Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/19/07

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/19/07


Written By Danielle

Sami’s apartment:

Sami checks herself in the mirror as she finishes getting dressed for her commendation ceremony. Lucas comes out of the bedroom and admires her look. They kiss. Sami continues to kiss Lucas as she asks Lucas to blow off the ceremony and stay home together but Lucas insists that they go. Sami apologizes again for freaking out over EJ’s call and Lucas tells her to forget EJ ever existed. Will surprises Sami and Lucas by snapping a picture with his cell phone of them kissing. Will holds open his jacket and reveals that he’s wearing a shirt stating, “My mom is Sami Brady and yours isn’t.” Lucas has Sami stand with Will so he can take a picture of them and the shirt. Will tells Sami that he is really proud of her.

Brady Pub:

Chelsea complains to Kate that Sami is getting rewarded despite her past mistakes. Kate warns that it’s partially bias because it was Roman’s idea and that Sami isn’t all that she seems. Chelsea is too enamored by Sami’s ‘zero to hero’ rapid transformation and is anxious to know how she pulled it off.

Bo tries to call Shawn on his cell phone but has to leave a message on Shawn’s voice mail. Hope tries calling Belle on her cell phone but also has to leave a message. Hope is sure that Shawn and Belle are in trouble but Bo prefers to think that Shawn and Belle would remain levelheaded. Bo is surprised to see Kayla walk in but Kayla has no idea why she wouldn’t be here to attend Sami’s award ceremony. Bo asks why Kayla and Steve aren’t already on their way to Mexico and Kayla explains that Steve left this morning on the assignment Bo and Roman gave him but doesn’t understand why she’d be expected to go with him. Bo looks over at Hope and Kayla wants to know what he’s not telling her.


Steve arrives in Mexico alone and spots EJ flirting with a girl at the bar. Steve sarcastically offers to buy EJ a drink as he sits down at the bar and delights in seeing EJ’s annoyed reaction. EJ looks around and Steve assures him that he’s alone. Steve serves EJ with a warrant for his arrest.

Max’s car:

Max is behind the wheel with Mimi in the passenger seat. Belle and Shawn are in the backseat as they discuss the plan to get Claire. Max will stay as the getaway driver; Mimi will serve as lookout waiting outside the hospital for signs of Philip and Claire. Mimi will then call Shawn on his cell phone and Belle will wait outside the doctor’s office. Everyone confirms that they understand the plan but Belle is hesitant. Belle insists on saying goodbye to John first and gets out of the car. Mimi and Max exchange annoyed glances with Shawn but Shawn agrees to wait for Belle in John’s room. Mimi is a little scared to be taking part in a kidnapping but Shawn insists that it isn’t a kidnapping because they are simply taking back what is rightfully theirs.

John’s hospital room:

Belle sits down by John’s bedside and holds his hand. Belle tells John about how they used to go on walks and he’d let her put her hands in his coat pockets to keep warm. Belle fights back the tears as she wishes that she could do the same for him now. Belle justifies her decision to leave town with Claire and urges John to wake up so he can tell Marlena that she loves her too. Belle kisses John’s forehead and tells him goodbye. Belle turns to go and realizes that Marlena has entered the room. Marlena demands to know why Belle is saying goodbye to John.


Kayla is furious to learn that Bo sent Steve to confront EJ. Bo explains that Steve volunteered for the mission. Hope makes Bo admit that he was surprised to see Kayla at the pub because Steve was supposed to take Kayla with him so he’d stay out of trouble. Kayla now doesn’t believe Bo’s claim of Steve being safe from trouble.


EJ bids goodbye to the lady and questions Steve about truly being alone. EJ gives Steve back the warrant and tells him to take it back to Abe and Roman. Steve doesn’t threaten EJ. Steve threatens to have EJ extradited but EJ laughs in his face believing that it would be years before that was ever enforced. EJ walks away.


Bo defends his decision to honor Steve’s request but it doesn’t make Kayla feel any better. Talk of Steve’s hiding his true health problems forces Bo to tell Kayla about Steve’s rage at Beverly Healy’s office. Bo explains, when Kayla and Hope balk, that he made Steve promise to see a shrink in exchange for his silence. Bo steps away to try and call Steve about coming home.

