Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/29/07

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/29/07


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Police station:

Max and Mimi bring visit Roman at the police station. They apologize for adding more to Roman’s already busy schedule and Roman adds that they also had to set EJ free today. Mimi puts the bag containing the skeleton on Roman’s desk and tells her she found it. Roman wants to know where Mimi found the bones.

Kayla’s hotel suite:

Kayla dials her phone and paces the room until Steve finally walks through the door. Steve winces as Kayla enthusiastically hugs him. Kayla notices that Steve is in pain but he claims to simply be sore from too much driving. Kayla notices that Steve is wearing a bandana around his head and takes it off to reveal a couple large bruises on Steve’s forehead. Kayla demands to know what happened and Steve gives her a quick synopsis leaving out how he suffered an episode and had to jump out the back of the moving truck. Kayla can tell that he’s not telling her everything but he claims everything is fine. Steve jokes about not getting a hero’s welcome but Kayla is still worried. Steve brushes off her concern but Kayla questions whether Steve had any more episodes. Bo knocks on the door and Steve uses that as an excuse to change the subject.


Shawn anxiously waits while the pay phone rings at the pub. Chelsea finally decides to answer the phone and after a bit of “who is this?” back and forth since neither recognizes the other’s voice, Shawn identifies himself as “the pub owner’s grandson.” Chelsea, now realizing that she’s talking to Shawn identifies herself to him. Chelsea loudly proclaims her surprise at hearing from Shawn, which causes Nick to inquire as to what is going on. Shawn assures Chelsea that they are safe and explains that he is calling the pub to try and get in touch with Bo. Chelsea tells Shawn that neither Bo nor Caroline and Shawn Sr. are there right now and offers to help herself. Shawn doesn’t want to trust Chelsea and suggests calling back later. Chelsea offers to go find Bo for Shawn and asks him for a number where he can be reached. Shawn explains that they can’t be reached but has Chelsea find Bo and get him to wait for Shawn’s next call at the pub’s pay phone. Chelsea agrees and hangs up the phone. Nick wants to know what is going on so Chelsea promises to fill him in as they leave to look for Bo.

Police station:

Mimi admits to Roman that she found the bones in her backyard and, when Roman inquires further, that she suspects Connor and Bonnie buried them there. Roman wants to know why Connor and Bonnie would do that and Mimi starts to blame it on the wackiness of her family. Roman interrupts to ask whether Mimi asked them for an explanation and Mimi complains that she was only able to get lame answers from them. Roman wants to take a crack at interrogating Connor and Bonnie himself but Mimi begs him not to do that. Mimi asks Roman to wait until they get a DNA test done on the bones. Max explains that they would rather ask Nick to do the test instead of waiting for the crime lab to deal with their backlog. Roman refuses to let Max and Mimi play detective. Max and Mimi point out that they can keep their efforts a secret and that the skeleton’s case isn’t a hot case. Roman points out that they’d still need a positive ID and still wants to question Bonnie and Connor. Mimi defends Connor insisting that Bonnie forced any involvement on his part on him. Max and Mimi plead for their request and Roman agrees to take the bones to the hospital but only grants them one week to get the results before he questions Bonnie. An officer knocks on the door and Roman steps out of the office to speak with him.

The officer shows Roman a fax from the Michigan state police that shows how the stolen delivery truck was traced back to Salem and that it housed Steve as well as Shawn, Belle, and Claire.

Hotel Suite:

Steve is filling Bo in on his adventure with Shawn and Belle, confirming that he got them over the Canada border safely. Bo is grateful but Steve insists Bo doesn’t owe him anything. Steve explains that he instructed Belle and Shawn not to call their homes or cell phones in case the cops are tracking those lines and Bo agrees that that was a good rule. Steve also explains that they have to play dumb when asked and pretend they don’t know where their kids are and Bo agrees. Steve goes on to say that they can’t use any law enforcement connections or private investigators to look for Belle and Shawn because Abe and Roman will find out about it. Bo confirms that he, Hope, and Marlena agreed on that last item. Bo worries that they’ll never see the kids again and Steve and Kayla try to reassure him. Chelsea banging on the door interrupts them and Steve finally lets her in when she begs to talk to Bo. Chelsea explains that brought Nick along figuring it was okay since he’s related to Hope. Bo calms her down and asks Chelsea to explain why she is here. Chelsea and Nick explain that Shawn called the pub and while they are all fine, Shawn will be calling back and wants Bo to be there. Bo heads for the door to leave and Steve and Kayla decide to come along. Bo turns back to tell Chelsea that she did well and Chelsea beams from the attention.


