelsea so she can get packed and be ready to go.

Philip taunts Shawn about finding Claire and walks away. Willow teases Shawn but Shawn gets in her face and asks if she ever looks in the mirror and wonders how she turned out to be a woman who'd do anything for a dollar. Shawn steps away despite the tears welling up in Willow's eyes.

Officer Pete tells Philip that they found no child matching Claire's description where they found Shawn. Philip wants the address so he can do his own search before Shawn is released. Pete objects because he doesn't know whom Claire belongs to. Philip shows Pete the court order granting him custody of Claire.

Sami's apartment:

E.J. claims he's out because he wasn't guilty and apologizes to Will for being rude to him. E.J. asks to continue their conversation later and leaves. Lucas tells Will about E.J. offering him a job at Mythic but he turned it down. Will approves of the decision but cautions that Lucas needs to take a job somewhere because of the new baby. Lucas looks up and realizes that the door is still open. As Lucas is closing the door, E.J. pushes it back open and offers Will a Play station 3. Will starts to accept the gift but then he notices Lucas' stern look of disapproval. Will turns down E.J.'s offer.

Chez Rouge:

Harry and Bruce explain that on TV, Sami would tell her story but an actress would do the re-enactment. Sami is pleasantly surprised when Harry and Bruce mention Sami being compensated for the story. Sami thanks Kate for setting it up.

Sami's apartment:

E.J. pushes Will to accept the gift and when Lucas steps in to defend Will's decision, E.J. claims Will is only turning it down because Lucas disapproves. Will insists he can make up his own mind so E.J. tosses it in the kitchen trashcan. E.J. begs Lucas to allow him to make up for his mistakes and Lucas agrees to let Will accept the gift. Will turns it down still but jokes about fishing it out of the trash after E.J. leaves. Lucas tells him he doesn't have to act like he doesn't want it to please him so Will grabs it out of the trash and takes it to his room. E.J. commends Lucas on being a good parent and asks why he and Sami don't have more kids.

Chez Rouge:

Sami thanks Kate for being so generous with the TV deal. Kate claims she is trying to convey that she misjudged Sami. Kate hides her shock at Sami's claim that they are too alike. Kate shocks Sami when she likens the TV deal to an apology. Sami can't wait to get home to tell Lucas that she and Kate have made peace. Sami and Kate hug and Sami leaves. Kate beckons Harry and Bruce back to the table after they all watch Sami leave.


Nick hides out of sight when he hears Philip talking to Willow at Shawn's cell. Philip gloats to Shawn and walks away while Shawn tries to incite an argument to keep Philip there.

Philip tells Willow to take a cab back to the hotel because he plans to go get Claire. Willow tries to change his mind but Philip warns her not to tell the cops. Willow vows not to say a word.

Nick rushes up to Shawn's cell while he's alone and tells him that Steve and Kayla sent $10,000 and they'll be using it toward his bail. Shawn asks about Belle and Claire but doesn't like hearing that they are with Chelsea. Nick joins Shawn's attempt to call for Officer Pete when Shawn tells him that Philip was here but left.

Belle finishes packing and asks Chelsea to use some of the money to replenish what she borrowed from Stacy. Chelsea is so touched by Belle's generosity that she feels bad about acting so selfish in her own life. Chelsea starts to cry as she tells Belle that she'd rather be like her because everyone loves Belle.

Sami's apartment:

Lucas takes offense at E.J.'s latest attempt to ask about future children. E.J. claims he's only asking because it would further entice Lucas to come work for him. Lucas insists that they only have and will only have Will. Sami enters excited to tell Lucas the news about her TV deal but stops short when she sees E.J.. E.J. leaves. Sami tells Lucas about Kate orchestrating the TV deal and he congratulates her. Lucas tells Sami that he turned down E.J.'s job offer and how E.J. brought up needing the money to support another baby. Sami is shocked to hear this.

Chez Rouge:

Harry, Bruce, and Kate gloat about how they were able to convince Sami that Harry and Bruce were a producer and director. Kate promises to give Harry and Bruce half the money agreed upon, pulling an envelope of cash from her purse, up front to stage a re-enactment so they could prove that Sami really didn't lift the beam. Harry, admitting that he and Bruce are really private investigators, asks Kate why she hates Sami so much. Kate steps away from them but then refers to Sami as a lying skank who dug her nails into Lucas.

Sami's apartment:

Sami worries that E.J. suspects she is pregnant but Lucas begins to consider that he should have taken that job. Sami urges Lucas to still turn down the offer. E.J. walks in and invites Lucas to the company retreat in Manhattan next week in another effort to entice him to take the job. E.J. tells Sami she's welcome to come too and invites her to "bring the kid."; E.J. delights in Sami's shocked reaction and then claims he was talking about Will.


Pete returns and Nick declares his intent to pay Shawn's bail. Pete reveals that Philip has added kidnapping to the charges.

Chelsea helps Belle get her bags to the door sure that Shawn and Nick will be back any minute. Philip surprises them by suddenly banging on the door and yelling that he wants Claire.

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