Chelsea is now teary eyed and upset with Kate for making her feel bad for wanting a loving family. Kate points out that Chelsea has had two loving families but Chelsea complains that she’s not feeling the love from them now. Kate calls Chelsea ungrateful and tells her she needs to act like an adult and move on. Chelsea doesn’t think that being an adult means that she should give up on wanting a father that cares about her. Kate tells Chelsea to accept the fact that Bo now has a wife and family that she’s not a part of. Chelsea pouts that Kate’s words were the meanest thing she’s ever said and demands an apology.

Roman walks in with Will and formally introduces Sami to the crowd gathered. Everyone smiles and applauds as Sami walks in except for Kate.

John’s hospital room:

Belle admits to Marlena that she and Shawn plan to disappear with Claire and tries to leave but Marlena grabs her arm to demand more details. Belle admits that they are here to carry out their plan right now and Marlena tries to talk her out of it. Belle brings up Victor paying off Willow as reason why she can’t simply wait out the 90 days and take her chances with a judge. Marlena still objects so Belle uses Philip’s plans to take Claire out of the country to defend the plan. Marlena doubts this news until Belle brings up Claire’s appointment for immunizations. Marlena looks over at John and asks to help.


EJ has resumed flirting with the lady at a table but Steve interrupts them. Steve claims to be on EJ’s side and suggests EJ travel back to Salem and give his side of the story. EJ jokingly offers to write his story in a note but Steve calls him on being behind the poison gas that almost killed him and Kayla and behind John’s shooting. EJ laughs off the accusation as Steve’s vivid imagination and pretends that John being shot is news to him. Steve admits that John is in a coma and not expected to recover. EJ denies having anything to do with John’s shooting and insists that he’s down in Mexico because he’s on vacation. EJ adds that he left Salem because he didn’t want to be a sitting target for the Salem police department’s vendetta against him. Steve sarcastically likens EJ to British royalty but subtly lets EJ know that there was a witness by adding that the witness thinks of EJ as a low-class coward. EJ’s confidence is visibly faltering at this news.

John’s hospital room:

Belle is shocked that Marlena would be willing to help them. Belle doesn’t want to get their parents mixed up in breaking the law but Marlena insists that they already are mixed up in it. Marlena and Belle both start to cry and hug. Shawn interrupts with his desire to leave and Marlena warns him to take good care of Belle and Claire. Shawn is annoyed that Belle told Marlena but assures Marlena that he will protect his family. Marlena hugs Shawn and Belle one last time. Belle and Shawn leave. Marlena shakes John and begs him to wake up and help their family.


Chelsea can’t understand why she doesn’t deserve a relationship with Bo. Kate questions why Chelsea would want to be so involved in Bo’s life and family and Chelsea claims she wants to be part of a big family like the Bradys. Kate cautions Chelsea against wanting to have a large family just so she’d have people around her. They hear Sami laugh loudly from across the room and Kate glares at Sami as she quips that having a lot of children dilutes the gene pool. Chelsea gloats at Kate’s misery at seeing Sami being honored and likens Kate’s behavior to Sami’s usual behavior. Kate denies it but Chelsea sees right through her.

Hope and Kayla offer Sami their congratulations. Will comes over to stand by Sami and Hope asks what he thinks of Sami. Will shows off his shirt as his response and Sami explains that Will’s friends made it for him. Bo walks up to offer his praise and then Kayla pulls him aside to talk privately.

Bo tells Kayla that he couldn’t reach Steve. Kayla is sure that something is wrong.


EJ regains his demeanor and pretends to be confident that the eyewitness will clear his name. Steve reiterates his suggestion of EJ coming home to clear his own name but EJ refuses to believe that the police really have a witness. Steve claims he only came down to give EJ the heads up about the police department’s plans and EJ starts to head back to his lady friend. Steve grabs EJ’s arm and stops him to ask for the courtesy of knowing who helped him get past the roadblock.

EJ warns Steve to let go of his arm or expect several fellow customers to come to his defense. Steve looks around and sees several male patrons heading towards them. Steve lets go of EJ’s arm and repeats his request but EJ simply refers to his helper as his faerie godmother. EJ calls Steve on his recent health concerns and gloats about Steve’s bad memories coming back to torture him.


Sami walks over to the bar and Chelsea gushes about how cool it would be to live down the hall from a hero like Sami. Chelsea asks Sami for her advice on how she turned the whole family from hating her into loving her. Sami advises Chelsea to be on the lookout for the opportunity her family will always give to prove who Chelsea really is. Chelsea is thanking Sami when Sami notices Marlena walk in and leaves to greet her.