Shawn returns to Belle and Claire and informs Belle that he was only able to reach Chelsea. Belle is skeptical about trusting Chelsea but Shawn points out that they have no choice. Shawn notices that Claire is still sound asleep on the cot. Shawn suggests that they get some rest too and sets his watch alarm so he doesn’t miss the next phone call. Belle doesn’t want to share a cot with Claire because it might wake her and suggests she and Shawn share the second cot. Shawn is hesitant to do so and uses the excuse of needing a hard surface for his back as to why he simply must sleep on the floor and let Belle have the cot to herself. Belle is touched at Shawn’s sweetness.

Shawn goes through their bags and Belle apologizes for getting them into this situation. Shawn assures Belle that this isn’t her fault. Belle commends Shawn for trying to be the bigger guy all along and even offering to let Philip be in Claire’s life after they found out about Claire’s real paternity. Shawn brings up his own stupid mistakes and Belle believes that those moments should be put behind them. They each lie down, Shawn using one of their bags as a pillow, and Belle asks what they should do if they get caught. Shawn insists that since Bo is a cop, he knows how cops think and can always stay one step ahead. Belle asks about staying ahead of Victor and Philip and Shawn points out that he’s also got Kiriakis blood. Shawn starts to recite Bo’s mantra of taking care of the people you love but stops short of saying “love” and instead refers to Belle and Claire as his family. Shawn assures Belle that he will find a place for them to be safe and raise Claire. Belle touches Shawn’s face and he kisses her hand before returning to the floor.


Kayla, Steve, Bo, Chelsea, and Nick are now at the pub and Bo is anxiously pacing waiting for Shawn to call. Bo apologizes when Nick calls him on how constantly he is asking about how long it will be. Chelsea tells Bo that she admires Shawn and that Claire is the luckiest girl in the world. Chelsea beams more as Bo agrees with her. Steve suggests locking the door so no one else walks in while they are on the phone but before they can do that, Roman walks in.


Merle wakes Shawn and he reacts with a start because he first thought Merle was a cop. Belle wakes up too so Merle calls them both over. Merle tells them about a Turkish freighter leaving Canada for the coast of Africa tomorrow night and offers the use of a distant connection to get Belle and Shawn on the boat as stowaways. Shawn is all for the idea but Belle worries that Africa is too exotic for Claire. Shawn insists that they’ll take care of Claire and have to do it this way because the airports will nab them right away. Belle agrees. Shawn tells Merle to make the arrangements but Merle warns that there is a price for the ride.

Chez Rouge:

Max notices that Mimi is picking at her food. Mimi explains that she doesn’t have an appetite and Max offers to head home. Mimi apologizes for wasting a fine meal and insists on staying. Max assures Mimi that she did the right thing by coming clean to Roman and returning the bones. Mimi is still worried about Connor and doesn’t want to see him end up in jail. Max tries to comfort Mimi but she reluctantly admits that she neglected to tell him or Roman about Connor claiming the bones belonged to their father.


Roman smirks as he notes how suddenly quiet the group gathered is. Bo claims they are merely hanging out talking about what’s going to happen to Shawn, Belle, and Claire and wondering if they are okay. Roman tells them about Belle and Shawn being spotted in Toronto and how the Canadian authorities are scouring the city looking for them. Chelsea blurts out to Roman to leave Shawn and Belle alone and Bo gives her a glaring look. Nick drags Chelsea across the pub to a far table. Roman insists that he can’t pretend that there hasn’t been a law broken. Kayla begs Roman to look the other way but Bo understands that Roman is just trying to do his job. Roman asks that they let him know if they have any contact with Shawn and Belle and they promise to do so. Bo tries to get rid of Roman but Roman refuses to leave just yet. Roman brings up the stolen delivery truck claiming he needs their help in solving the case.


Merle explains that the guy willing to smuggle them onto the ship is demanding $5,000 for his efforts. Shawn complains that they don’t have that much money but Belle remembers that her wedding ring is worth at least that much. Merle tells them about a pawnshop close by. Shawn wants to wait until after he calls Bo so they can all go together but Belle insists she can go without him because she’ll be escorted by Merle. Shawn reluctantly agrees. Merle gives Belle a hat and sunglasses to wear as a disguise and promises Shawn that he’ll protect Belle like she was his own daughter. Belle hugs Shawn and leaves with Merle.


Nick can tell that Chelsea is upset as she stares out the window. Chelsea complains that she was just starting to make another connection with Bo and once again blew it. Nick tries to convince Chelsea that Bo’s glaring look earlier was not because he hates her but because he was trying to keep her quiet so she didn’t admit anything in front of Roman. Nick points out that no one has a perfect relationship with their parents, even him. Chelsea insists that her situation is different because she hasn’t had these parents all her life and all she’s done is screw up since they’ve known about each other. Nick points out that Chelsea’s relationship with Bo has greatly improved since the beginning. Chelsea agrees but adds that she’s waiting for that one moment to shine in front of Bo.

