Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/18/07

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/18/07


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Bo has come to the pub to meet Roman. He pours himself a cup of coffee and sits down with his brother. Roman has been named temporary Police Commissioner because of Abe's failing eyesight. He wants Bo to take a trip to Mexico City to see EJ. Just then, Kayla and Stephanie come in. The two men ask what happened. They are told tht the plane was given a two hour delay.

Steve is holding his head, laying on the floor, yelling and groaning, "my head". He tries to get up but falls back to the floor. He tries again and makes it to the couch where he yells to "get out of my head".

Chelsea is at her computer. She asks Abby why Lonely Splicer isn't responding to her. Abby tells Chelsea that maybe he's not interested in her. Chelsea wonders how he could not be interested in a girl like her. Abby answers, "rude and obnoxious, you mean?" Chelsea decides to try honesty, just like Abby's always telling her. She begins to type a message. She tells her cyber-love that she knows he's shy but she's developed real feelings for him. She confides that she knows his real name and occupation and it's just a matter of time till she finds out where he lives and works. She asks him to get back online soon. Nick, on his computer in the dark, knows that he can't leave Chelsea hanging "with her heart on the keyboard". He also knows that he has to tell Chelsea who he really is and about his feelings for her.

Steve, still writhing in pain, calls out "help me". He remembers being strapped to a metal gurney, his arms and legs are working furiously to get free. He tells the man standing over him wearing a lab coat that he'll "get nothing".

Kayla hopefully suggests to Stephanie that her flight being delayed is a sign and maybe she should stay in Salem. Stephanie smiles at her uncles Roman and Bo and asks them to straighten her mom out. They smile back and tell her they're staying out of this discussion. Stephanie threatens to bring out the big guns and orders two hot fugde sundaes. She and Kayla take another table and sit to eat their treats.

Bo asks Roman if he really expects him to travel to Mexico City. He tells him the timing sucks what with the new baby and Shawn and all his troubles. Roman pleads with him to at least run the idea by Hope. Roman says the police department really need EJ back in the United States. Bo agrees, and adds that once EJ goes to trial the verdict is a lock with Lexie's positive identification. Roman confides in his brother that he has doubts about Lexie's testimony.

Lucas and Sami are in their apartment kissing. Lucas keeps interrupting the kissing with "ouch"es. The pair decide that Lucas should go into the bedroom and make himself comfortable. Sami will follow with some cider. As Lucas leaves the room the phone rings. Sami, laughing, answers the phone. EJ Wells is on the other end! Sami, curtly, asks him what he wants. EJ taunts her by telling her he keeps thinking of their furtive rendevouz and tells her that it was very special to him. Sami, angrily, replies that she did what she had to to save Lucas' life. "Keep telling yourself that", EJ answers. Sami tells EJ that he shot her stepfather and now he's in a coma. She wants to know what he wants. EJ tells Sami that the authorities have been sniffing around. He wants to know if Sami's heard anything about a "surprise" in store for him.

Bo is surprised to say he questioned Lexie's identification. Roman says that she did id EJ but she was acting very strange, very tight and defensive. Roman is sure that something's not right.

Kayla tells Stephanie how much she's going to miss her. Stephanie knows this but tries to make her mom feel better by pointing out that she has Steve now. Stephanie suggests that maybe Kayla needs another kid around the house-especially now that she has Steve to coparent with her this time. Kayla says she'd like that but she doesn't think now is the right time for Steve to have another child. Stephanie is concerned. Did her mom tell her the truth when she said her dad was truly okay?

"I'll kill you" Steve screams as he makes it to his feet and stumbles around the apartment. He clears tables with his arms and picks up small pieces of furniture and flings them about. Finally, he picks up a chair and hurls it, breaking the glass balcony door. He is laying on the floor again and this episode appears to have ended. Panting hard, he raises his head and looks around as if trying to orient himself. He moves his body to the phone, laying on the floor, and picks up the receiver. We can only hear Steve's side of the conversation but he's acknowledging that he knows this person has their hands full but he really needs to see them.

