Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/17/07

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/17/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie comes to say goodbye to her father. She asks him if he thinks she'll do well in Daytona. Of course he does. Turning more serious, Stephanie asks Steve if Kayla is still upset at her leaving. Steve admits that she is-and she's not the only one. Stephanie tries to explain to her dad that, while she hates to leave, being out on the racetrack is something she loves more than anything else in the world. "Sort of a danger girl", she says. Steve says that reminds him of himself when he was younger.

Bo and Kayla meet each other at Chez Rouge. Kayla tells Bo that she doesn't have a lot of time to talk about whatever it is that he needs because she has to take Stephanie to the airport. She tells Bo that she has a big box of kleenex in the car, just in case. Speaking of daughters, Kayla tells Bo that she saw his baby again and how beautiful she is. Kayla asks if she has a name yet. Bo says no, for now she's still doodlebug. Kayla asks how Belle and Shawn are doing. Bo says they are doing as well as can be expected. He partly blames himself for Phillip being given custody of Claire. Bo thinks he should have been ready for what Victor had done. Kayla is confused. Does Bo really think that Victor paid off the judge? Kayla wonders if it would help if Bo talked to Victor. Bo says that he already tried but Victor is set on helping his favourite son. Bo is afraid that this is not the end of their plan. He is determined to do something so they do not destroy his family.

Mimi is trying to convince Max of what she saw at the mansion-a passport for Claire. Max doesn't think they should jump to conclusions about the passport. Mimi challenges by asking why else they'd need a passport for Claire if they weren't planning on leaving the country. "Claire certainly doesn't need photo id", she adds. Max asks Mimi about Phillips demeanor when she found the passport. Mimi answers that he was so upset that he threatened to have her arrested for trespassing. Mimi thinks they have to do something before Shawn and Belle never see their little girl again.

Shawn has come to see Belle who is at the hospital visiting her dad. Shawn asks how Belle's holding up. She tells him okay but it's just so hard to see her dad like that. Besides that, Belle tells Shawn, whenever she's been in trouble, it's always been her dad that she's turned to and now he can't be here for her. Belle is worried about Claire. She is afraid that Claire is upset and wondering where her mommy is. Shawn tells Belle it's about time they started playing the same game Victor's playing. Belle doesn't understand. Shawn tells Belle that they are going to take Claire back.

Mimi tells Max that she did some snooping around. She phoned Titan pretending to be a reporter and asked about interviewing Victor. She was told that he was leaving tomorrow for two weeks. Mimi is sure that he'll be taking Phillip and Claire with him.

Belle is surprised to hear what Shawn has planned. He tells her about going to see Willow and Willow admitting that she took money from Victor to lie on the witness stand. Belle isn't surprised to hear that. Shawn is angry with himself. He says it was so stupid to bring Willow into their lives at all. Belle thinks they should just do what the judge said, take the parenting classes and then get Claire back. Shawn says they can't take that risk. He tells Belle that he thinks Victor and Phillip are planning on taking Claire out of the country. He tells her about Mimi seeing Claire's passport when she went to talk to Phillip. Shawn is convinced they have to do something or they will lose Claire forever.

Steve and Stephanie talk about her need to push the envelope, just like Steve's. Stephanie pours herself a cup of coffee and tells her dad that she doesn't think it's such a bad thing and wishes her mom would understand. Steve reminds Stephanie that Kayla is protective just because she wants to be sure that Stephanie will be safe; Steve does too. Steve takes his daughter's hands in his and tells her that the most important thing is that she's following her dream. He hopes that the fire inside her never dies. Stephanie tells her dad that she loves him and he tells her that he loves her too. Then she asks him why he doesn't follow his own advice.

Bo and Kayla are sitting at a table having a cup of coffee. Kayla asks Bo if he's talked to Shawn since the courtroom. Bo says that no, Shawn took off too quickly. Bo has heard from Maggie that Shawn came here to have it out with Willow. Bo is very concerned for his son because he's so angry and feels betrayed by everyone. Kayla asks if it would help if she talked to him. Bo doesn't think so. He tells Kayla that, before the hearing, Shawn had confided in Hope that he planned to take Claire and Belle and run away if things didn't go their way. Kayla is very surprised. She asks Bo what he intends to do. Bo says he's going to "protect his son-from himself"!

Belle tears up as she remembers how things seemed so perfect just a few short weeks ago. Shawn tells Belle that's why they have to take Claire and run, so they can be a family again. Belle asks Shawn where they would go. He said he's not sure, just somewhere far away. They'd have to change their names and Shawn would get a job somewhere for money. Belle is worried about her mom. With her dad in a coma, how would her mom handle never seeing them again. Shawn thinks it's that or never see Claire again.