Roman tells Bo, Steve, and Kayla that a baby pacifier was found in the truck and Bo pretends to be surprised to hear that Shawn, Belle, and Claire could have been in that truck. Roman continues on to tell them about the Michigan police’s account of a “drugged up wild man” emptying the truck’s contents onto the police car and then jumping out of the truck before running into the woods. Kayla glares at Steve as she listens to this wild account. Roman adds that this man is now wanted for 26 charges such reckless endangerment and various degrees of assault. Roman tacks on a charge of conspiracy as well for helping Belle and Shawn escape. Roman asks Steve if he’s that guy but Steve insists he was home alone all night because Kayla was with Marlena. Roman asks Kayla to validate this claim and Kayla insists she was with Marlena at the penthouse all night. Roman asks about Steve’s bruises but Steve remains coy. Roman admits that he checked Kayla’s cell phone records and discovered a call late last night from a pay phone near the border and asks Kayla and Steve to explain that.

Chez Rouge:

Mimi looks around nervously as Max exclaims a little too loudly his shock at Mimi’s admission. Mimi explains that she believed her dad to have walked out on the family since she woke up one morning and he was gone without any warning. Max realizes that Mimi’s dad must have been dead ever since then and Mimi hates the idea that it was at the hands of her own mother and brothers.


Belle and Merle return to the safe house and Belle laments that she couldn’t get any of the local pawnshops to take her ring even after offering to cut the asking price. Belle dismisses the idea that they were refusing because they thought she’d stolen the ring but then it occurs to them both that Philip had reported the ring as stolen. Shawn decides that they must now call Bo and ask him for the money.


Roman pounces on Steve and Kayla’s hesitancy to answer his accusation but Kayla claims the call was a wrong number. Roman mocks Kayla’s claim and Bo stands up for Kayla pretending to take offense at Kayla being called a liar. Steve mockingly tells Roman the entire truth about his efforts to help the kids in an effort to claim that the idea sounds ridiculous. Roman wants to know if that is the real truth but Steve insists that he was home alone all night. The pub’s pay phone rings. Everyone looks around at each other, no one making a move to answer the phone.

Chez Rouge:

Max doesn’t want to believe that Mimi’s family could have killed her dad. Mimi points out how Bonnie and Connor had to be involved or they wouldn’t have stolen the bones and Patrick has to be involved because Bonnie immediately called him when she learned about Mimi finding the bones. Max suggests that Mimi call Patrick but Mimi believes Patrick will be as unhelpful as Connor. Max realizes that Mimi wants the DNA test done so she can be sure it’s her dad before making sure Bonnie pays for the crime. Mimi starts to cry so Max holds her and rubs her back.


Roman sarcastically wonders who could be calling but Nick quickly steps up to claim he gave this number to his boss to call. Nick answers the phone as if he’s talking to Dr. Rebert so that Shawn would know that they aren’t alone. Shawn thanks Nick for looking out. Bo claims to Roman that no one here can help him with the stolen truck investigation. Roman insists that he’s pulling for Shawn and Belle too and offers to file a report claiming he investigated but found nothing. Roman warns that if he gets word about any other incident involving them, then he has no choice but to reopen the case. Nick continues to pretend to be talking to Dr. Rebert until Roman leaves. Bo directs Steve and Kayla to make sure Roman is gone as he takes the phone from Nick. Bo and Shawn each give a sigh of relief at hearing each other’s voice.

Chez Rouge:

Max assures Mimi that they’ll deal with the results together whatever they may be. Mimi complains about her screwed up family but Max considers Mimi a blessing for her family and to him. Mimi feels Max deserves better because she didn’t come clean to Roman fully and she even considered burying the bones again just to protect her family. Mimi complains that she’s always dumping her problems on Max but Max tells her to get used to having him around.


Nick, Chelsea, Steve, and Kayla listen in closely to Bo’s side of the conversation. Shawn asks about Hope, the baby, and Steve and Bo assures him that everyone is fine. Shawn mentions being in Toronto and planning to catch a boat but won’t tell Bo which boat. Bo accepts that. Shawn tells Bo about Belle’s attempt to pawn her ring and how no one would buy it because of Philip. Bo offers to get the $5,000 and tells Shawn to call back in a little while. Bo ends the call and fills everyone else in on what Shawn needs. Kayla offers to withdraw the money from the bank and Bo plans to wire the money to Shawn. Nick speaks up to negate that idea since wired money can be traced. Bo agrees and Steve offers to take the money up to Shawn and Belle. Bo negates that idea since Steve is a wanted man in that part of the country. Kayla laments that the cops are watching them all. Chelsea speaks up to point out that she’s not being watched and offers to take the money to Shawn and Belle.


Shawn fills Belle in on Bo’s plan to send them the money. Belle reluctantly voices a relief that things are starting to work out for them. Outside, a Canadian policeman walks up to the safe house and presses his ear to the door.

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