Sami asks Marlena about John but Marlena has nothing new to report on his condition. Marlena sends Sami away to mingle. Kayla, Hope, and Bo pounce on Marlena and ask if she’s talked to Shawn or Belle. Marlena tells them about seeing Belle and Shawn at the hospital and adds that it’s too late to stop them now. Bo wants to know what they should be stopped from doing.


Shawn receives the “Philip and Claire have been spotted” call from Mimi and Shawn instructs her to have Max keep the motor running. Shawn ducks into the men’s room. Belle stands alone outside and Philip walks around the corner with Claire in his arms. Philip stops short when he sees Belle and finally calls out to ask why she is there.


Kate reads Will’s shirt and jokes about whether Will is joking or really crying out for help. Will calls Kate on being the only person in the crowd that isn’t happy for Sami. Will accuses Kate of being jealous because Sami was able to save Lucas instead of Kate. Kate insists that she could never have saved Lucas and neither could Sami. Will insists that Sami did just that and if Kate keeps being so negative, she’ll lose him and Lucas for good.

Marlena admits to Bo, Hope, and Kayla that Belle and Shawn are at the hospital now planning to kidnap Claire. Kayla mentions Shawn’s call asking about the appointment and Hope is shocked that Kayla didn’t tell her about talking to Shawn yesterday. Bo explains that he asked Kayla to talk to Shawn on their behalf. Bo starts to call Shawn and asks Marlena to try calling Belle but Marlena refuses to try and stop Shawn and Belle because she feels that they are doing the right thing.


Philip demands to know why Belle is at the hospital and Belle claims she came here to see John. Philip believes her and offers his condolences. Belle asks why Claire is at the hospital and Philip claims that Claire has been sneezing and he’s brought her to the immunologist to check for allergies. Belle asks to hold Claire but Philip is hesitant and anxious to get away.


EJ starts to walk away but Steve follows him to demand more information about the bad memories. EJ asks Steve if he’s experiencing strange noises playing in his head and flashes of violence. Steve lunges at EJ and demands to know who did this to him but EJ just laughs. The fellow patrons pull Steve off of EJ and EJ warns Steve that things will soon become clear for him and might take him someplace angels fear to tread. EJ walks away and the patrons keep Steve from going after him.

Steve screams in each patron’s face and then pushes through them to tackle EJ to the ground. The other patrons punch Steve to get him to release EJ and EJ orders them to throw Steve out. As they are dragging Steve out, EJ taunts him by sending his greetings to Benji. Steve yells threats to kill EJ as the men drag him away.


A photographer snaps pictures as Roman addresses the crowd. Roman calls Sami up next to him and presents her with a plaque. Roman hugs Sami as everyone applauds. Sami cries as she thanks her family for giving her another chance. Sami then thanks Lucas for giving her the strength it took to save his life for he was also saving her life by surviving. Everyone applauds again and Marlena hugs Sami. Marlena likens Sami’s deserving honor to Belle and Shawn’s deserving Claire. Bo insists on upholding the law regardless but Marlena still defends their decision. Hope points out that Shawn is acting just like Bo would in this situation.


Belle begs Philip to let her hold Claire. Philip reluctantly agrees and hands Claire over. Belle slowly walks to the door as she gushes over Claire. Once she gets to the door, she yells for Shawn and Shawn comes running out of the men’s room. Shawn punches Philip making him fall against the wall and yells at Belle to run with Claire. Philip and Shawn struggle until Shawn is able to pin Philip down on the ground. Shawn yells at Philip to stay away from Claire and runs off.

Max’s car:

Belle returns to the car with Claire and Shawn soon rushes into the car too with Philip hot on their tail. Max starts the car but Philip reaches the car before they can leave. Philip bangs his hands on the car demanding to be given back his daughter. Max speeds away.


The bartender brings EJ another shot and asks if he is all right. EJ insists that he is and asks for the bill. The bartender doesn’t want to make EJ pay but EJ insists on settling his bill. EJ realizes that his wallet and cell phone are now gone.

Steve was left unconscious face down on the ground. He wakes with blood trickling down his face and laughs when he pulls EJ’s wallet and cell phone out of his pocket.


Kate takes a deep breath before turning to Sami and offering to forget their past and move on. Kate extends her hand for a truce handshake and Sami, shocked, reaches out to shake her hand. Philip bursts into the Pub to demand to know where Belle, Shawn, and Claire are. Philip demands to make anyone who helped them pay.

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