In his apartment, Max sips his coffee and thinks about all that Mimi has told him. He asks what her plan is to help get Claire back for Shawn and Belle. Mimi was hoping Max could help her think of something. Max doesn't think it will be possible. Since Phillip knows Mimi saw the passport, Max assumes that the Kiriakis mansion is under double security. Defiantly, Mimi reminds Max that Dorothy got in. Max is very confused! Mimi explains that she was referring to when Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" got into the witche's castle. Max teases and thinks they could let the scarecrow and lion distract Victor while they go in and snatch Claire! Mimi gets annoyed and wants Max to get serious. In a more serious tone, Max tries to tell Mimi that he really doesn't see any way. Victor is never alone. He's always got bodyguards around. And they're good bodyguards, Max reminds Mimi, because it only took two of them to throw Max and Mimi into the basement!

Stephanie thinks Steve is being deliberately dense when he pretends not to know what she's talking about. Stephanie thinks Steve's life is going nowhere right now. He disagrees. He tells his daughter that after years away he's found his way back to his wife and daughter and he doesn't think that's nowhere. Stephanie agrees but she also knows her dad has a fire inside of him. She tells him he'd better check it or it's going to go out! Steve says it's his age that has caused him to slow down and that's okay. Stephanie still thinks her dad won't be truly happy unless he's living a more adventurous life. Steve wonders where Kayla fits in? Stephanie says her mom would be right beside him. Steve smiles and hugs his daughter as he tells her he'll try to make her proud.

Kayla asks Bo if he really thinks his son is avoiding him. He does. He tells Kayla that since all this happened, neither Hope nor Bo have been able to reach him on the phone. Kayla offers to call her nephew but Bo thinks she has too much going on in her life right now. Kayla is insistent. Shawn is family and she will make time for family. Bo agrees. Kayla asks what she should say. Bo tells her to tell Shawn how sorry he and Hope are about what happened in court. He wants her to offer to help Shawn, no questions asked. Bo is still not sure this will work. He thinks Shawn will be suspicious of Kayla's offer. Kayla jokes about Shawn taking the law into his own hands and then wondering where he gets that from. Kayla asks if that's it. Bo says one more thing, "I love you". Kayla smiles at her brother and assures him that she loves him too.

Belle hugs Shawn and tells him that she'll do whatever he thinks is best. Shawn is relieved. He tells Belle that they have to go to Max and Mimi's place. "Let's do it", Belle says as she grabs her coat and purse and the two head out. As they're ready to leave, Shawn's cell phone rings. He sees it's his Aunt Kayla. He knows she's calling because he's been avoiding his parents' calls. He answers the phone. Kayla tries to assure Shawn that she and Steve are their for Shawn and Belle. He thanks her but tells her that he and Belle will be getting Claire back. Trying to feel him out, Kayla says she knows, as soon as the ninety days are up and their parenting classes are done. Shawn tells Kayla he must go because he's in the middle of something. Kayla says okay, but she also wanted to tell Shawn that his parents are thinking of him. Shawn asks her to tell them not to worry. Kayla reminds Shawn that that's a very hard thing to do when the parents can't speak with the kids. Shawn is sorry but he tells Aunt Kayla that he and Belle just need some time alone. Kayla, again, wants to make sure that Shawn knows that she and Steve are their for them, no questions asked. She wonders if Belle is with Shawn right now. He says yes and says to tell him mom and dad that he'll call them tomorrow. They hang up. Shawn tells Belle about his Aunt's offer. Belle wonders if Steve and Kayla can be trusted. Shawn knows that they can. He tells Belle about Steve's and Kayla's years on the run. Belle doesn't think it sounds like a very happy life. Shawn admits that it's probably not but they have no choice.

Mimi sits on the couch beside Max and wraps her sweater tightly around her. She admits that they are probably no match for Victor Kiriakis. Mimi still feels so bad for not telling Shawn a year ago that he was Claire's dad. Tearfully, Mimi thinks that if she could help now, maybe she could make up for that. Max just thinks that she made a mistake. Mimi says yes, and a big one, one too big to forgive. Max tells her that's not true because Shawn has forgiven her. Mimi tells Max that she hasn't forgiven herself and to don't try to cheer her up. Max knows one thing that would cheer her up and that would be if they got Claire back to her parents. Mimi kisses Max and thanks him. Max and Mimi know they have to act fast because the Kiriakis' are leaving in the morning. Suddenly, Max twigs on something. "Why are they leaving in the morning", he wonders. Mimi doesn't understand. Max explains what's bothering him. Victor has his own pilot and his own jet, they all have passports, so why wait until tomorrow? Max realizes that there is something Victor and Phillip have yet to do, something they couldn't get done today. Mimi smiles widely and hugs Max. "You're a genius", she proclaims. Max isn't so sure. Mimi tells him that he's just figured out how they're going to get Claire. Max is still confused as the doorbell rings. As Shawn and Belle come into the apartment, Mimi tells them that Max is going to help get Claire back. Mimi fills the parents in on what she and Max have just figured out. Belle wonders how Mimi even knows that it's tomorrow that the Kiriakis' are leaving. Mimi tells her about phoning Titan. Now everyone but Mimi seems to be confused about why Mimi is so sure she knows what to do and how to get Claire. Mimi tells them she thinks the reason for the delay is because Claire needs certain immunizations to travel to another country! Belle thinks that if Claire were scheduled for shots, the doctor would have phoned her. Mimi points out the doctor wouldn't phone her if it's not Claire's regular doctor but a doctor that Victor has paid off. The foursome realize that now they need someone on the inside at the hospital, someone they can trust, but who...Shawn says he knows someone.

