Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/29/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/29/07


Written By Suzanne

Mimi and Max go into the police station to show Roman the skeleton. First, Roman tells them about letting E.J. go. Roman wonders where she found the bones. Mimi sits down and tells Roman reluctantly that she found them in her backyard. Roman questions her, so Mimi tells him that Bonnie and Conner buried the skeleton. Roman wants to bring them down there, but Mimi asks him to let her first get a DNA test on the bones. Max helpfully suggests that they have Nick run the test to spare the police lab the time. Roman objects to the idea. Mimi argues, trying to protect Conner. Roman agrees to give it one week. Roman is called out of the room, so Max comforts Mimi.

Roman is told by another police officer that the truck that transported Shawn and Belle out of the country was from Salem and that someone else they know was involved.

Kayla welcomes Steve back, since she was worried about him.  He claims he was just tired, but she notices that he's all bruised and gets upset. He fills her in on what happened with the state troopers. Even though Steve tells her that it's all fine, she still worries, especially since he had "episodes" before. Bo arrives and thanks Steve for his help with Shawn and Belle. Steve tells Bo that he made Shawn promise not to phone them at home, in case the police have the phones traced. Bo agrees this is a good idea. Steve also mentions that they all have to pretend they know nothing if the police question them, and they can't hire anyone to find them. Bo agrees and says that Marlena had already agreed to this, too. Bo frets that his son may be gone for good. Steve and Kayla try to comfort him.

Shawn phones the Brady pub from the safe house in Canada. Chelsea answers, with Nick by her side. She asks if they are okay, so he assures her that they are. He wants to get in touch with Bo but worries that if he phones Bo at home, the phone will be tapped. Chelsea really wants to help, so Shawn just asks her to have Bo there in an hour, when he'll phone back. Chelsea and Nick leave to find Bo. They arrive at Steve's place. Chelsea is babbling, so Bo has her slow down and explain. Chelsea and Nick explain about Shawn's call.

They all leave to go back to the pub to wait for Shawn's call. On the way out, Bo tells Chelsea that she did a good thing. Back at the pub, Chelsea tells Bo and Nick how much she admires Shawn for everything he's doing for his little girl. Steve suggests they lock the door, but before Bo can do it, Roman walks in. He looks at them all suspiciously. Nobody knows what to say, so Steve puts on a big smile and asks Roman how it's going. Roman tells him glumly that he doesn't want to know. Bo lies that they have all just been hanging out, talking about what's going on with Belle, Shawn and Claire. Roman gives him the news that they've been spotted in Toronto and the Canadian police are looking for them. Chelsea suddenly attacks Roman verbally, asking why he can't just leave them alone because they're trying to protect their kid. Bo gives her a look while Nick hurriedly rushes her out.

Roman says that he is a cop and that Bo knows he can't ignore his job just for family. Kayla asks him to look the other way this once, but Bo agrees with Roman. When Steve mentions that everyone is just doing what they have to do, Roman hopes that they all do the right thing by letting him know if they hear from or see Shawn or Belle. Bo tells Roman that he will definitely call him if that happens. Roman smiles, knowing that Bo is lying. Bo tells Roman that the kitchen is closed, but he offers to let Caroline know he stopped by. Roman sits down, not in any hurry to leave, even though Bo is trying to get him to go. Roman tells them that he has questions about a stolen delivery truck, and he looks at Steve when he adds that they have to talk about it right now. Roman tells them all about what was found in the truck and the high-speed chase that occurred. Steve has been described by the police as a "drugged-out wild man". Kayla is stunned to hear about Steve's jumping out of the truck while it was going so fast. Roman lists all of the charges pending against the unknown man, then he turns to Steve and asks him if he doesn't happen to be the man they are looking for. Steve swears he was home alone all last night. Roman asks if he was alone.  Kayla and Steve confirm that he was alone because she was with Marlena that night. Roman, still suspicious, asks Steve where got the bruises. Steve replies flippantly, "Reaching for seconds". Roman also tells them that someone phoned Kayla's place last night from a pay phone in Northern Michigan. He asks them what they have to say about that. Kayla and Steve both put on a wide-eyed innocent look but don't reply. Roman tells them that he knew they wouldn't come up with a good answer. Kayla suggests that maybe it was a wrong number, but Roman doesn't buy it. Steve tells Roman that he should just take him in if he has his mind made up. Roman tells Steve that he just wants the truth, so Steve tells Roman that he did all of those things. He says it in a sarcastic way, though, so Roman asks him if that is the truth or not. Steve looks right in Roman's eyes and tells him sincerely that he was home all night and doesn't know anything about a stolen delivery truck.