Nick thinks he should have Lonely Splicer end it with Chelsea in a way that there would be no questions. Nick, as Lonely Splicer, types to Chelsea that he should have known that she'd find out who he was. Chelsea leaps across her living room as her computer indicates that she has a message waiting. "He's back", she cries joyfully. She types that she's missed him. "Lonely Splicer" types back that she knew he was a private guy but she still went behind his back to find his identity after he asked her not to. Trying to cover her tracks, Chelsea types back that it wasn't her, it was a "loser" friend of her's who has a thing for her. Nick, talking to himself, says "loser?".

Steve, coherent again, picks up a smashed picture of he and Kayla. He sets it on a table as to answer a knock on the door. It's Bo. Looking at the shattered glass of the balcony door, he asks what happened. Steve makes up a story about some kids on the roof across the street throwing bricks. Steve wants to talk to Bo about what happened when he lost it at Beverly Healy's office. He wonders what Bo thinks he should do. Bo reminds him that he already told him he should see a shrink. Steve has a better idea. He needs a job.

EJ tells Sami he's waiting at the same time that Lucas is calling from the bedroom that he's waiting. Sami assures EJ that she hasn't told anyone about helping him escape. As proof, she tells him that the city of Salem is giving her a Good Samaritan award. Sami, in a loud whisper, tells EJ to never call her again because she doesn't want Lucas to hear his slimy, disgusting voice and hangs up. Just then, Lucas comes out of the bedroom looking for Sami. He asks who was on the phone.

Nick is still stunned that Chelsea referred to him as a loser. He reads her next message asking if he's still there. "Lonely Splicer" types back that Chelsea is the real loser. He warns her that she'd better start treating her friends with more respect before she has no friends. Goodbye, he types. Chelsea is totally confused. She doesn't understand why he would call her a loser. She types back asking what he meant by goodbye. Chelsea looks at Chelsea in horror, "he logged off!".

Bo insists that something happened to Steve in those lost years and it's imperative that he remembers what it was. Steve says what he really needs is something to do--a job. Bo wonders what Steve thinks he could do. Steve tells Bo he was thinking maybe something "unofficial" with the Salem Police Department.

Lucas asks if Sami is okay. He asks, again, who was on the phone. She tells him it was just some weird guy she met in Talladega. Lucas asks how he got her cell phone number. Sami says it must have been from when she handed out her business cards. Lucas is rather confused. Sami told this business acquaintance that he had a "slimy, disgusting voice" that she didn't want him to hear? Sami suggests they head back to the bedroom. Lucas is afraid Sami is keeping secrets again. As Sami stammers, Lucas tries to assure her that it doesn't matter, nothing will change how he feels about her. Sami cries as she tells Lucas how hard it is for her to trust that. Lucas, very gently, urges Sami to tell him who was on the phone. She admits it was EJ.

Kayla tries to explain to Stephanie that her dad still has some years missing from his memory and he just needs some time. Stephanie agrees that maybe her mom is right, it's just that Steve is so good with kids. Stephanie remembers one Christmas when she snuck downstairs to try to spy Santa Claus and what she saw instead was her mother, beside the tree, crying because she couldn't put together Stephanie's new bicycle. She confides in her mom that she went upstairs and wished to Santa that he would bring her dad back. She made that wish every year till this last Christmas. She takes Kayla's hand and tells her now all her dreams for her family have come true.

Bo looks at Steve in amazement. "You want to work for the department?" he asks. Steve assures Bo that he doesn't want to wear a uniform, just something unofficial. Bo is not sure after what happened in Beverly Healy's office. Steve says he just lost his temper. Bo thinks it's more like he lost his mind. He doesn't think the Salem PD should be giving Steve a gun and a badge! Steve pleads with his friend, "I'm drowning here, throw me a rope".