Back at Chez Rouge, Kayla is trying to assure her brother that Shawn sounded alright-very calm, in fact. Bo finds that odd since he's had his daughter taken from him. Bo thinks Shawn is just covering. Kayla thinks that Bo should trust his son, after all, he was raised right! Kayla looks at her watch and announces that she must leave to take Stephanie to the airport. Bo tries to make his sister feel better by telling her that Dayton isn't that far away. He tells her that he's around to listen to her anytime she needs him. The siblings get up from the table and hug before Kayla leaves.

Stephanie tells her dad that she has to go downstairs to meet Kayla who's going to drive her to the airport. Stephanie would rather have taken a cab but her mom insisted. Steve jokes that Kayla has certain traditions-like crying at airports! Stephanie laughs as she agrees. "But not me", Stephanie tells her dad. She tells him she's tough, like him. She says only a baby would cry. Steve tells her she's his baby. Stephanie's chin begins to wobble. Steve gathers his daughter in a big hug and tells her to think of all the good things. He tells her he hopes that his coming back was a good thing, that he's not a disappointment to his daughter. She assures him that he's more than she ever dreamed about. Steve is pleased. Looking deep into his daughter's eyes, Steve tells her that she was always in his heart, even when he had no memory of her, and the moment he saw her he "knew" her. He tells his daughter how proud he is of her. Stephanie is sobbing now and tells her dad that she can't go. Steve gets Stephanie's bags, stands by the open door and tells her yes she can. "Bye poppa" Stephanie says. Steve says goodbye to his daughter as he watches her walk down the corridor of the apartment building to the elevator.

Kayla and Stephanie make a quick stop at the pub to say goodbye to Caroline and Shawn. As they are saying their goodbyes, Kayla's phone rings. She steps away to answer it. Shawn is on the other end of the line. He wants to make sure his parents aren't with Kayla and asks if she was serious about helping him and Belle. Kayla assures her nephew she was. Shawn asks Kayla to phone the hospital and see if Claire is scheduled for some immunizations tomorrow morning. Kayla is curious about why Claire would need to be immunized but she abides by her promise to not ask any questions. She tells Shawn she will phone the hospital right now and phone him right back.

In his apartment, Steve has a flashback to when he went berserk in Beverly Healy's office. He remembers Bo asking if he was alright and he remembers "seeing" the huge lights. He picks up his harmonica and tries to play, trying to settle himself down. He begins to play his harmonica with a fury as he wanders his living room. He stops and looks into the mirror hanging on the wall. He's breathing very heavily and knows something is not right.

Maggie brings Bo a cupcake with a candle in it. She tells him the cupcake is in celebration of the day "Miss Doodlebut" was born. She says she knows new dads often get overlooked. Maggie sits at his table with him and tells him to make a wish. Bo sighs, he has so many wishes; that John had never gone to the warehouse where EJ Wells was, that Shawn was his real "pop" and not Victor, that Chelsea didn't have so many issues, that Zach was in first grade this year, and that Shawn and Belle and Claire were all together and happy. Maggie, wistfully, says she wishes she'd brought a bigger candle.

The four young people are sitting on the couch at Max's apartment waiting anxiously. Shawn's phone rings. It's Aunt Kayla and she has the information they need. Claire is, indeed, scheduled for immunizations at the hospital tomorrow at one o'clock with a Dr. Kimberley. Shawn thanks his aunt. Kayla cautions Shawn about taking on Victor. She begs him to let her and Steve help with whatever his plan is. He assures her they'll be fine and asks her to tell nobody about their conversation. Shawn hangs up the phone and tells the other three that they have the information they need.

Steve is trying to convince himself that he's fine. He tells himself that he's got a headache, no big deal, go and take an aspirin. He picks up his harmonica and begins to play again. He yells in pain but tries to keep playing. He drops to his knees, resting on the coffee table and holds his head.

Stephanie and her grandparents are trying to assure each other that they'll see each other often. Shawn has made a small rosewood carving of a car for Stephanie. He tells her he tried to put her behind the wheel but his eyes aren't as young as they used to be. Stephanie knows she has the best family in all the world. Her grandfather tells her she's a Brady and that means something. Kayla breaks in to remind her pop that Stephanie's a Johnson, too. Shawn grins and thinks that's a first rate combination. The three hug and say their "I love you"s. Kayla and her daughter leave the pub for the airport.

Bo doesn't want to seem ungrateful. He's got a new daughter and he knows he should be very unhappy. Maggie realizes that his first born child is in pain and that hurts a father. Maggie assures Bo that Shawn was raised right and he'll be just fine.

The foursome know they need a really good plan to outsmart Victor. Max thinks pizza would help them think. The camera freezes on Shawn's face as he says, "so, tomorrow at 1:00"

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