Chelsea sulks in a booth at the pub. Nick asks her what's wrong. She feels bad about how she blew it by what she blurted out, but Nick assures her that it wasn't that big of a deal. He points out that it's not possible to have a perfect relationship with your parents because families always argue and hurt each other, yet they still love each other. She agrees that's true, but points out that her history with Bo is all messed up compared to a normal father-daughter relationship. He reminds her that their relationship now is much better than it was before and advises her to hang in there. Chelsea feels better and wishes she could have that one moment where she shines in Bo's eyes.

Just then, the pay phone rings, so everyone tenses up, figuring it's Shawn. No one answers, and Roman wonders aloud why. Nick suddenly jumps up and says it's his boss - he gave him the number to call because he lost his cell phone. Nick asks if that's okay, so Bo tells him it is. Nick gets the phone.

Back in Canada, Belle is disappointed to learn that Shawn spoke to Chelsea instead of Bo, but he lets her know that Chelsea is going to get Bo so he can phone him back. Shawn sets his watch so that he will make sure to wake up for the phone call if he takes a nap. Belle suggests they share a cot for their nap so they don't disturb the baby's sleep. Shawn offers to sleep on the floor instead. Belle gets very close and tells him he's sweet. Shawn seems uncomfortable and suggests they rest. Belle thanks Shawn for everything he's done. Shawn admits he made stupid mistakes. They lie down to sleep. Shawn assures Belle that he will stay one step ahead of Philip and Victor. They say a tender good night. Later, Merle awakens Shawn, who was sound asleep. Shawn worries about oversleeping. Belle also wakes up. Merle tells them that there's a freighter to Africa leaving tomorrow night; he adds that he can also get them a fake passport. Shawn thinks it's great, but Belle is doubtful. She points out that they haven't even gotten Claire any shots for going to Africa. Shawn and Merle convince her that it is the right move anyway. Merle tells Shawn that it will not be cheap; it will cost $5,000. Belle wants to pawn her ring, so Shawn asks Merle where the nearest pawn shop is. Merle tells them where it is but warns that they only have 24 hours. Shawn doesn't want Belle to go alone with Merle to the pawn shop while he watches Claire, but she insists that he trust her. Merle suggests that she put on a hat and sunglasses. While she does, Merle worries to Shawn about the guy that's chasing them. Shawn agrees, saying he's even worse than Merle thinks. Merle agrees to watch Belle like she's his own daughter. She hugs Shawn, and then they leave. Later, Belle tells Shawn that she couldn't pawn her ring, even after going to three different pawn shops. Belle and Shawn figure that Philip reported the ring as stolen. Shawn suggests they phone Bo to get the money.

Mimi and Max eat lunch, but Mimi is not hungry because of everything that's going on. Max tries to make Mimi feel better. She thanks him for treating her to a nice lunch. He assures her that she did the right thing telling the truth about the bones. Mimi is still worried about Conner. Max holds her hand and apologizes for all that she's going through. Mimi confides to Max that she left one part out - that the bones are her father's. Max is shocked. He questions Mimi about what she knows about her father's leaving years ago. She relates that Bonnie had told her he just left one day without saying why. Mimi has hated him all this time for walking out on her, but now she knows that he's been dead. She also concludes that either Bonnie or one of her brothers killed him. Max wonders if that is really true, but Mimi thinks that it is. He realizes that's why she wants the DNA test - to find out if it is her dad. Max puts his arms around Mimi to console her. He lets Mimi know that he will be there for her, no matter what. He kisses her hand. Mimi continues to worry about her screwed-up life. Max says that her family is lucky to have her on their side. Mimi tells him that he deserves better than her. She beats herself up for lying to Roman about her family. She confides that she considered burying the bones last night and never saying a word. She also apologizes for dumping stuff on him all the time. Max continues to comfort her.

Nick talks to Shaun on the phone, pretending that he is talking to Dr. Rebert. Bo tells Roman that it doesn't look like anyone there can help him with the stolen truck. Roman tells Bo that he wouldn't mind Victor and Philip being taken down a peg or two, but he has a job to do. He adds that Bo has a job to protect as well. Roman informs them that he will tell the Michigan State police that he investigated and found nothing. He warns them that he'd better not hear about any of them getting involved in anything else, or he will have to play it by the book. Bo says that fair, and Roman leaves. Bo gets the phone and talks to Shawn; they each say that it's good to hear the other's voice. Shawn fills Bo in on their situation. Shawn tells Bo that they only have 24 hours to get the cash, so Bo tells him that they will do what they can to get it. After Bo gets off the phone, Kayla offers to get the money from the bank. They discuss how to get the money to Shawn and Belle without anyone getting suspicious. Chelsea offers to deliver the money. They all stare at her in shock.

Belle and Shawn are hopeful that their situation will improve. Outside, a Canadian police officer looks like he's about to go inside. Inside, Belle and Shawn hug.

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