Lucas is stunned. Why would EJ be calling Sami from Mexico City? Sami, panicked and crying, says maybe he's obssessed with her or angry with her for setting him up. Lucas hugs Sami and assures her that he will not let EJ near her. He tells her that just as soon as she tells Roman, there'll be the whole police department protecting her. Sami doesn't want to tell her dad. Lucas insists that she must. Sami is very worried that something will happen to ruin the closeness that she and Lucas have had lately and the pride that Will has had in his mother. Sami confides in Lucas that she is very afraid that EJ will find a way to ruin everything for them.

Chelsea angrily asks Chelsea how Lonely Splicer could do this. Abby, sternly, tells her that he didn't do this, Chelsea did. Abby points out to Chelsea that it was the way Chelsea spoke badly about her friends that he got angry with. Chelsea, flippantly, defends herself by saying she doesnt' mean anything by the things that she says. Abby tells her friend that she's not trying to hurt her and she's had her say so it's Chelsea's turn to blast Abby now. Instead of being angry, Chelsea hugs Abby and tells her she's brilliant.

Nick is still processing the latest in his relationship with Chelsea. The lights go on and we see he's in a hospital lab. A man in a white coat walks in. The man picks up the picture of Chelsea that Nick had sitting beside the computer and congratulates him. Nick tells the doctor that it's a picture of a girl he's been im'ing. He admits that he gave the girl a fake name, occupation and picture. The doctor thinks Nick should tell her the truth. Nick says he can't because he knows the girl in real life and she thinks he's a dork. The doctor's next plan is that Nick "dust off' the cyber-guy and then swoop in to comfort Chelsea. He tells Nick this has worked for him numerous times. Nick is unsure. The doctor sees that Nick is totally smitten and tells him,"this is what you do..."

Roman is now at Sami's and Lucas' place. He's asking Sami if EJ mentioned staying in Mexico or if he's planning on leaving. Sami doesn't remember. Roman encourages his daughter to remember anything she can. Sami says that she was just so surprised to hear him on the other end of the phone that her mind sort of went blank. "Why is he doing this to me?", she asks. Roman assures her that once the call is traced, the police department will be able to do something. Roman, lovingly, asks where his brave girl is. He tells his daughter, "there's not a damn thing you can't handle. Smile, Sami J, today and tomorrow are your day!"

Steve tries to coax Bo by telling him that he owes him. Bo reminds him that that debt was settled a long time ago. Steve thinks that guilt is like diamonds--forever. Bo admits that Roman does need help in Mexico. EJ is there and Roman wants someone to rattle him a bit. The police department have frozen EJ's assets and they hope if he's spooked a bit he'll head back to the States where he can be arrested. Steve is ready for this assignment. Bo has reservations. What if Steve has another "episode"? Steve pleads to be allowed to go. Bo finally relents -on one non-negotiable condition.

Chelsea decides that if Lonely Splicer wants nice and sweet, that's exactly what he'll get! Abby remarks that maybe Chelsea could be nice just because it's the right thing to do.

The doctor is still convincing Nick that comforting Chelsea will definitely be the way to her heart. "In the meantime", he says as he leaves the lab, "get back to work".

Lucas tells Sami how proud he is of her. She's not sure why. He tells her it's because she told the truth. She admits to Lucas that she's really trying. He thinks she's doing great-really turning a corner. Lucas thinks Sami should forget the past and concentrate on the future, just he and Sami and Will. Sami tells Lucas she'd do anything for him. Lucas smiles and points to the bedroom and to Sami and back to the bedroom. They begin to kiss. Lucas says, "I love my Sami, my new Sami". Sami rests her head on Lucas' shoulder with a troubled look.

Steve asks Bo what the condition is. Bo tells him that he must take Kayla with him to keep him out of trouble. After some argument, Steve agrees. The two men shake hands and, as Bo tells Steve he'll let Roman know, he notices the broken picture. Steve tries to pass it off as housekeeping's mistake. With a look of not quite believing, Bo leaves. Steve takes the picture and fingers the picture of Kayla. The broken glass slices his finger and he watches the blood drip onto the shattered glass.

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